Dead Space Remake’s accessibility features detailed; Sports color blind mode and more


Highlights of the story

  • The Dead Space remake will have a plethora of accessibility options and player choices, even catering to the needs of users with minor disabilities.
  • Options include color-blind mode, control customization, extensive button mapping, a “friction” feature to reduce camera movement when the target laser is close to an enemy and more.
  • The developers have also added explicit content warnings to warn players before certain scenes or to disable scenes by obscuring them.
  • Each access option can be selected according to the player’s needs, and all options are disabled by default.

As announced recently From Electronic Arts, the upcoming Dead Space remake is one of the most popular in the community, and it brings a variety of accessibility features to please all types of players. For example, players with minor disabilities such as color blindness will also benefit from innovative player choices in settings.

Among the accessible features is a color blind mode, which will provide the ability to adjust.Preset color adjustments support protanopia (red weak), deuteranopia (green weak), and tritanopia (blue weak), and color contrast levels. There is also an option to define a menu to define a menu.

Dead Space’s remake of Control also places a heavy emphasis on customization, with the ability to remap each input to a new button.

Any of the buttons can be used to complete quicktime events. “Switch sprint, aim, and map zoom controls in toggle mode; And change the command to turn off the audio and video logs on tap instead of holding down the button.

frictionA feature in the aim assist options will let players minimize camera movement when the target laser is close to an enemy. The time can be changed as well with the ability to turn the option off completely.

Subtitles are included with heavy customization options. For example, font size, all caps size, text and background color inverted, and more can be changed. The floating effect and camera shake feature can also be turned off in the menu section.

That’s not all; The Dead Space remake also includes content warning options, including playing a warning before each major horror scene for sensitive players. Bloody content can even be hidden if the player so desires. It’s worth noting that all accessibility options, including content warnings, are disabled by default.

The first option will warn you ahead of time about a potentially annoying scene by showing a non-intrusive pop-up that gives you a brief description of the type of event in an audio or video log before you play it. is being awaited. The second option will actually hide the incoming scene behind the screen effect. You’ll still hear some audio, but a fade effect will hide the visuals until the scene ends,” notes Christian, lead designer.

The developers have made sure to focus on customization options for all types of players. The game will hold your hand in various aspects and help you escape the terrifying experience, or depending on your play style it will take you in without help.

Dead Space Remake Lead Senior Experience Designer Christian Simon talks about player choice.

But this game came out 15 years ago, when accessible features were less common. Subtitles, menu narration, control remapping, and the like are pretty much expected now, so we wanted to make sure the remake lived up to today’s highest standards.

The Dead Space remake is nearing release and includes a secret alternate ending, but it’s only available if certain conditions are met. It looks like the game is already getting a great score on Metacritic after the review embargo ended.

With its expected release tomorrow, January 27th, users are curious about the game’s accessible options, and EA Motive has worked hard on broadening its target audience. The studio has defined the range of its options, ensuring that players can manually select the best settings to get the most terrifying experience.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Dead Space remake that includes multiple accessible features? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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