Difficulty in One Piece Odyssey [Explained]


One Piece Odyssey Actually a very simple game, very simple. This has players wondering if there is a setting problem in One Piece Odyssey. The short answer is. no; there Is There is no difficult setting In this game.

Key Highlights 🎮

  • One Piece Odyssey Is Very easy As there is There is no difficult setting.
  • Since the game is very generous Experience points through Dramatic scenes of battles, Players can be very powerful.
  • To make the game artificially difficult, players can avoid dramatic cutscene battles to gain less. experience points.
  • They can also completely ignore the powerful. Equipment And Accessories To annoy himself further.
  • This is the only way. “increase” I difficult One Piece Odyssey.

Difficulty in One Piece Odyssey

Because One Piece Odyssey There is no difficulty in setting up, players can. Steam roll Mostly through the game. If you want to make the game easier for yourself, we recommend completing it. The conditions I Dramatic battle scenes. These battles give you a certain condition, eg Killing an enemy in 1 turn.

When this condition is met, players will receive up to 10x More Experience It can make your characters much bigger than usual. dominant Pair it with good. skill And powerful equipment, And you have yourself a smooth and clear run through the game.

Exploration too The net you money, powerful accessories, And Experience points Called Cube pieces. All these things ensure that the players have an easy time in this game.

Accessories One Piece Odyssey
Powerful Accessories in One Piece Odyssey | Photo by eXputer

Artificially increased difficulty

While the easy difficulty may be frustrating for die-hard turn-based RPG fans, they can increase the difficulty somewhat by avoiding situations. Dramatic battle scenes. This, in turn, will give them less experience points and make their level slightly normal.

To use weakly skill For his characters and refrains Accessories/equipment Overall can make the game harder for you. It’s more of a challenge, but besides, there is There is no other way To increase the difficulty.

One Piece Odyssey Designed with full accessibility in mind so that any player can enjoy the world and characters. one piece. It is more of a relaxing experience than a hard challenging game and should be enjoyed.


One Piece Odyssey is the latest game developed by ILCA and published by Bandai Namco, based on Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga series One Piece. It is a turn-based RPG with an open world that allows fans to experience the fascinating world of the manga series. In addition, players can embody and witness these characters. Completely original story.

And there you have it; With our guide to One Piece Odyssey difficulty, you can have an easy time or choose to make the game whatever difficulty you see fit.

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