Dead Space Remake: How To Get The Stasis Module 


One of the most important combat weapons that have made a comeback in the Dead Space Remake is the Stasis Module. The best part about the weapon is that the players will be able to obtain it early in the game. It can be unlocked by progressing through the first chapter of the game. The players will be able to use it in an offensive as well as a defensive situation. 

Key Highlights

  • Stasis Module is a weapon in Dead Space Remake that slows down the enemy. 
  • It can be obtained during chapter 1 in the Tram Tunnel. 
  • The weapon can be upgraded by using the Prototype Stasis Module Upgrade, which is unlocked through the Premeditated Malpractice side mission. 
  • By using the best upgrades, the players can completely stun the enemy as well as electrocute them. 
  • Stasis Module is also upgraded by leveling up the Suit in Dead Space Remake. 

How To Get The Stasis Module 

As we mentioned before, the Stasis Module can be unlocked during the first chapter of the game. You will be able to find it inside a Tram Tunnel. But before that, you will have to complete the prologue and progress a bit.

Dead Space Remake Stasis Module and Prototype
Stasis Module (Image Credits eXputer)

Below you will see in detail how to get the Stasis Module and where to find it. 

Crashing In The Hangar Bay 

When the game first starts, you will see that Kellion will crash in the Hangar Bay. Here the players will begin their journey in the USG Ishimura while exploring the ship. You will follow the team and leave the ship and go straight ahead. After that, you need to look for a door in front of you.

Dead Space Remake Stasis Module 
Starting the journey (Image Credits eXputer)

There you will be able to obtain a text log. The Text Log is about a background check on Kendra Daniels and Isaac Clark.

After that, you just need to go back and jump with your team and make your way to the check-in station. Now you will have to enter the flight lounge nearby. Here you will learn the basics and also get a health bar.

Finding The Report

Now you will need to stick with Kendra and Hammond and make your way to a small room nearby. Here you will get a damage report that you can interact with. You would have to interact with the terminal in order to get the damage report for Hammond.

Dead Space Remake Stasis Module 
Finding the terminal (Image Credits eXputer)

After that, a quarantine will initiate. Here you will get the first look at your enemies in the game called Necromorphs. Now keep in mind you don’t have any weapons so you will need to run to your right and make your way to our door. You cannot fight Necromorph, so you will need to act fast. Run towards the hallway and go to the elevator in order to dodge the Necromorphs. 

Getting The Plasma Cutter 

Before you can get the Stasis Module, you will need to obtain the plasma cutter. You can do so by exiting the elevator and moving towards the left. Here you will see a small workstation with Plasma Cutter on it. Interact with it to equip the weapon. Make sure to smash or open any boxes that are lying nearby. These boxes have a lot of items for you to use in your future battles.

Dead Space Remake How To Get The Stasis Module 
Finding the Plasma Cutter (Image Credits eXputer)

You can also get a lot of ammo by smashing boxes. After that, you will see a glowing panel nearby that you can shoot. Doing so will open the door, and you will face your first enemy and again. Here a necromorph will attack you, and you need to kill it as quickly as you can. After the necromorph is dead, you will need to proceed further.  

After going through the door make your way to the hallway nearby. Here you will find yourself in a room called Tram Control Room. Here you will learn that the tram system is not online and there are shutters covering the windows. Furthermore, the tram car is also broken and needs instant repair.

To repair the tram car, you will have to replace it. You will also need a new Data Board for the tram car. Here you will also get a short tutorial on the location and how to use it. Now you just need to move ahead and make your way to the repair station for the tram cars. 

Finding The Stasis Module 

Finally, you will find yourself in a Tram Tunnel. Keep exploring the tunnel until you reach our door. The door will be opening and closing quickly, making it impossible for the players to move further.

Dead Space Remake How To Get The Stasis Module 
Going in the Tram Tunnel (Image Credits eXputer)

Here you will find a Stasis Module nearby. You can use the Stasis Module on the door to slow it down. Therefore, the major function of the Stasis Module will be to slow down any enemies or nearby objects including environmental hazards. In order to stop the door and slow it down, you just need to shoot your Stasis Module at it. 


In the Dead Space Remake, the upgrades of the Stasis Module have been revamped completely. The upgrades of the weapon will share the same tree as your Kinesis Module as well as your suit. It does not have its own separate upgrade path. Therefore you will be able to upgrade it by leveling up your kinesis Module and your suit. 

For the bench upgrade, you will require a different amount of nodes. For Stasis Duration you will need 5 nodes, for Stasis Energy you will need 3 Nodes, and for Stasis Zone you will also need 3 Nodes. 

You will be able to upgrade the Stasis Module in two ways. You can either get the Prototype Stasis Module or upgrade your suit. The Stasis Module prototype will not have an effect on any other equipment you currently have. it will just boost the effectiveness of the Stasis Module individually. 

Prototype Stasis Module 

The prototype Stasis Module is a weapon upgrade that you will be able to obtain by completing a side mission called Premeditated Malpractice. Below you will see how to get the upgrade in detail. 

How To Obtain 

In order to get the prototype Stasis Module, you will have to complete a side mission called the Premeditated Malpractice. The side mission is pretty easy to complete and won’t require much of your time. 

Scanning The Sample 

First, you need to go to the medical and enter the Main Lab. But before you start the mission, it is important to complete chapter 5 called Lethal Devotion. Furthermore, you will also have to freeze the Hunter Necromorph in order to progress further.

