Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke is Coming to Fortnite Will cost real money.


  • Fortnite will soon be collaborating with Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke, as recent data mines have revealed.
  • The new bundle will cost real-life money and will contain two backpacks, an outfit, a pickaxe, and apparently a new emote.
  • It will also include questions that will increase your V-bucks to 1,500 when completed. Moreover, the collab could possibly coincide with the release date of the Dead Space remake.
  • We recommend taking this with a grain of salt, as it has yet to be officially confirmed.

It’s fair to claim that Fortnite has become somewhat of a pioneer in the gaming industry when it comes to collaborating with big names. The title has dominated the battle royale industry since its inception and remains relevant with its evolving content, new featured characters and exciting battle passages.

Another notable collab is about to appear on the Fortnite horizon, as one of the best horror games is about to enter a very important gaming icon, Battle Royale. Following the rumors of Peter Griffin’s arrival, Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke is also reportedly arriving in the game in an exciting new bundle.

Powerful rumors are born from data mines. Twitter, like internal sheena. Epic Games’ Fortnite is set to team up with Electronic Arts to enlist Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke, datamines have found. The bundle will include two backpacks, a costume, a pickaxe, and apparently a new emote related to Isaac Clarke.

Additionally, the seemingly massive bundle will also contain quests that can top up your V-bucks wallet by up to 1,500.

However, the new bundle will also bring a change that no one suspected. Dead Space, the bundle to buy Isaac Clarke will cost real world money. The new bundle costs real cash, and your usual V-bucks won’t suffice. Pricing is still unclear, but it could likely be within the $10 to $30 range.

There has been no official confirmation of the leaked bundle from Epic Games or Electronic Arts yet. Regardless, there’s plenty of evidence behind the new leak.

Including recent data mines that have further clarified the suspected bundle, a report by a former eXputer author Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming also hinted at the possibility of a Fortnite x Dead Space collab sometime around mid-January.

Additionally, data mines are rarely falsified and are usually discovered organically after data mining. Still, we suggest taking the news with a grain of salt, as either of the parties involved could decide to back off internally before seeing the official announcement of the new Dead Space and Fortnite collab.

We suspect that the hyped-up collaboration between Electronic Arts and Fortnite will overlap around the release of the highly anticipated Dead Space remake. The remake of Dead Space is slated to release on January 27, 2023. It will only be released on next-generation platforms, such as PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PC.

What are your thoughts on the notable Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke reportedly joining the bandwagon of key figures in Fortnite? Do you think EA’s collaboration with Epic Games will get people to shell out real world money for Isaac Clarke? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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