Dev explains why Tiny Windows 11 is so secure despite not having TPM, Secure Boot.


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Tiny Windows 11

While many people love how Windows 11 looks or feels, there are some who just want to get rid of what they feel is bloat because their hardware is so good. Maybe he can easily run the new OS, or just for fun. Recently, a popular third-party Windows 11 tweaking and customization app called ThisIsWin11 (TIW11) developed into a debloat or debloat OS, which, as the name suggests, allows to de-bloat the operating system.

If one is not comfortable with tweaking things themselves, they can also opt for Tiny11, which was released earlier today. This stripped-down Windows 11 Pro 22H2 mod has 8GB of install space, 2GB of system memory, and perhaps best of all, it doesn’t require TPM and Secure Boot.

However, of course there are caveats and as one would expect, security can be the biggest deal breaker for many, perhaps even bigger than saving memory and storage. Tiny11’s developer, NTDev, assured that despite being stripped down, the mod is still quite safe. They have also explained how they managed to pack it into 8Gigs of space.

On a Twitter thread, NTDev What is the address? Several questions or concerns people have:

After reading some comments about Tiny 11, here are some remarks I would like to make:

1. Tiny11 is not usable, but .NET, drivers and security definition updates can still be installed from Windows Update.

2. While I understand that installing modified versions of Windows may pose a security risk, I can assure you (and you can obviously check for yourself) that this image is from external sources. Nothing is included.

3. The main way to get Tiny 11 to its small size is to remove the Windows Component Store (WinSxS). Thus, installation of new features or languages ​​is unfortunately not possible.

4. Basically, tiny11 is designed to breathe new life into old computers, so I don’t encourage installing it on PCs that support Windows 11 by default. That doesn’t mean I don’t trust my product, but at one point the cons outweigh the pros.

5. This should not be considered a “Windows without telemetry/spyware” image, but an image designed to run on a PC that does not support a standard version of Windows 11, along the lines of what tiny10 did with Windows 10. Who was

You can take a detailed look at what Tiny11 has to offer in this article.


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