Destiny 2’s latest hotfix addresses in-game content and UI bugs.


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  • Bungie has released Hotfix for Destiny 2 which aims to fix a handful of bugs in the game.
  • The last major update was rolled out on April 19 but it missed some changes. This was later explained in a tweet.
  • Players believe that the hotfix may miss out on other changes that could be tweaked later.

The latest patch for Bungie’s flagship MMO, Destiny 2, fixes several bugs to improve the game’s overall stability. According to Patch notesFixes everything from endgame content to user interface and even the weapons department. While the hotfix isn’t as extensive as the last update, improvements to game stability are always appreciated.

Issues fixed in this update include a bug where rAdd Jacket Director dialog The purchase was appearing after the March 21st deadline to unlock. Also, for the gloss and shine factors Daughters of the Orcs i face The fall of the king has also been adjusted. Additionally, a problem where there are too many particle effects in certain areas. Neptune Fixed Destiny 2 causing crashes.

Patch Notes for Destiny 2 Hotfix
Patch Notes for Destiny 2 Hotfix

Additionally, such issues as gauntlets not being equipped Changing the loadout And Destiny 2 crashes when the loadout menu opens has been resolved. Also, the issue where changing a weapon after selecting it in the inventory. Reshaping Will not automatically change it to the item in the reshape slot.

gave previous An update was released for Destiny 2. April 19 And brought enough Several weapon artifact changes, exotic balance adjustments, armor changes, and several additions to Vanguard Ops and Crucible. This was combined with a wide range of bug fixes to improve the overall performance of the game. A later tweet said that part of the patch notes had been missed.

Players are speculating that a similar incident will happen this time as well. While this is certainly a possibility, we can only review the information contained in the official hotfix note. In the meantime, feel free to check out the changes and balance adjustments from last week’s update 7.0.5 if you missed it.

Destiny 2 saw the release of its latest expansion, light up, earlier this year. Although general reception has been surprisingly negative, Lightfall was the starting point for many new players in the game. The expansion may have had its problems, but it also brought good things to the table.

You can experience it for yourself on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, and last-gen consoles.

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