Getting the sample
Getting the sample (Image Credits eXputer)

You can use the Stasis Module and attack one of its legs to freeze him. Doing so will activate the Cyro Freeze in the room. After completing a chapter, you will begin the next chapter called Environmental Hazard. Now you need to look for a tissue sample where you froze the Hunter Necromorph. Doing so will start the side mission. The tissue sample you just obtained needs to be analyzed. You can do so by going to the main lab.

Using Analyzer

The main lab can be found at the medical tram station, and you can use the analyzer to see who the DNA belonged to. After you analyze it you will know that the DNA was of Brent Harris. He was a patient at the Ishimura after the mysterious events occurred.

Analyzing the sample
Analyzing the sample (Image Credits eXputer)

Now the analyzer will detect some RIG activity. The activity is in the intensive care unit, and you will need to make your way there. Here you will find a recording of doctor Mercer and Brent Harris.

You will learn that they were talking about markers teaching and the doctor will inject a substance into the patient’s brain. After that, you will get another rig activity in the Mining Sector. Make your way through the area and go to the mining tech. Here you will have to pass through some traps and look for a door. It will be labeled as Extraction Area.

Going To Hydroponics

Further ahead, you will come across oil storage that you will be able to enter. You can gather some loot here as well. Now you need to interact with a security terminal nearby that will be covered by some boxes. Here you will get to listen to another recording, and your objective will be updated.

Playing the audio log
Playing the audio log (Image Credits eXputer)

According to the newest objective, you will have to go back to the bridge in order to get our report. You can complete Chapter 7 first and then return to the bridge, but it entirely depends on how you want to progress. After going to the bridge, you need to head toward the Main Atrium.

Take a right here, and you will see a screen that you can interact with. It will play another recording of captain Matthews and Nicole.

The recording will tell you that Harris was taken to hydroponic. Now you need to head to the hydroponics and go toward the Flow Control. It will be located in a room near the Game Save Station. There will be an elevator nearby that you can use to go up. Here you will need to access the West Grow Chamber. Now make your way to the central elevator to go to the second floor and enter the Hydroponics Control. 

Finding The Prototype

The last step is to enter the Nutrition Systems Room. You can access it via the Diagnostic Lab. Here you will find another recording of doctor Mercer and Harris.

Completing the side mission
Completing the side mission (Image Credits eXputer)

By playing the recording, you will learn that Harris actually turned into the hunter necromorph. By the end of the recording, the side mission will be complete, and you will be able to get all the loot in the room. The Prototype Stasis Module will also be here on the workbench. 

Uses Of Prototypes Stasis Module 

While the Stasis Module will just slow down your enemies, the prototype Stasis Module upgrade will allow you to completely immobilize and stun your enemies for a period of time. Furthermore, you will also be able to deal damage over time as they will be electrified as soon as you used your Stasis Module on them.

Dead Space Remake Stasis Module location
Equipping the Stasis (Image Credits eXputer)

Therefore, the upgrade is way better than the slowdown effect that does no damage at all. The enemies will be rooted down at that spot, so you will get a chance to get away from them. While the effect lasts for a few seconds, it is enough to buy you some time to flank them or attack them without any chance of Incoming Damage. 

Keep in mind that the prototype Stasis Module will not unlock any additional bench upgrade for your suit. Therefore if you want to upgrade your Level 5 so to Level 6, then you will need the extra nodes.

The major difference between the upgraded Stasis Module and the Prototype Stasis Module is the particle effect it has. You will be able to see electric bolts when you use the prototypes to test this Module Upgrade. 

Suit Level Upgrade 

The players will be able to improve their Stasis Module by upgrading their Suit Levels as well. The Stasis Module will upgrade in duration, size, and energy depending upon the Upgrade Node as well as the suit you have currently equipped. Each of these suit levels is obtained by simply progressing through the main story. 

 The level one suit will be equipped by default; however, you will need credits to buy other suits. The level two suit can be accessed at the end of chapter one and be bought for 10,000 credits. For the level three suit, you will need 20,000 credits, and you will only be able to access it at the end of chapter four.

For the level 4 suit, you will need to spend 35000 credits, and it can be accessed in the equipment workshop in chapter seven. The level five suit will require 60,000 credits and can be accessed in chapter 10. The level six suit can be obtained in the new game plus by spending 99,000 credits. 

Uses Of Stasis Module 

The necromorphs might seem too bulky and do move around fast, but in fact, they are quite agile and be able to attack you in just a matter of seconds. In survival horror games like the Dead Space Remake, the resources matter a lot. And with hordes of enemies attacking you with not much ammunition to counter them, it can be quite hard to survive till the very end.

Dead Space Remake How to get Stasis Module and Prototype
Using the Stasis Module (Image Credits eXputer)

Therefore, it is important to have a piece of equipment that will help you immobilize and stun your enemies so you can get away.

The Stasis Module does just that. It will immobilize any enemy to use it, giving you a chance to run away. Therefore by using the Stasis Module, you will be able to freeze your enemies and deal damage to them without worrying about any incoming attacks. 

However, due to it being so powerful, you might not be able to use it a lot in battle. You will have to recharge it after some users, and it takes quite a lot of time. Therefore it is important only to use the Stasis Module when you feel like you’re in a critical situation and cannot afford to waste your ammunition. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on the Stasis Module in Dead Space Remake and how to obtain all of its upgrades. Don’t forget to check out our guide on schematic locations. You can also check out our guide on all side missions and how to unlock each of them.

We have also formulated a detailed guide on all plasma cutter upgrades in Dead Space Remake that you should check out. If you are playing on the hardest difficulty, then don’t forget to check out our guide on all the impossible mode rewards. To see some of the best weapons you can use alongside the Stasis Module, do check out our guide on it.  


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