Doodle World Codes [January 2023]


Doodle World is one. Roblox game Developed by Doodle World Studios. In Doodle World, you must. Explore and collect. Strange looking creatures called Doodles. Collecting doodles in Doodle World is the main way to get stronger and progress through the game.

We have compiled a list of active. Doodle World Codes Below to help you Get rare and important doodles, roulette spins and cash. To accomplish this objective.

List of Active Doodle World Codes

  • Last checked: January 6, 2023.

Below is a list of working Doodle World codes for you to get various game items.

Codes Rewards
Santa Color Claim the color of Santa Claus.
OrbOfDark Use the code to get 1 Orb of Darkness.
Main title Claim a free title.
Biggie Big Claim a code for an orange 5-star rosebug.
Gray color Claim a free color.
TERRABL0X Claim cosmetic color.
Santa Claus Use the code to get the Santa Claus title.
AnothaOne Free roulette tickets
Stimulus check Free Rs.7,500
OrbOfLight 1 Redeem the Orb of Light.
125 KLicks Redeem a roulette ticket.
Antennae buff Free doodle to use!
Free rose bug Claim a free doodle to use.
VREQUIEM Pay for a free title.
Sweet very good Roast for a dark green 5-star bunsweat.
Candy headphones Get 1 pair of candy headphones.
Wowcomeon 15,000 Free Cashback.
Free capsules Five free capsules to unlock new Doodles.
100 KLikes Free Party Bug!
RealLevelUpCube Get 3 level up cubes.
Free gems Claim Free 25 Gems.
SpinDaWheel Get a roulette ticket.
Christmas Eve 2022 Claim the storage box.
Crayon Eater Get 2 used crayons.
Merry Christmas 2022 Claim to get a sled mount.
Welcome 3,000 Free Cashback.

List of expired codes

Codes Rewards
Ninth Free roulette tickets
Eight polka dot capsules Claim 8 Polkadot capsules.
Day 22022 Redeem 200 gems.
500 more gems Redeem 500 gems.
Let’s get to it. Get 525 gems. The first key is required to use this code.
AdventStatCandies Get 3 Stat Candy.
75 KLikes Free roulette tickets.
Swarm Snacks Get 1 Swarm Snack.
encouragement Get 500 Gems. A second key is required to use this code.
The green bug Claim a 5-star doodle.
Day ten Receive 500 gems.
Ice cream pops Get 7 Ice Cream Pops.
Partridge Redeem for a green apple.
Golden Rings Claim for 2 less series tickets.
Big Big Use the code to get a roulette ticket!
Hopefully the last one 750 gems. A second key is required to use this code.
Speed ​​Tokens Redeem for 3 Speed ​​Tokens.
Halloween 2002 Claim 800 gems.
let’s party Free limited time skin. A second key is required to claim this code.
HWGemz Get 600 gems. You must claim your second key to use this code.
Additional reward Low ticket to China.
Seven VP Get 7 VP.
Sticky pendant Get 1 sticky pendant accessory.
Free money Get $20,000.
Free knitting
Lakewood Bug 300 gems. You must claim your second key to use this code.
Metal hollow 1 Get the perfect alloy.
Greater China Free 5 star doodle.

How to redeem codes in Doodle World?

Claiming Codes in Doodle World
Redeem Codes in Doodle World (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Follow the steps mentioned below to successfully redeem your Doodle World Codes.

  1. First, launch Doodle World.
  2. At least as long as you play the game Get your first doodle..
  3. Click on the blue “Menu” button is located in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  4. Click on “Special shop“Located next to the bundle of cash icons.
  5. Copy and paste. Code in the Code menu.
  6. Finally, Hit redeem And enjoy your freebie!

Why aren’t my codes working?

Flask Doodle Stats in Doodle World
Flask statistics preview (Image courtesy of eXputer)

If you’re having trouble redeeming your code, make sure you’re entering the code correctly. Sometimes, players make small mistakes when they try to enter the code manually, resulting in the code not working properly in Doodle World. To avoid this, make sure you are. Copy and paste Code directly from the active codes list mentioned above.

Also, make sure to enter the code from your list. Active codes. As in every other Roblox game, the developers usually do not inform the players about the duration of the codes. If you find an expired code in the active section, you can let us know in the comment section below, and we will update it as soon as possible.

Where can I get more codes?

Doodle World Roulette
Preview of Roulette in Doodle World (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The best way to stay up to date with the latest codes is to bookmark this page and visit the website every few days, as we are constantly trying to find and update new codes for you. . It’s usually a good idea to check for new codes every other month.

However, you can join the official Doodle World. Twitter Page and Disagreement Server to get the codes directly from the source.

What is Doodle World?

Doodle Vixalor's in-game stats
Vixalor Stats Preview (Image courtesy of us)

Doodle World is a Pokemon themed Roblox game. Like Pokemon, you have a primary objective in Doodle World. Collect different types of creatures called Doodles. And fight them to progress through the game to get one step closer to completing your adventure. If you have some extra time on your hands, you can. Battle against other doodle trainers For ample rewards.

Moreover, if you have some spare doodles, you can. Trade them with other doodle trainers. To help them on their journey. As a doodle trainer in a land full of mystery and magic, there are tons of things to do in Doodle World. If you’re new to Doodle World, chances are you won’t run out of game content anytime soon.

If you enjoy spending time in Doodle World, you might like similar Roblox titles, such as Control Army. We have written a comprehensive guide. Control Army To get some rare and free in-game items and help you get started with a clear goal in mind.

Additionally, if you want to know about other Roblox games, here is a list of them. Most Popular Roblox Games From the year 2018 to 2023. You will definitely be able to find a game from the list that suits you best and your playing style.

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