Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel [FIXED]


What is the Error Code Weasel in Destiny 2?

weasel error code destiny 2
The weasel error code prompt in the login screen of Destiny 2

There have been many situations where the error codes have disrupted activities in Destiny 2. Take, for instance, back in 2018, The Last Wish raid from Forsaken DLC had a troublesome “Guitar” error. It prevented most world-first raid race teams from completing the activity, and the error remained persistent throughout the year.

The error code weasel splits off for a couple of different reasons. It may simply be the network connection issues or in the case where you login through multiple platforms when cross-save is enabled. Knowing this information, you can know the fix is by just playing on one platform at a time, but the issue goes deeper than it.

There have been numerous prior occasions where the error code weasel kept occurring when the servers were overloaded during the launch of the expansions of Destiny 2. It is prominent to occur when the game clears players from the queue during the first-day login of the new expansion and interrupts your gameplay.

There have also been reports where the weasel error code will also appear for players who are banned from the game or have their destiny account access restricted.

Originally, the issue was grouped under the error code “Centipede.” Since then, the support team at Bungie then named it separately to classify the issue and provide fixes to it. Here is all you need to know about it:

Key Highlights

  • Error code Weasel can happen whenever you try to interact with Destiny 2’s servers and it stops you from playing the game entirely.

  • There are several reasons error code weasel might happen; some of these reasons include:
  • Weak internet connections
  • Destiny 2 servers being overloaded 
  • Logging into the game using multiple platforms
  • Your account being banned

  • To fix error code weasel, try launching Destiny 2 with a VPN connection enabled.
  • Make sure your NAT type is not strict; if it is, enable open NAT type. Additionally, unlink the Destiny Companion App.
  • You should delete any clan invites that are undecided. After that, verify the integrity of your game files using Steam.
  • If you are using the PlayStation consoles, try to rebuild your console’s database.
  • Restart whatever system you are using to play Destiny 2. 
  • If you still cannot resolve the error code weasel, improve your internet connection by switching from WiFi to an ethernet connection.

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How to Fix the Error Code Weasel in Destiny 2

If the player is not actively trying to log in through the game via multiple devices, then the fix for the weasel error code is pretty self-explanatory. It is not a complicated problem to solve in the game. 

However, if the causes are surely on your end, then you might face some slight headaches in solving it. They mostly stem from a poor network connection, so that we will focus help on that. The methods provided by Bungie themselves are to “simply power cycle your systems,” but that is far from any sort of proper solution.

Furthermore, you can also consult the Official Network Troubleshooting guide from Bungie. It provides a detailed explanation of every error code as well as other network-related issues found within the game.

We have thoroughly researched the active communities of Destiny 2 on Discord and Reddit. With the help of various veteran players and complaints from them. We have managed to create eight ways to help players how to solve the weasel error code in Destiny 2 as easily as possible.

Using a VPN Connection

First off, destiny 2 communicates with its backend servers to establish a connection with the game. You have the option to use VPN to secure a firm gateway to the servers. It will help you log into the game without any worries.

Using a VPN will allow players to access the login process of the game without encountering any tedious error code to hinder it. The servers of the game always require a stable connection to succeed in working smoothly. It is where VPNs can become useful to temporarily mask your connection just to help you get into the game.

At certain times, your network connection will be programmed by the Internet Service Provider to block valuable server data trafficking, thus causing all sorts of issues like the Error Code Weasel. At that moment, players can simply use a VPN connection to ensure a solid route to the blocked data you need to connect with the game.

We highly recommend using official VPN providers such as NordVPN. They offer bundle plans and even have free trials to use as a first-time customer. It is verified and one of the top proxy services used by the entire world.

Enable an Open Nat Type Connection

PS4 Open Nat type
Nat Type 1 in the PS4 network connection test

Nat Type is a major component in your connection across most multiplayer games. It plays a key role in establishing a proper connection to the servers of each game to your system or console. There are a total of three kinds of nat types for every user to use on their routers:

  • Open Nat Type: 1
  • Moderate Nat Type: 2
  • Strict Nat Type: 3

However, we are looking to implement Nat type 1, which is the open type. Most players should have the “moderate” type, which is fine too. Just avoid the strict type at all costs that are Nat Type 3.

