Dwarf Fortress has grossed over $7 million since launching on Steam in December 2022.


Dwarf Fortress Bay is a fantasy-themed construction sim game by a two-man team in 12 games

Dwarf Castle It has been in development for over 20 years, most of that time created by just two brothers, Tarn and Zach Adams. The fantasy-themed construction and management sim was first launched in 2006, and has become a cult hit game with a small but loyal fan base. The game was text-based until 2022, when an improved edition added flat pixel art tileset-based graphics, a new UI, and more. In December 2022, An improved version was released. for $29.99 on Steam, and we now know the game has a huge audience.

But in a post The game’s official forumsTaran Adams reported that for January 2023, revenue from Dwarf Castle was $7,230,123.58. Presumably, the revenue was collected by Valve in December and sent to the dev team in January. In contrast, revenue from the game in December 2022 was $15,635.07. That’s actually not bad for a small game with a two-man team, but the release on Steam has definitely proved to be life-changing.

Much of that money will go toward paying taxes, along with other business expenses, Tarn explains. However, it was enough that the brothers hired a new full-time team member to help with coding. More importantly, the revenue will be enough to cover retirement and health expenses for the dev team. It will be interesting to see how the February 2023 sales numbers will fare.


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