Dead Space Remake Impossible Mod Tips and Tricks


The impossible mode in the Dead Space remake is aptly named. Getting through this extremely difficult mode is an ordeal and a half, and any help is greatly appreciated. That’s why we made this guide with all Dead Space Remake Impossible mod tips. Read these tips and add them to your memory before completing your trip. Impossible mode.

Key highlights

  • gave Impossible mode is the hardest mode. In Dead Space Remake, one-upping hard mode.
  • Impossible mode needs to be unlocked. Completing Hard Mode in advance
  • Complete impossible mode Rewards you with special weapons and rewards.

How to unlock impossible mode

The Impossible Mode menu screen in Dead Space Remake.
Impossible mode in the remake of Dead Space.

Like all Dead Space games, it has a plethora of game modes. Story, from easy, medium, hard, and then the infamous impossible mode. With the exception of the impossible mode, all other modes are already unlocked and quite easy to play. To unlock impossible mode first, we have included some details below.

Unlocking impossible mode itself is not an easy task. To unlock impossible mode you need to beat the game on hard mode first, which is already a hard mode. Isaac Clarke is already extremely fragile in hard mode, taking much more damage than usual.

When and if you make it out alive with this mod, congratulations, you’ve unlocked an even harder mode. Hard Mode is nothing compared to Impossible Mode, and you will be able to testify to that fact.

Play impossible mode

If you managed to unlock impossible mode, give yourself a pat on the back, not everyone gets to that point. The difference between hard and impossible mode isn’t very clear, but they make this mode ten times more difficult.

To begin with, autosave is automatically disabled, there’s no way to turn it on in impossible mode. Although the damage is still the same as in hard mode, you only have one shot in this mode. If you die while going through the mode, you’ll be reset to the beginning. That’s right, no need to start from the last checkpoint, head to the beginning in impossible mode. There are some ways to bypass this, but it’s cheating your way out.

When you beat the impossible mode, you’ll get some really cool rewards. First, you are awarded “untouchable“The achievement for completing the impossible mode, rightly so we’d say. In addition, you also get Burned. Suit And Hand cannonmore commonly known as Foam finger The gun

Dead Space Remake Impossible Mod Tips and Tricks

We have some tips that will help you in your journey through the realm of impossible mode. First, players are needed Use their Kinesis and Stasis liberally.and keep an eye on it Environmental hazards Never a bad thing, especially in impossible mode.

To even have a chance at this, you’ll need some good weapons to kill the Necromorphs before they kill you. Using these weapons will give you a fighting chance in impossible mode. Below is a complete list full of weapons and what advantages they will give you in beating the impossible mode.

Plasma cutter

Plasma cutter
Plasma Cutter (Image credit Exploder)

This gun is considered the best of the best in Dead Space Remake, leaving no enemy in sight when equipped with the Plasma Cutter. It outclasses every single weapon in terms of damage, a must have when you’re playing impossible mode. Check out our guide to building the best plasma cutter.

Line gun

Line gun
Line Gun (Image Credit Exploder)

Having the highest damage in the game, this is another must for impossible mode. The go-to weapon for all players, you can take out any enemy in front of you with just a few shots from the line gun. Read our guide on how to equip a line gun and keep it for yourself.

Force Gun

Compulsive entertainment
Force Gun (Image Credit Exploder)

The Force Gun is the weapon of choice for many players, primarily due to its ability to expose bones. Hitting any enemy with this gun instantly drops them to their knees, so you don’t have to worry about dying with this gun in hand, a great plus point for Impossible Mode.

Plus rifle

Plus rifle
Plus Rifle (Image Credit Exploder)

The pulse rifle is considered one of the most versatile weapons in the game. The gun has a high shot output, killing opponents in their tracks. It’s also capable of holding large amounts of ammo, so you won’t have to worry about reloading during combat.

Final thoughts

These are all the Dead Space Remake Impossible Mode tips we have, follow them, and we’re sure you’ll be able to survive. Before you continue playing Impossible Mode, check out our Dead Space Remake Weapons Tier List and Dead Space Remake Best Upgrades. Let us know in the comments below if you want more guides like this!


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