Dead Space Remake’s “1GB” Day One patch is optional to download.


Highlights of the story

  • A day one patch for the Dead Space remake is out, and it’s only 1GB.
  • Downloading it is also optional, and you can play the remake without it.
  • EA and Motive Studio did not notify about the patch.
  • Patches are likely to be for bug fixes and minor updates.

Remakes aren’t always fan favorites, but the Dead Space remake has won over gamers beyond expectations. Its initial score reached 90 on Metacritic, and reviews have been singing the praises of EA’s remake. The game apparently has one. Day one patch which you can download before playing.

However, this is optional, and you can start Dead Space Remake and kill the Necromorphs without it. This patch only has file size. 1 GBso you won’t have much trouble if you want to download it.

Unlike other industries, gaming has had better luck remaking old video games. A big reason for this is that game remakes don’t change the fundamentals that made the older titles successful. Instead, they simply upgrade them. The present generation With modern graphics and some changes to the story.

The remakes of The Resident Evil are an example of this, as they keep the foundation of the original and add some new things to strengthen it. EA Motives Dead Space Remake is a title built on the same principles. Aside from an alternate ending and some minor changes, it has everything that was the 2008 original.

Critical scores and fan reception for the remake have since been through the roof. Review the restriction was raised. With the official release happening today, the game could top the charts come next week. But fans will have to download the remake of Dead Space before any of the events unfold.

Its file size is not that big, as it just is. 31.103 GB Which is quite low compared to current generation standards. However, there is also a day one patch that players can download for the Dead Space remake. This patch wasn’t previously announced, but as it turns out, the game has one.

Lance McDonald A screenshot of the patch was shared with the public on Twitter. In it, you can find a separate download for the main game on its PlayStation 5. And this download is for the first day patch of Dead Space Remake.

Downloading is up to you, as the patch is optional, and you can play the horror game without it. However, with a minimal size 1.167 GB, we bet most players won’t mind downloading it. Update from title 1.000.002If you are online, this launch day patch will be downloaded automatically.

Dead space patch
A better look at downloading Deadspace patches.

Neither Electronic Arts nor developer Motive have told us what this launch day update is. Our best guess is that it will be for him. Bug fixes And some minor things. Reviewers must have given EA their opinion regarding the Dead Space remake, and this little patch could be the answer.

You can play Dead Space Remake right now with or without downloading this patch, as it’s officially out. PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC They are the platforms that are getting the survival game. Hopefully your download won’t take too long, so you can play this remake soon.

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