Destiny 2 Forbearance: Stats, Perks & Usage


Forbearance is an Arc Wave-Frame Grenade Launcher that is among the best weapons in Destiny 2, with an overall unique perk pool and devastating power. Our guide will cover everything you need to know about the Forbearance in Destiny 2, including its introduction, drop location, and the god roll for PvP and PvE.

Key Takeaways

  • Forbearance is a grenade launcher with unique Wave Frame capabilities in Destiny 2.
  • The weapon cannot be farmed, so players may have to complete the raid multiple times to obtain it.
  • With a large blast radius, velocity, and rounds per minute, Forbearance is a breach-loading Special Ammo Arc Grenade Launcher.
  • For PvE, the god roll includes Quick Launch Barrel, Ambitious Assassin, and Chain Reaction perks, ideal for eliminating groups of enemies and waves.
  • The god roll for PvP includes Quick Launch Barrel, High-Velocity Rounds, Steady Hands, and Golden Tricorn perks, improving the weapon’s accuracy, stability, and mobility.
  • To craft Forbearance, players must first unlock the weapon pattern by completing specific activities and obtain Deepsight Reconnaissance versions of the weapon from the Vow Of The Disciple raid.
  • Forbearance is effective against hordes of trash mobs, enemies with arc shields, and enemies weak to Arc damage.
  • It can be useful in various activities, from raids and dungeons to Crucible, where it can help players eliminate enemies quickly and efficiently.

How To Get Forbearance

The Forbearance grenade launcher in Destiny 2 requires players to participate in the Vow of the Disciple raid. This weapon can only be obtained from the Caretaker, and Rhulk encounters during the raid, making it a sought-after item among Destiny 2 players.

Players must progress through the raid until they reach the second or final encounter to obtain the Forbearance grenade launcher. It’s important to note that the weapon cannot be farmed, so players may need to complete the raid multiple times to obtain it.

Destiny 2 Forbearance Forbearance grenade launcher
Forbearance grenade launcher

Once the Forbearance drops, players can purchase multiple versions of the weapon from the final raid chest using Spoils of Conquest. However, players need to be lucky enough to have The Deliverance drop from one of the encounters to be able to purchase the weapon.

Importantly, the Forbearance is a unique ammo Arc grenade launcher, making it a vital addition to players’ inventories. It is one of the game’s few Wave Frame grenade launchers, making it a potent weapon for wiping out enemy groupings.

Forbearance Stats And Overview

Forbearance is a breach-loading, Special Ammo Arc Grenade Launcher with unique Wave Frame capabilities that send out a wave of energy upon impact. The weapon’s perks and abilities make it a great choice for both PvE and PvP activities in Destiny 2. Here’s a rundown of Forbearance’s stats:

Blast Radius 55
Velocity 77
Stability 34
Handling 73
Rounds Per Minute 72
Magazine 1
  • Blast Radius: With a Blast Radius of 55, Forbearance is an excellent option for eliminating groups of enemies in PvE activities.
  • Velocity: With a Velocity stat of 77, Forbearance’s projectiles travel swiftly, making it handy for striking far targets, particularly in PvP.
  • Stability: Forbearance’s Stability is 34, requiring players to change their aim after each shot maybe. Yet, stability may be enhanced by the use of certain advantages.
  • Handling: The Forbearance’s Handling statistic is 73, making it a swift and responsive weapon suitable for eliminating moving foes.
  • Rounds Per Minute: Forbearance’s Rounds Per Minute stat is 72, letting players swiftly fire off rounds, making it a solid option for wiping out groups of enemies or fast dispatching bosses.
  • Magazine: The magazine capacity of the Forbearance is one; therefore, players must reload after each shot. Some bonuses, however, might enhance the magazine’s capacity, making the weapon more effective.

Forbearance is a good pick for players seeking a powerful grenade launcher that can do huge damage and quickly eliminate large groups of enemies. Its stats make it a versatile weapon effective in PvE and PvP encounters.

God Roll For PvE

Get the Forbearance grenade launcher, then roll for the ideal perks to enhance your damage output in PvE activities. The god roll for Forbearance in PvE includes the Quick Launch barrel for increased handling, High-Velocity Rounds magazine for faster reloads, and increased damage.

Lastly, the Ambitious Assassin perk for more rounds in the magazine after getting kills, and the Chain Reaction trait for explosive kills causes additional explosions. Adding a Spec Mod will further enhance the weapon’s capabilities. An extended overview of what each of the recommended perks provides is listed below for your convenience:

  • Quick Launch Barrel: This perk improves the weapon’s control by enabling you to aim and fire more quickly and precisely. This is particularly crucial in PvE situations when enemies may attack you from all sides.
  • High-Velocity Rounds Magazine: This perk makes the weapon more potent at long-range encounters by speeding the bullets. With ease, you’ll be able to defeat enemies while remaining outside of harm’s way.
  • Ambitious Assassin Trait: If the player earned a kill, this perk enables two projectiles to remain in the magazine after reloading, which may be handy for swiftly eliminating groups of enemies without reloading.
  • Chain Reaction Trait: This perk produces a chain reaction that may swiftly and effectively eliminate large groups of enemies by making all enemies killed with the weapon explode and force other enemies destroyed by that explosion also to explode. It’s particularly helpful when enemies are closely clustered together.
Destiny 2 Forbearance Chain Reaction Trait
Chain Reaction Trait

Boss Spec Mod: This mod improves the weapon’s damage against bosses, giving it a great option for rapidly eliminating enemies with a lot of health.

