Diablo 2 gets a 60 FPS update thanks to a new mod.


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  • Project Diablo 2 is a mod for Blizzard North’s classic Diablo 2, which aims to keep the game alive through constant updates and improvements, and feels like its “Progress has never stopped.
  • The mod seems to be on a significant scale and has been under active maintenance since 2020. This is when the first season of the project was dubbed “Awakening”, which added high screen resolution support, a shader system, and many other improvements.
  • The latest season of Project Diablo 2—Revelation—has clearly served up the all-time classic, adding 60 FPS support for Diablo 2 and a bundle of other changes.

Diablo 2 is regarded as one of the greatest games of all time in the industry, known for its outstanding character progression system, various weapon types, and fast-paced gameplay that made players Kept on the edge of their seats. It was unexpected, but welcome nonetheless, as a new mod has been introduced. 60 FPS support For this popular classic, thus breathing new life into what was once a surreal fantasy RPG in its time.

Project Diablo 2 Been going strong for almost two years now, coming out with update after update. Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction In an effort to keep the title alive. The latest update is called Season. Revelation Initiative has finished with a major new overhaul for the title, introducing a new graphics setting that will likely change the way you experience RPGs.

Apart from a very impressive visual overhaul, Patch Notes for Season 7 Reveal a number of other enhancements that Diablo 2 will be blessed with, e.g Two new mapsWhich is encouraged by both The first Diablo Released in 1997. Additionally, the skills of the game’s various playable classes have been overhauled considerably, not to mention overhauls for rare items and unique weapons alike.

Here are some of the patch notes included in the new season update for the Project Diablo 2 mod.

  • Added a new stat “+X damage per second to open wounds”
  • Open Wounds now stack up to three times per target.
  • Open wounds now last 5 seconds.
  • Open wounds no longer have a ½ penalty against uniques, champions or critical evils.
  • Open wounds now apply to attackers.
  • Open wounds now apply to splash damage.
  • Added two new map events.
  • Diablo Clone and Rathma now face a number of difficulties. Basic difficulty will no longer drop Diablo clones and Rathma exclusives, however, will be easier than ever to allow more people to farm their Annie or Tainted Worldstone Shards.

Still excited enough to try the original Diablo 2 again? check Official download page of Project Diablo 2 To get the mod on your PC. Instructions for installation of the mod are also provided, should you get lost and fail. Moreover, the developer of the project advises to use legitimate copies of Diablo 2 for a smooth journey with the mod. “Use of cracked CD-Keys will result in permanent ban.

In other news, the word on Diablo 4 has been encouraging lately, although things didn’t look that way during the upcoming title’s gameplay reveal. People called the new iteration a remaster of Diablo 3, complaining about how nothing changes on a grand scale. That said, sales figures beg to differ, with Activision Blizzard’s most recent financial report claiming “strong” pre-sales for Diablo 4.

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