It might be a complex process, but you can mess around with your router and enable the settings yourself, or preferably, we suggest consulting with your ISP to help you with the process and explain it.

It is worth noting that not every router may have the same settings or interface. We advise logging into your router beforehand and getting a feel for each menu in it. To enable Open Nat manually, follow these steps:

  • You can find the Login credentials of your internet commonly written behind the router device.
  • Log in to the router via its main IP Address portal.
  • Locate the Port Forward option, which should be located under the DMZ or IPv4 settings most of the time.
  • Once there, you need to fill in the TCP & UDP boxes with the port numbers of Destiny 2 and your system.
  • The IP address of whichever system you play Destiny 2 on and the Mac Address of the console is mandatory.
  • There are various Port Numbers for each kind of console, which you can find easily on their Official sites.
  • An example of these port values is TCP: 1935, 3478-3480 & UDP: 3074, 3478-3479 for the PS5.
  • Save the settings, restart the router and check if the Weasel error code is resolved in Destiny 2.

Unlink the Destiny Companion App

In addition to helpful accessibility features found within the game’s settings, Bungie has allowed the players of Destiny 1 & 2 to access further information about the game through the companion app. The application is designed for smartphones and is available on the Android Playstore & Apple App store.

Destiny 2 Companion
Account links in the Destiny 2 Companion app

It is reported within the community from a few users that the Destiny Companion app may be a potential cause of a few issues. The Error Code Weasel in Destiny 2 is one of the few to name, and you can learn how to fix it by un-linking the app from your Bungie account:

Destiny 2 unlink account
How to unlink an account in Destiny 2
  • Firstly, sign in to Bungie.Net with your account.
  • Navigate towards the Settings menu and click on the “Accounts & Links” option.
  • Choose whichever current platform you are playing on, and the “unlink” option next to the platform that you want; in this case, you are looking to unlink the app, which should be below in your app history.
  • Alternatively, you simply uninstall the app on your from your phone too.
  • Check if the error code Weasel persists in the game.

Deleting Pending Clan Invites

Destiny 2 Clans
Clan invites in Destiny 2

Destiny 2, being a massive MMO looter shooter, makes having fellow guardians at your side 24/7 a must to complete the endgame activities. It is where the game makes it crucial to be a part of a clan in the game.

Clans consist of various players who can level up the clan and perform activities together. They function similarly to Guilds from other MMOs. You can learn more about the clans from their Official Site on the page.

It might seem like disbelief to some familiar players, but the clan features are known to cause some issues in the game. The error code weasel is reported by players to occur whenever you get new pending invites to a clan. It is suggested that you request the admin of the clan to boot you from it as soon as possible.

Alternatively, of course, you can simply hop over to the Bungie.Net site and delete the pending invite under the memberships tab in the clans’ tab. You can also leave the clan yourself too from the same site. You can try rejoining the clan another time to check if the problem has been resolved or not in the game.

Verify File Integrity on Steam

Sometimes, there is a chance that games may suffer from corrupted or deleted game files. These files may be essential to the core functioning of the game and its software. Even a single missing file in the game’s directory can cause it to have multiple issues or disruptions to hinder your gameplay.

Thankfully, in the case of Destiny 2, you can verify the files through the Steam launcher. This process is highly beneficial as it lets you check and scan the entire game directory for any sort of file errors. The weasel error code can be potentially caused due to the game having some vital files corrupted or removed in some nature.

The procedure to verify the game files via the steam launcher is not a complex process to accomplish. You can complete it in just a few short steps:

Destiny 2 verify files steam weasel error
How to verify the game files of Destiny 2
  • Locate the Destiny 2 title in your Library on Steam.
  • Right-click on it to open a small menu and click on the Properties option.
  • It will then open a new menu. Here navigate to the “Local Files” tab.
  • You should be able to spot the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” prompt.
  • Select it, and it will run a check on the game files; the time to complete will depend on the game size.
  • Nonetheless, when the checking is complete, Steam will notify you of any missing files and download them.
  • Hop back into the game and investigate if the weasel error is resolved.

