Dead Space Remake: How To Find Peng Treasure


Dead Space Remake offers players countless treasures, items, loot, weapons, and more to explore and come across. With the main storyline progressing further, players can access the Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure, but they might have a bit of difficulty knowing just how players will be able to get their hands on it! 

Key Highlights  

  • The peng treasure is a missable item that players are able to skip past if they are not careful about how they approach it. 
  • Players need to progress throughout the main storyline and need to clear the first ten chapters before they make it to chapter 11, where they will be able to come across the treasure. 
  • Players need to start off by heading towards the Tram Station Hall area. 
  • The peng treasure is present inside the Cargo Bay room, where players need to take a lift down from the right side of the room. 
  • Players will also need to use their Kinesis in order to move a few boxes that are blocking the lockers in which the Peng Treasure is located. 
  • The treasure can be sold off in order to grant the players a total of 30000 credits which can be used for future purchases. 
  • Upon achieving the Peng treasure, players are also able to unlock the There’s Always Peng! The trophy is otherwise unachievable. 
  • While on the hunt for the peng treasure, players will also encounter enemies like the Exploders, which they will need to take out. 
  • The best way to approach the Exploders is to stay at a safe distance from them and continue to shoot at their weak spot, which is the sac that is present on their left arm. 
  • The main benefit of getting your hands on the peng treasure is that you will be able to sell it off to the store to attain some credits! There really isn’t any other use for the peng treasure except to be sold off. 

Peng Treasure Location 

Hangar Cargo Tram Control
Hangar Cargo Tram Control (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first things players need to remember is that the Peng Treasure is an item that is quite possibly extremely easy to miss. Not only is it in a hidden location, but other than that, players can skip through it without realizing that they are too far gone, and then they cannot make their way back to the point where they could’ve gotten it. 

Nonetheless, another thing that players should know is that you can only get your hands on it once you manage to reach chapter 11. Before that, there was no other way to get it, and it’s only available at a certain point in chapter 11. 

  • After you’ve managed to make your way to the Hangar Cargp- Tram Control area, players can open up a screen that can show them the inside of the tram and an overview of the tram. Other than that, on the screen, we are also able to take note of four icons that are present on the left side of the screen, them ranging from current position, locked station, main objective, and side objective. 
  • Right beneath the screen, there is a line on which players can take note of the navigate button. 
  • With that, players can click on activate, which allows the screen t showcase their current station, and as mentioned before, it is the Hangar-Cargo-Tram Control. 

After exiting, players can see that the screen they were viewing was the Ishimura Tram System. Right beside the tram system, on the left side of the board, there are other posters that players can take a look at, one of them being a poster that is A4 sized and it is beige-mint colored and says something along the lines of “Service” on it. 

  • After that has been done, players can make a U-turn, instantly met with a beige wall with a few wordings and signatures that can be read with ease. 
  • On the left side of the place where the signatures have been noted are metal bars and metal embeddings inside the wall. There is also a metal bar that people can hang on to as they type in a tram
  • Right beside it, players can take note of the tram door, and besides it, players can also see the various posters placed towards the left side of the door, where there are also sitting places for passengers. Players want to go ahead and face the door through which they are to head out then. 

Heading Out The Door 

After players can make their way out of the door, they are introduced to a bigger open area. Moving a few feet infront of the door, players can take note of the floor, and there is a thick line that players can see, with the writing that says “DECK” on it. 

  • The wordings repeat themselves across the line, and behind the line, there is an open area that players can access, and if players move an inch or two across the line and take a look at the left end of the line, they can take note of a stand that has two screens that are placed on top of it. 
  • One screen is placed about 4-5 inches above the stand, and the screen is also curved and has an orange line that runs across the bottom of the screen, while there are also texts written in the middle of the screen, and then there is another orange light that is running across the top bezel of the screen. 
  • Above that, there are about 1-2 inches of space on the screen before the next screen starts, and it is a repetition of the screen mentioned below. 
  • Moving right across, towards the far left of the room, there is yet another screen that players can take note of. If players look right above them, they can look at the lights illuminating the room, but the rest of the room is dark. 
  • Moving right infront of the deck line, players are also able to take a look at another building that has glass panels that have been placed on it, and there are metal grills and bars that are present both at the top and the bottom of the glass panels. Right on top of the glass panels, there is a text that is placed on the very top that says “Flight,” and orange lights illuminate the writing. 

Checking The Map 

With that, players are also highly advised to open up their map and see where they are currently present and where they need to move. 

  • Currently, if they open up their maps, they can note that they are present in an area that has been highlighted as being pastel green on the map, which is in the shape of a large rectangle. 
  • Towards the right of that, two lines can be highlighted as pastel green too, where players need to move towards. 
  • There is then a sharp right turn that players need to take that is displayed on the map, and then payers will be able to access an even bigger area that is a cut-off rectangle and a long hallway to the ride of the map. 

Moving Towards Tram Station Hall 

Tram Station Hall
Tram Station Hall (Image Credits Exputer)

After closing the map, players want to go ahead and pan their cameras toward the two screens we mentioned before. 

