Doom Eternal finally gets a deathmatch in the new mode.


  • Velsor, a DOOM modder, has created a mod that allows players to participate in Deathmatch multiplayer in Eternal.
  • The mode has two different modes, Standard and Classic.

Deathmatch has consistently been one of the most requested modes for DOOM Eternal. While Battle Mode is great for what it has to offer, many have felt that DOOM Eternal has needed Deathmatch since its launch.

And it looks like players finally have what they’ve been longing for. Created by Velser, a creator responsible for several DOOM Eternal Mods such as the now canceled Invasion Mode as well as a co-op mode. The game of death Doom Eternal lets players do exactly that.

The mod’s official description is on Nex reads

Engage in Slayer vs. Slayer combat in BATTLEMODE and CAMPAIGN maps. The playable Ark Vail has been replaced by a Slayer on the Devil team. The playable pain element is a passive spectator. Bethesda servers require an active internet connection.

While it’s nowhere near as stable as the official release, it’s a great alternative for players dying to jump against other players with Doom Eternal’s incredible weaponry.

The mod works by making a player a spectator to one of the demons that acts as the host. While the other two players choose the Slayer and remove it from the battlefield. If the host abandons the match, the players will not be able to continue playing.

The mode itself offers two different modes. Standard and classic. Standard mode The player has to hunt and forage monsters for resources like ammo, health and ammo, while Classic mode Works as you’d expect from a classic arena shooter like Quake or Unreal Tournament. Demons are replaced by ammo, health, and armor pickups around the map.

Many players associate the DOOM games with deathmatch, as the original DOOM was the precursor to deathmatch multiplayer in 1996. Even DOOM 2016’s multiplayer included classic Deathmatch multiplayer.

Deathmatch has also experienced somewhat of a resurgence recently with the sudden resurgence of Quick Champions and continued demand from players for more technical, high-skill online shooters.

Since its launch, DOOM Eternal has slowly developed a hugely passionate community of modders. Many of them have not only added their own game mods but also many new improvements and quality of life features missing from the original game.

DOOM Eternal itself is already considered one of the most influential FPS titles of all time. Just a few years after its release, the game has influenced many popular FPS games, such as Shadow Warrior 3, Ultrakill, Dead Link, and many more.

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