Rebuilding Database on PS4 & PS5

This is a method specifically tailored for Playstation 4 & 5 users. The rebuild database is a procedure present on these systems which allows you clear excess cache from your system. It is a favorable process to do every month or so to revitalize or refresh the storage components of the PlayStation console.

Rebuilding the database will essentially help you reset some of the console’s download directory too. It is favorable to do so because it does not harm the console nor delete any sort of data on it in any way. You can easily rebuild the database of both Playstation consoles in the following way:

PS4 & PS5 rebuilding database weasel
How to rebuild database on the Playstation 4 & 5
  • First of all, make sure your console is completely turned off.
  • Press and hold the power button on the PS4 or PS5 for 7-8 seconds after the initial boot-up sound.
  • It should now open up the Safe Mode menu on the screen.
  • Connect your USB cable with the console and into your controller to navigate on it.
  • Select the 5th option, which is the “Rebuild Database,” and confirm it.
  • So, depending on the storage and apps on your console, it will take upwards of a few minutes to complete.
  • Once it is done, launch Destiny 2 and see if the Error code weasel has been fixed.

Restarting the Console or System

Restarting PC & PS5 weasel error

So, according to the official guide for the error code weasel from Bungie. The first thing that the developers have mentioned on the Official site for the solution to this error is to “Power Cycle” your console or system.

Preferably, the method should be able to resolve the error under most circumstances, but as we mentioned, it might go deeper into possibilities from other causes like corrupted files to in-game aspects like clans.

It is the oldest trick in the book for fixing a problematic error in any kind of game. Rebooting the system or console will allow it to kickstart any software or application from a fresh state. It is imperative that players try the method at least once before anything else to ensure it can fix the error code weasel in the quickest way possible.

You can easily restart the PS5 console from the quick menu screen by holding the PS button. Almost every console, like the Xbox, can also be turned off from the home screen interface. Alternatively, you can hold down the Power button on Playstation and Xbox consoles to turn them off manually.

Meanwhile, PC users should face no problem in quickly rebooting their system via the Windows prompt under the Task Bar button. It should restart faster if you have your Windows OS installed on an SSD or NVMe drive. So doing these should be the best ways how to fix and resolve the weasel error code in Destiny 2.

Improving your Internet Connection

Destiny 2 requires a peer-to-peer (P2P) connection at all times to function properly. The game is connected to multiple servers across the world to maintain a smooth and stable multiplayer system.

Thus having a weak or unstable network connection might be one of the most common causes for several error codes to occur in the game, including the weasel error code. Players will want to have an adequate amount of bandwidth for the game to run without any lag or latency disruptions to annoy you or anyone in your fire team.

We highly recommend investing in an ethernet cable connection with your router to boost your internet speed. Most of the time, Wifi connections can have varying speeds and can cause instability in your game.

Strong internet speeds will be essential, especially during endgame activities like Nightfalls and Raids, where communication and split-second decision-making will be key to their completion. It should be your last hope to cure the weasel error issue in the game. Just be sure to restart the router and game once you switch to ethernet.


Players of the game will no doubt continue to experience the error despite the fixes we mentioned because, regrettably, the error can occur in other situations too. Mostly you might see it prompt during large expansion drops of the game and playing it on their release day.

The different error codes also stem from the fact that an influx of so many players will log into the game at the same time and crash the servers. In that case, you can do nothing but wait for any fixes from the Support Team. They update any information or updates about the game on the Official Bungie Help Twitter account.

We have detailed every possible way to alleviate of these error codes. We advise carefully following each step, including restarting your console once or switching to an ethernet cable to strengthen your network connection to avoid any possibilities of other network-related problems.

Hopefully, the methods we have discussed will help you fix the error code weasel so you can get back to grinding and hunting down Savathun and farming the exotic loot of Destiny 2 Witch Queen. Let us know if we missed anything or if you have any questions about the guide in the comments box below!

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