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This was one of them though. Most widely While updates are awaited for Bungie’s shared world shooter, Destiny 2: Lightfall, many players are left with more questions than answers after playing it. The main objectives of the campaign were to acquire a new power and subdue one of them. Observe discipline.. After the campaign, the Witness completed its mission by linking up. Radial mast to do the curtain But who are the real accomplices and witnesses, and most importantly, what happened to the passenger next?

Key takeaways

  • The Veil is a mysterious entity in Destiny 2’s lore that is associated with obscurity and associated with darkness.
  • The Veil consists entirely of darkness and can grant unimaginable power to those who access it.
  • The Witness, a mysterious and powerful entity strongly associated with darkness, collaborates with him. Callus In the extension of the lightfall to access the curtain.
  • Furthermore, the witness successfully enters the veil. Radial mast and creates a gateway using Traveler.
  • Witness uses the traveler to establish a gateway and attempts to attach the radial mast to the curtain, an object of vital force.
  • At the height of the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign, witness Carves a Triangle Forms on the passenger’s surface and disappears into it, leaving the passenger in a depressed state.
  • The Witness captures the Guardian’s Ghost and uses it to spawn. Beam Of the light which gives him the power of the veil and the ability to communicate with the traveler.

What is a veil?

there is a A strange being Known as the veil, and it is completely indistinctly attached.

  • The actual nature and origin of the curtain is not clear.
  • It seems to have a strong connection with The Darkness, the opposing force of the Light in the game’s narrative.
  • The first time players hear about The Vale is in the context of the main narrative campaign of the Lightfall expansion.
  • In this campaign, players must prevent Calus, a disciple of the Witness, from reaching The Well in the Neptune city of Pneumona.
  • The witness is trying to reach The Vale for some unknown reason.
  • A curtain is an item of high strength that can be accessed by attaching to a radial mast.

The role of the curtain

Later in the narrative, it is revealed that the Veil is composed entirely of darkness and can grant incredible power to anyone who can access it.

  • The witness successfully enters the curtain. Radial mast.
  • The Witness uses the power granted by the radial mast to create a gateway using the Traveler.
  • Despite the limited information about the game, Purda plays an important role in the main story of the game.
  • Its true nature and purpose will likely be further explored in future expansions and updates.
  • It is likely that the veil provides the energy source to the traveler and that the two are somehow connected.
  • The witness needed the information provided by Parda to contact the traveler and carry out his plan.
  • This is just speculation. Will provide more information about future expansion. the curtain

Who is the witness?

Lightfall Ending Explained Destiny 2

The DLC for Destiny 2, Beyond the Light, introduces a new mysterious creature known as the “witness” It is strongly suggested that it represents or represents darkness. Polar opposites of the passenger light. The witness seems very powerful because it can affect and even take over reality. the ghost To speak with the Guardian.

  • During the Lightfall expansion, the Witness collaborates with Kallus, the former Emperor of Cable.
  • Their collaboration aims to gain access to the Veil, a powerful object whose origin and purpose are unclear.
  • It may have something to do with the Traveler or the Last Form, a mystery thought to be a possible form of life in the universe.
  • The witness wants to take advantage of the power of the veil to accomplish this goal.

Although it is shrouded in mystery, the witness has emerged as one. The main enemy In the plot of Destiny 2. His activities now have considerable effects on the Guardians and the events of the universe.

What happened to the passenger?

Lightfall Ending Explained Destiny 2
the traveler

During the events of Destiny 2: Lightfall, it appears that the Witness used the Traveler to establish the Gateway. The Witness is a mysterious creature that is alluded to throughout the game’s mythology. It aims to achieve its objectives by to paste Radial mast to the well, an item with significant power.

  • The Witness has the power to control demons.
  • The Guardians reach the curtain at the climax of the Lightfall campaign.
  • They encounter Kalas, whom they defeat in a difficult battle.
  • Guardians believe they have defeated the witness as well.
  • However, the witness can connect to the screen with the help of Ghost.
  • It gives the witness the power he needs to achieve his goals.

What the witness intends to do with the passenger.

The witness intends to take advantage of the power. in possession From the passenger side to establish a gateway. There is a sequence at the end of Lightfall in which the witness carves one. Triangle shape The traveler disappears into the surface and then into it. As a result of the witness’s actions, the traveler is now in a state of depression. However, where the witness has gone, or his ultimate goals, is unclear.

After the end of the Lightfall campaign, both Ikora and Zavala report that they no longer have sight of the Traveler. It is unclear whether he Means That the object has physically disappeared or their meaning is that the object’s power is waning. But, for guardians to know the truth about what happened to the traveler and what the witness wants to do, they will need to do this. Further research.

What did our ghost do in the campaign?

The Lightfall ending is described in Destiny 2.
the ghost

In the most dramatic moment of the Lightfall storyline, the Guardian’s Ghost is captured by the Witness and dragged towards the curtain. A curtain is something that has a lot of extraordinary power and is attached to the traveler.

  1. The witness uses Ghost’s link to light to create a beam of light that shoots out of the veil.
  2. The beam travels through the solar system and stops directly in front of the traveler, where the witness waits.
  3. The beam imbues the witness with the power of the veil and grants him the ability to communicate with the traveler.
  4. Guardian And Caiatl An empress of cable tries to prevent the witness from entering the passenger through a triangular door cut into its surface.
  5. Caiatl pleads with the Guardian to destroy his ghost, but the Guardian cannot bring himself to follow the order.
  6. One of the Cloudstriders, Nimbus, arrives on his hoverboard and plucks the ghost from the air.
  7. However, it is too late, as the damage has already been done.
  8. The Witness joins the Traveler through the Portal and the Ghost. asks About what happened.
  9. Caiatl responds by saying that they have been defeated.

What’s next for Destiny 2 after Lightfall?

Although Destiny 2 Lightfall may be over. To be clear, with the current iteration of the Destiny 2 game, there is no official information available about what will come after the Lightfall event. On the other hand, Bungie has announced its plans for the game for the next few years so fans can anticipate additional content and expansions.

  • Bungie plans to change the way content is distributed for Destiny 2.
  • Instead of releasing one big expansion every year, they aim to release several smaller updates more regularly.
  • This is known as strategy “The Content Vault of Destiny.”
  • The goal is to improve and modernize the game’s previously released content while providing new features and experiences.
  • The Season of the Lost Content update is coming soon, bringing new stories, gear and activities.
  • Bungie didn’t. Disclosure Any specific intentions for the game after next years.


Many players are left. Questions And Puzzles After the end of Destiny 2 Lightfall. Despite the campaign’s primary emphasis on discovering new abilities and eliminating one of the Witness’s characteristics, the fate of the traveler and the nature of the mask remain largely unclear.

It is abundantly clear that the Witness has achieved his goal of accessing the power of light and darkness and has used this ability to create a gateway to an unspecified location.

The Destiny community will, no doubt, come with many more. Assumptions And Interpretations What happened in the Lightfall finale? It will be interesting to see how the story develops in future spreads and seasons. Players can continue their exploration of Destiny 2’s vast and complex universe and learn more of its mysteries all the while.


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