Dead Space Remake: How to Get a Line Gun


The line gun in Dead Space Remake is one of them. The most powerful weapon, and kind of, you might say. The weapon is mainly used. miningAnd given that it is one wide beam slicer, This is according to the work. This leaves a Powerful beam that can cut through enemies like butter. And a laser trap as a secondary shooter, so it’s no wonder it’s a fan-favorite weapon. We are here to help you achieve. Line gun In the remake of Dead Space.

Key highlights

  • Line gun is one of them. The most powerful weapon in the Dead Space remakeboasting some of the best specs out there.
  • To find a line gun, you must be. Chapter 4 At the very least.
  • Fighting creatures like the fearsome Necromorphs requires a good weapon, and At such times a line gun comes in handy..
  • Gotta get the line gun. Two waysone A little more difficult than the other
  • Is There is no way to buy a lime gun in the store. So the only way is to find it in the game itself.
  • The line gun is best used. Clean up large herds of creatures..

Where to find a line gun in Dead Space Remake?

Setting the weapon apart from the others in Dead Space Remake, it’s the only way to access it from either Chapter 4: Annihilation is imminent. or Chapter 5: Fatal Devotion. The gun is also very well concealed, and normally that would be a problem, but not today. We’ve got you covered!

The process of obtaining Line gun It is exactly the same in both chapters. The only difference is that Chapter 5 will be a bit harder as you will encounter Hunters along the way. If you still haven’t reached chapter 5, it’s better to get the gun first and not face it. the hunter

A remake of Line Gun Dead Space
Line Gun in the Dead Space remake.

Chapter 4: Annihilation Is Near

Upon completion of the objective, “Lift the lockdown,” rotate to ER hallway Oh through emergency room. You will see a The surface 2 Security clearance door on your right; Get in there. Here you’ll find a line gun in the center of the room, with a few corpses and a bloody room around it.

Besides the obvious line gun, there will be some additional equipment that you should pick up. Specifically, there will be one Nodewhich can later be used to upgrade a weapon or even add a whole other weapon to your arsenal.

Chapter 5: Fatal Devotion

When you are accomplishing the goal”lift the lockdown,“You will come before Hunter.” Kill the Hunter, and continue past your side ER hallway Oh From emergency room. Upon reaching ER Hallway A, take a sharp right and turn down the corridor. On your way there, unlock. The surface 2 Security clearance door which comes to your right. There aren’t many doors here, so you shouldn’t miss it.

Once you have arrived. Stockpile of emergency equipment Room, you’ve moved yourself one step closer to getting a line gun in Dead Space Remake. Upon entering the room, you’ll find a bloody room and the corpse of a crew member, and smack dab in the middle, a line gun.

Where Line Gun is located in Dead Space Remake
Where to find a line gun?

Why use a line gun in a Dead Space remake?

If you are stuck in a tight spot with no apparent way out, all help is appreciated. In the latest Dead Space remake, Clark is in the same situation, looking for a way out. Although there are many weapons on the USG Ishimura that are suitable for fighting most things. Necromorphs Just need that light edge. This is where the line gun comes in handy.

The gun also allows you to chase enemies with the most power at all times. After learning about the gun’s capabilities, it’s no surprise that it’s the best thing to use against Necromorphs.

Final thoughts

That’s all there is to know about the Line Gun in Dead Space Remake, and after this guide, we hope we’ve given you all the wisdom. This is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, so proceed with caution. In the meantime, check out our guide on all Necromorphs in Dead Space Remake. It’s best to know who you’re up against. Let us know in the comments below if you want more guides like this!


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