Dead Space Remake: Plasma Cutter Upgrades [Top 3]


Plasma Cutter is without a doubt one of the most powerful weapons with some of the best upgrades that the Dead Space Remake has to offer. It will help players to dismember necromorphs and other enemies quickly and more effectively. The best part about Plasma Cutter is that the players will be able to acquire the weapon early on in the game. There are a lot of upgrades of the weapon that the players will acquire as they progress through the story. 

Key Highlights

  • Plasma Cutter has three unlockable upgrades in Dead Space Remake
  • You can make a Plasma Cutter build by getting the right upgrades. 
  • The first upgrade, called the Cartridge Rack, can be obtained after you blow up the barricade to access the Ishimura Clinic. 
  • The second weapon upgrade is called the Heat Accumulator, which can be purchased for 11,000 Credits after you progress into Chapter 3 and access the Shop 
  • The final weapon upgrade called the Weighted Blades can be unlocked in chapter 8 after accessing the Maintenance Locker Room. 
  • The Plasma Cutter itself will be unlocked during the First Chapter. 
  • These upgrades will allow you to increase the ammo capacity, deal damage over time and make Plasma Cutter strong enough to be used as a melee weapon. 

Cartridge Rack 

One of the first weapon upgrades that you will get in Dead Space Remake is the Cartridge Rack. It is one of the most powerful upgrades for Plasma Cutter.

Plasma Cutter Upgrades in Dead Space Remake
First Weapon Upgrade | Screenshot By eXputer

When the players use it at the bench for Plasma Cutter, they will get a free power node as well as some extra node paths for the weapon. You will also get a special upgrade and the capability of the Plasma Cutter will be increased greatly. 

How To Obtain 

Below you will see the step-by-step process of getting the Cartridge Rack in the game. 

Getting The Kinesis Module 

In Chapter 2 the players well began their journey on the ship as they make their way through hordes of monsters. The players need to make their way through a maintenance hallway that will connect the Medical Deck and Hangar Bay and look out for a Kinesis Module.

Kinesis Module
Kinesis Module | Screenshot By eXputer

This module will be located right next to a body, and it will allow players to move large objects easily. The players can also use it to throw objects at monsters to kill them. There is also a trophy tied to killing enemies by using the kinesis module. After that keep moving further ahead and you will see some boxes lying ahead that can be moved. Move them to our side and keep progressing further until you reach the Tram Station.  

Going To The Barricade 

As soon as you arrive in the lobby at medical, you will be able to spot a door nearby. This door will allow the players to access Morgue. However, it will be blocked off by a barricade. To get fast from here, the players will have to find a canister of an item called Hydrazine as well as a Shock Pad.

Dead Space Remake All three Plasma Cutter Upgrades
Blowing up the barricade | Screenshot By eXputer

You need to go to a room by following the locator and restoring power by finding some batteries nearby. Insert the batteries into a slot next to the circuit breaker to bring power back up. Doing so will not only allow you access to the elevator and use it, but you will also be able to access all the rooms in that area. The elevator has a room next to it where you can find a Power Node, so make sure to grab it. 

Finding The Canister 

Before we can get to the weapon upgrade, it is important to find the hydrazine canister. Keep progressing further, and you will find yourself in a vacuum with zero gravity. There will be a countdown that will appear above your health bar that will indicate that you are currently in a vacuum.

Since your oxygen is running out during this time period, it is important to keep an eye out for Oxygen Recharge Stations, so you can refill them whenever your oxygen reaches a critical amount. After that, you will reach an area with zero gravity where the players will be able to move around swiftly.

After that, you will need to move into the room ahead, and you will be able to find the Hydrazine Canister lying on our desk. Before you leave the room, use kinesis on a locker to get 400 credits hidden there. 

Getting The Shock Pad 

After you have found the hydrazine canister, the next step is to find the Shock Pad in order to unlock the weapon upgrade for the Plasma Cutter. Now go back to the area with zero gravity and no life support and look for a door. The door will be blocked, so you will need to fly up with the support of zero gravity and make your way to the next floor. There you will see an elevator shaft nearby that you can use to reach an area ahead.

Keep an eye out for any schematic for the pulse rounds as they will lead you straight to where the barricade can be found. With the help of the locator, you will know to enter a large room where you have to face a lot of Necromorphs. They will come into the room by using vents. The players will need to kill all the Necromorphs in order to lift the quarantine in that area.

Schematics | Screenshot By eXputer

The Necromorphs will be on both levels of the area, so make sure to keep your weapon full. After finishing them off, you can explore the area and check out all the different rooms and offices to see if you can find some hidden rewards there. You will also be able to pick up an audio log nearby.

After that, you will see that a crew member gets brutally killed by a lurker, which you have to fight. After defeating it, you need to progress further until you reach our room there you will be able to find the shock pad. In order to claim it, you will have to use it first on a circuit breaker nearby.

Doing so will shut down the power of the device that is using the shock pad and will allow you to access it. In this way, you will be able to grab the shock pad safely and get all the equipment needed to destroy the barricade, and get the weapon upgrade. 

Destroying The Barricade 

Now head back to the lobby where you found the barricade. Place both the hydrazine canister and the shock pad in the barricade and make your way to a room nearby to avoid the blast. As soon as you enter the room the barricade will get destroyed and you can proceed further.