  • Combining these perks gives you an unstoppable weapon capable of destroying even the most formidable PvE enemies, such as the majors and champion-type enemies during nightfall.
  • PvE bosses may be defeated more quickly and with more damage power using this mod.

God Roll For PvP

When equipped with the proper collection of perks, Forbearance becomes a lethal grenade launcher in PvP encounters. Perks that improve the weapon’s accuracy, stability, and mobility will be prioritized in the God Roll for PvP.

  • Quick Launch Barrel: It enhances the weapon’s control, enabling players to aim and fire more swiftly and accurately. Fast-paced PvP encounters where every second matters might benefit significantly from this.
  • High-Velocity Rounds Magazine: With the benefit of this perk, it will be simpler to strike moving targets at a distance when using a weapon with projectiles traveling faster. This may be a game-changer in PvP encounters when the other side continuously moves.
  • Steady Hands Trait: This advantage increases the weapon’s stability while firing from a hip position, making it simpler to maintain aim while moving. This may be useful in close-quarters battles as players might need more time to aim down sights.
  • Golden Tricorn Trait: This perk improves the likelihood that Heavy ammo will drop, which may be important in PvP encounters when having enough Heavy ammo can mean the difference between winning and losing.
  • Icarus Mod: This mod enables players to fire the weapon more precisely when leaping, which might be helpful in PvP encounters where opponents jump and dodge to avoid bullets.

How To Craft Forbearance

You can dominate in PvE and PvP with the help of the powerful grenade launcher forbearance. However, there is a crafting process for making this weapon. Here’s what you need to know:

Destiny 2 Forbearance Unlocking the weapon pattern
Unlocking the weapon pattern

Unlocking the weapon pattern: Players can unlock the weapon pattern by simply extracting the frame data from them by either dismantling the weapon or:

  • Obtaining Deepsight Reconnaissance versions: Once the weapon pattern is unlocked, players will need to obtain Deepsight Reconnaissance versions of the weapon. These can be obtained by completing the final encounter in the Vow Of the Disciple raid.
  • Using Spoils of Conquest to purchase rolls from the raid’s final chest: Once players have obtained the Deepsight Reconnaissance versions of the weapon, they can use Spoils of Conquest to purchase rolls from the final chest in the raid.
  • This allows players to obtain the perks they want for their Forbearance, creating their own God Roll.

Best Activities For Usage

Raids: When facing up against enormous hordes of enemies in a raid, Forbearance is an excellent option because of its strong damage output and crowd control abilities. When several enemies congregate, its Chain Reaction perk shines.

  • Dungeons: Forbearance is useful for dispatching huge groups of foes in dungeons, which, like raids, involve encounters with such groups. You can defeat waves of opponents with its Ambitious Assassin perk without having to reload.
  • Nightfalls: Players must swiftly eliminate enemies while coping with several factors that might make fighting more difficult. High-velocity rounds and the Quick Launch Barrel perk of Forbearance make it a great option for knocking down enemies far away. The Steady Hands perk may help you maintain accuracy and precision.
  • Strikes: The enemy kinds in strikes range from common mobs to bosses with a lot of health. Forbearance’s Ambitious Assassin perk may help you defeat waves of enemies without having to pause and reload, and its Spec Mod can help you do more damage to these difficult enemies.
  • Gambit: To bank motes and summon an ancient boss, players must defeat waves of enemies. With the Icarus Mod, Forbearance’s Chain Reaction perk may help you remain precise when leaping and dodging, making it a great option for efficiently eliminating massive groups of enemies.
  • Crucible: Forbearance may still be useful in certain situations, even if grenade launchers aren’t usually the most popular option in Crucible. It can effectively destroy enemies at a distance with its high-velocity rounds and Quick Launch Barrel perk. Its Steady Hands perk may benefit in maintaining accuracy and preventing missed shots.

Best Enemies To Use Forbearance Against

Forbearance is a versatile weapon particularly useful when facing large groups of enemies.

To maximize its effectiveness, here are some of the best types of enemies to use Forbearance against:

  • Hordes of trash mobs: Forbearance’s high Blast Radius and Chain Reaction Trait make it a great option for rapidly and effectively eliminating hordes of weaker enemies. You may dispatch many enemies with only a few shots before moving on to the next wave.
  • Groups of foes with reduced health: Forbearance’s rapid Rounds Per Minute and swift-moving projectiles make it an excellent option for eliminating groups of enemies with lower health. You may eliminate enemies immediately with only a few well-placed shots before moving on to the next group.
  • Enemies with shields: Forbearance does extra Arc damage to enemies wearing shields, making it a potent weapon against them. You may rapidly eliminate them by knocking off their shields with a few shots.
  • Enemies weak to Arc damage: Forbearance’s Arc damage also makes it effective against enemies weak to that element. Use it to easily remove enemies like Fallen Captains, Vex Harpies, and Hive Wizards.


Forbearance is a versatile weapon that can be effective in various activities, from taking on hordes of trash mobs in PvE to dominating opponents in PvP. Its high Blast Radius, Velocity, and Rounds Per Minute make it an excellent choice for quickly and effectively killing large groups of enemies.

At the same time, its Stability and Handling stats allow precision aiming and quick follow-up shots. The right perks, such as those in the God Rolls for PvE and PvP, can further enhance its effectiveness. Overall, Forbearance is a powerful weapon that should not be overlooked.


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