DOTA 2 now has an exponentially expanded map as Valve delivers titanic changes.


Valve’s entry into the hugely popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Dota 2 Another of its popular, gameplay-changing updates has just arrived. Aptly dubbed New Frontiers, the update features a new map, major gameplay changes, a new hero type, an additional home for Roshan, and even the Elo matchmaking algorithm is changing. .

The new map boasts a 40% increase in size compared to the original, with new structures that can teleport, heal, tough but rewarding neutral crawls, and more. Spawn also has back doors for advancing attackers, two illuminated caves between which it switches spawn, a variety of runes scattered across the map, more creep camps, and outposts, to name a few changes. .

The traditional three lanes themselves are still the same size and no more travel is required, the edges of the map have been widened enough to offer more gameplay opportunities.

DOTA 2s new and bigger map

Meanwhile, Universal Heroes is a brand new 4th estate group with some older heroes being moved over such as Broodmother, Enigma, Betrayer, IO, Techies, and many others. The difference is that they no longer have a base attribute, instead increasing the damage scale from all attributes.

Players will get a rework in BKB, neutral item drops, UI overhauls to make health bars display more information, and reduced stun time across the board to reduce downtime in battles. Major feats of ability have also affected a number of heroes, with Morta, Clinks, Arc Warden, Ogre Magi, Medusa, and the Alchemist being the most affected.

As for matchmaking, Valve has ditched the standard industry-wide Elo algorithm to adopt Glicko. Valve says the new algorithm allows it to “improve the confidence of a player’s rank in our calculations, resulting in more accurate decisions about ranking advantages and disadvantages.” This will help move the stack of players in the 0-1000 MMR range and help return players back into the game more easily, according to the studio.

While it’s not getting a rebranding like a cure. Counter strike 2 Yes, New Frontier’s changes are changing. Dota 2 For something fresh. If you have a few hours free, check out the massive patch notes for update 7.33 Can be inserted here. As the update is already live for the free-to-play game, this is also possible. Just take a jump and see what’s new..


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