Dead Space Remake Plasma Cutter Upgrades
Going in the room | Screenshot By eXputer

Here you will enter the Ishimura Clinic and will be able to get the weapon upgrade called Cartridge Rack for Plasma Cutter. When you pick the weapon upgrade, you will get some additional nodes in the game. Furthermore, you will also be able to unlock special abilities available in Dead Space Remake using power nodes. 

Heat Accumulator 

The second upgrade for Plasma Cutter is called Heat Accumulator which the players will be able to unlock pretty easily in Chapter 3 by buying it at the store. The players will be able to unlock a special upgrade by bringing the heat accumulator to Bench and equipping it.

Dead Space Remake How to get Plasma Cutter Upgrades
Buying the upgrade | Screenshot By eXputer

When the heat accumulator is used, you will get extra Node Paths for Plasma Cutter as well as a Power Node and a Special Upgrade. The best part about the heat accumulator is that after each shot of Plasma Cutter, it will apply damage over time to your enemies.  

How To Obtain 

The heat accumulator can be bought at the store by spending 11,000 Credits in the game. You will be able to acquire it in the control room by accessing Store in Chapter Three. But before, you will have to talk to Hammond and run the Diagnostic Report in order to claim the heat accumulator. This is probably one of the easiest upgrades to unlock Plasma Cutter in the game. 

Weighted Blades 

The last Weapon upgrade for Plasma Cutter is the Weighted Blade which can be acquired in Chapter 8. You will be able to access the special upgrade it offers by bringing it to the bench.

Getting The Weapon Upgrade
Getting The Weapon Upgrade | Screenshot By eXputer

When used, the weighted blade will provide the users with extra Node Paths as well as a free power node and a special upgrade for the Plasma Cutter weapon. The main function of the weapon upgrade is to enhance melee attacks done by Plasma Cutter. Therefore you will be able to knock down the enemies faster without wasting your ammo by getting this final upgrade. 

How To Obtain 

Before you can get the weapon upgrade in chapter 8, you will have to progress a bit in the chapter. Follow the steps below never come to see the exact location of the weapon upgrade. 

Getting To The Bridge 

In the first step, you will have to get back to the Tram Station. After reaching the station from the Mining Deck, you will come to know that there is another ship within your range and you will have to fix Comms Array before you can progress further.

Dead Space Remake Plasma Cutter Upgrades
Tram Station | Screenshot By eXputer

Head towards the main Atrium Bridge, and you will see an elevator nearby. Hop onto this elevator, and it will take you to the third floor. There will be some Guardians here that you need to take down before you can go ahead. They will be right in front of the door guarding the way to the Comms Access hall. After dealing with the, you need to go to the control room for comms and look for a terminal. This control terminal or control panel can be interacted with.  

Fixing The Comms Array 

Before you can unlock the weapon upgrade, you will have to fix the comms array by heading into the maintenance section. Go straight and take the door. Look at it on your right side, and it will take you to the maintenance room.

Deploying the Antenna
Deploying the Antenna | Screenshot By eXputer

After that, you will have to go through a large blast door and enter a zero-gravity area. Now you have to fix the comms array by placing some nodes in the right way. Doing so will allow you to bring back the power to the array. Keep an eye out on the direction where power is being routed to place them in the right way. You can use your kinesis module to grab and put the nodes where you want. 

Activating The Comms Array 

After the power is brought back to the comms array, you need to go back inside and access the Control Terminal. You will then receive a message that there is a hindrance near the Blast Doors that is blocking them.  

Deploying The Antenna 

Now you have to deploy the Long Range Antenna, but before that, you will have to see what is blocking the blast doors. For that, you will have to go back to the hall and make your way to the Maintenance section. After that, you will need to get access to the maintenance Gondola.

Enter the nodes
Enter the nodes | Screenshot By eXputer

Ride the Gondola, and you will reach an area here. Keep an eye out for a maintenance locker room and as soon as you find one, interact with it. There you will find a bench with the Weighted Blades Weapon Upgrade on top. After that, you can access the elevator and go to the comms maintenance to fix the blast doors. 

 Now you will have all three upgrades of Plasma Cutter in Dead Space Remake. 

Getting The Plasma Cutter 

In case you don’t know how to get the Plasma Cutter, read our guide further and learn how you can access the deadly weapon. 

The best part about the Plasma Cutter is that the players won’t have to do much to get the weapon, as it is one of the first weapons that you acquire in the game. You will be able to access it during the first chapter after you exit the elevator. It will glow in a bright yellow color, and you need to interact with it in order to claim it. When you get out of the elevator, you need to head left to get the Plasma Cutter.

Dead Space Remake all Plasma Cutter Upgrades
Plasma Cutter | Screenshot By eXputer

It is definitely one of the most powerful weapons, and you can use it till the very end of the game without getting any other weapons. Even if you run out of ammo for the Plasma Cutter, you will still be able to use it as a melee weapon. Furthermore, the penetration power of the weapon is extremely high and it can deal massive amounts of damage to enemies at both long and short ranges. You will be able to counter Exploders, Slashers and even Drag Tentacles in a very efficient way by using Plasma Cutter as your main weapon. 

Wrapping It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on all the Plasma Cutter upgrades that you can get and how to unlock them. Don’t forget to check out our guide on the best weapons other than the Plasma Cutter and how to obtain them.

You can also check out our weapons tier list to see what weapon might be the most suitable for you in the long run. If you are curious about how long it takes to beat Dead Space Remake then don’t forget to check out our guide on it. You can also check out our guide on how to get a line gun which is another great weapon in the game. We have also formulated a guide on the complete voice cast of the game that you can check out.

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