  • And if players start to steer a bit to the right, they can move a bit further instead, and they can see a door that has a sign above it that has the words displayed “store,” and it is written in white text and the entire sign is illuminated orange. 
  • Towards the right of the store, there is a door with a light shining directly on it. There is yet another door that is present to the far right of the room, and players can see that it is placed by it turning to the right, and it has a white light that is shining directly infront of the player. 
  • Players don’t need to go onwards to the room that is present on the far right of the room. Instead, all they need to do is to move ahead a few feet. 
  • Right infront of them, they will be able to see a door that is a bit shorter compared to the other room entrances. The door will have two metal bars that can indicate the player is at the right place on the right side of the door. 
  • On the door itself, players can see a dark green sign placed right on top of the door, with a white arrow pointing up, and right beside the arrow, there is a tram symbol placed inside a pastel green rectangle. The words “Tram Station Hall” have been placed beside it, and there are more words written beneath. 
  • On the door itself, players can also see the open button that can be interacted with by clicking on X on a controller or E on a PC, and players need to go ahead and wait until the door has been fully retracted. 

Going Into Tram Station 

Once players have managed to open the doors, it is time to run through the hallway

  • The hallway, which leads further into the hallway, is extremely dark, with practically no lighting. 
  • On the roof, there are metal bars that can be noticed by the players, while there are also grates that run between them, and there are also pipelines that can be seen running across the entire roof of the hallway. 
  • In the middle of the hallway, there is an orange light placed towards the middle of the roof, dimly illuminating the middle of the room in a central spot, and there is no light except there. 
  • Right as you enter the hallway, you can see that towards the left and right side of the walls (I’m in your walls), there are metal bars running across, and there is also grated metal placed on the wall. 
  • Heading a few feet deeper into the hallway reveals a green vertical sign that is quite tall that hangs towards the right side of the wall, and right at the bottom of the sign, payers can see a white arrow that is pointing to the left side and the arrow is placed in a circle. 
  • Behind the green sign, there is also a visible door that is unlocked, but players don’t need to head inside it at all. Moving a few feet infront of the green sign, there is a box that has a camera symbol on it, and there is a text that says “Save Station” on it, and players can save their progress here not to lose sight of it. 

There is another hallway that cuts into if you turn corners from the save station, and it is a few feet from the corner. 

  • Towards the end of the hallway, players can notice a door that is unlocked and can be opened, and on top of the door, there is a sign that says “Cargo Bay,” indicating that the door will further lead into the cargo bay. 

Going Into The Cargo Bay 

Cargo Bay
Cargo Bay (Image Credits Exputer)

As soon as the door opens and leads further into the Cargo Bay, players can see a massive storage area. 

  • As soon as you enter, you can see a yellow item that is placed towards the right of the player, while there is a large open area that is present infront of the player. 
  • As soon as your go in, players will also get a screen popup that says that they ended up completing any objective called “Reach the cargo bay,” and underneath that, they can see whether they want to view the complete mission view. 
  • Towards the right side of the room, there is a lift on which the players need to stand, and it starts to take them down. When it stops, players need to turn around. 

There are quite a few boxes that are placed infront, and players can easily use their Kinesis in order to lift them up and throw them to the side. 

  • Use your Kinesis to pull one box towards you and let it go when it reaches a bit towards your left side. Do the same with the second box too. 
  • Once the boxes have been removed, players can note the area that is now in front of them. 

Getting The Peng Treasure 

Lockers (Image Credits Exputer)

In the open area, there is a box that is present on a yellow trolly, and there are two lockers that are placed towards the left side of the room. There is also a dead body placed with the left locker, and there is tons of blood that is splattered on the floor. 

  • Open the locker, and on one of the shelves, players can see the peng placed on it; players can easily pick it up, and they have managed to obtain it successfully. 

After getting the Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure, players will get an achievement and can decide to sell it to get 30000 credit

Peng (Image Credits Exputer)

Enemies To Look Out For 

While players are trying to get their hands on the peng, there is one enemy that players might be able to encounter whenever they are traversing around the area. 

  • The enemy is the Exploder, and as the name suggests, it has been described to be a necromorph; they will typically place their main focus on exploding whenever they target you as the player (think Creeper in Minecraft), and it can cause absolutely disastrous damage to players. 
  • If they end u appearing near the player and you don’t have your guard up, then there is a major chance that they can end up blowing you away and can instantly kill you. 
  • Usually, players are able to encounter enemies like these in Chapter 12, Chapters 11, 10, 9,8,7, and even chapter 6. 

The best way that players should approach the Exploders is to simply not do it.

  • Players need to ensure that they stay as far away from the Exploders as possible, and since they end up exploding, the second you approach them, the further away, the better. This is one of the biggest ways that you can protect your HP and the best way that you should be going about it. 
  • The enemy will have its weak spot be the sac that is present on the left arm, and players can use any ranged weapon or gun in order to shoot at it if they ever end up encountering the Exploder


And there we have it; all there is to know about how to get the Dead Space Remake Peng Treasure, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! If you are one of the daring players who are willing to play the Impossible Mode, you should read up on our Dead Space Remake Impossible Mode Tips And Tricks guide, which will cover a lot of helpful information regarding the mode! While you’re at it, if you’ve been on the search for the Marker Fragments, then why not check out our Dead Space Remake Marker Fragment Locations guide?

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