Dead Space Remake: The Best Plasma Cutter Build


Legendary and famous Plasma cutter Is The first Weapons players will receive in the game. Thus, players should have an idea about it Building the best plasma cutter in Dead Space To ensure that they can easily massacre all the Necromorphs.

Key highlights

  • gave Plasma cutter I work 2 Methods of attack.
  • Horizontal attack mode prefers crowd control, While Vertical attack mode Focuses on Precise shots On weak points.
  • The plasma cutter has it. Four different stats which can be equalized. These are damage, capacity, reload, And speed
  • It is recommended that you prioritize to harm And Ability When leveling your plasma cutter.
  • In addition, the Stasis module Essential to maximizing the effectiveness of your plasma cutter.
  • Make sure you level up. Stasis module With your plasma cutter.
  • Using the Stasis module To Slow down enemies And then finish with them Plasma cutter The key is to maximize the game.

Plasma cutter in dead space

gave Plasma cutter A few minutes after the start of the game is achieved. It is similar to a The pistol In use as it focuses on. correction at different distances. Unique thing about Plasma cutter It belongs to him Two attack methods.

  • Horizontal attack mode Allows players to fire. line of plasma in the form of a horizontal Line It is effective in killing more than one. Enemy At the exact same time. In addition, players can also use Horizontal line of plasma to kill something specific Weak spots easy
  • Vertical attack mode Fire a vertical line of plasma on the enemy. It lets players direct all their actions. Plasma hit To the enemy weak points. Because of this, it is not used Crowd control Due to lack of horizontal radius; Rather, it is its primary focus 1 Break the enemy At a time.

Now that we have a basic understanding of how plasma cutters work, we can discuss how to work towards building the best plasma cutter in dead space.

Building the best plasma cutter in Dead Space

gave Plasma cutter Is Four different stats Players can level up. The bench By using Power nodes. These are

  • Disadvantage: affects power Your Ammunition
  • Capacity: Determines how much. Ammunition gave Plasma cutter Can be kept at a time.
  • Reload: affects Reload speed.
  • Speed: Determines the speed at which Shoot the shots will travel.

Now, the obvious answer is completely upgraded. Plasma cutter It will be necessary to build the best plasma cutter. However, there is a need to get a better plasma cutter. 17 power nodes, Which is simple Not possible For at least 7 chapters. For this reason, we recommend prioritizing certain stats while you’re at it. Upgrading your stats To ensure smooth progress.

Hierarchical preference for statistics

The best plasma cutter creates dead space.
Plasma Cutter Stats | Photo by eXputer
  • always Prioritize DImage First of all. It will be yours. The main source of damage Against the Unforgiving Necromorphs.
  • After damage, focus CAbility More is always better. Ammunition In hand, as Reloading May be lethal In the heat of battle.
  • After that, we recommend focusing on speed Will control the rush of sharp shots. Necromorphs Easily in addition, your Quick shots Will finish off any enemy, provided you have a high. to harm.
  • Finally, if the other stats are at a decent level, you can focus. Reload. It is not necessary, as such Reloading I In the middle of the war Is suicide. This is always done behind a cover.

Stasis module

gave Stasis module Dead Space is essential for building the best plasma cutter. Thankfully, it’s very common The skin In the game, right after finding you Plasma cutter. This tool allows players to slowed down Sharp objects or enemies. This is extremely useful for plasma cutters. Slow effect.

Players can make Accurate shots Without too much trouble, thank you Stasis module. Also, don’t forget to level up for the Stasis module. bench. Otherwise, the device will not be as powerful.

Recommended Plasma Cutter Playstyle

We recommend that you use Plasma cutter And Stasis module in together. Slow down. Necromorphs Proceed to finish them off with the Stasis Module, then the Plasma Cutter. If you have followed. State priority As mentioned above, you can hold your own against every monstrosity Dead Space has to offer using this playstyle.


Dead Space is one of the most popular and beloved survival horror games of all time. A monument to the past, it has now been rebuilt from the ground up for the current generation of gaming. Released on 27th January – 2023, it captures the eerie sci-fi essence that Original The Dead Space cult classic it was over a decade ago.

And there you have it; With our guide on how to build the best plasma cutter in Dead Space, you’ll be able to take down all the Necromorphs with brutality and style. Also, if you want to know about the talented Dead Space Remake voice actors who worked on the remake, you can check out our guide.

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