Debian 11.7 released with latest security updates.


Debian 11 Homeworld Theme

The Debian Project has released the seventh point release for Debian 11 “Bulseye”, bringing it to version 11.7. There are no new features with this update, only bug and security fixes for popular (and lesser known) packages. If you’re already running Debian 11, just apply the latest updates and you’ll be running Debian 11.7.

If you were thinking of installing Debian 11 on your computer and already downloaded one of the older point releases, just install it. By the time you do the post-install updates you will be on Debian 11.7, so there is no need to create new installation media. If you’re trying to install it on an offline device, it’s worth grabbing the latest ISO.

Packages that received fixes in Debian 11.7 include Flatpak, LibreOffice, Linux Kernel, MariaDB, NVIDIA graphics drivers, systemd, Firefox ESR, Thunderbird, Chromium, Emacs, Java, Git, Rails, and more. For a complete list, check out Announcement.

Debian 12 “Bookworm” is scheduled for release in mid-2023. It will jump from Linux 5.10 to Linux 6.1, and bring support for more hardware. It should receive security updates by July 2026 before being maintained by the LTS team which will keep it alive until June 2028.


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