Dead Space Remake: How to Find a Report on the Bridge


A remake of Dead Space Is Extended Experiment by adding supplementary questions to the equation. gave A premeditated misdemeanor Side quests require Issac. Report on the bridge During the investigation Dr. Mercer’s Experiments

Key highlights

  • I A premeditated misdemeanor Side quests open at the beginning Chapter 6, Isaac is to do Find a report on the bridge As part of the mission objective.
  • found in the report Consolation by the correct After entering Bridge, located in gave Main Atrium.
  • After interacting with the report, a hologram Nicole And Captain Mathis Will start talking.
  • When they are done,Find the report on Bridge” The objective will be accomplished in the remake of Dead Space.
  • After that, you can proceed Next goal Looking for this side.

How to find the report on the bridge in Dead Space Remake

Finding the report on the bridge A premeditated misdemeanor Side quests can be a bit confusing for some players. Here’s how to unlock it. Side search And find the report on the bridge.

  • Players can start. A premeditated misdemeanor Side search at the beginning of Chapter 6 While communicating with Hunter’s tissue sample.
  • Combat requires players to communicate with voice. Reports Which explains more about his condition. Brent Harris, who is the hunter
  • After discussion with Reports I ore deposit, The next objective will unlock.
  • Players will know that the final report is on the bridge..
  • can be found at Console on the right After entering Bridge I Main Atrium.
  • For your convenience, we have marked Correct location On Map below
How to find a report on Bridge Dead Space Remake
Location of the report on the bridge Photo by us
  • After discussion with consolation, A hologram of Nicole And Captain Mathis The conversation will begin.
  • Also, once their conversation ends, “Find Report on Bridge” The goal will be completed.


Dead Space is one of the most popular and beloved survival horror games of all time. The Dead Space remake captures the eerie sci-fi essence that made the original Dead Space a cult classic more than a decade ago. It has established itself as one of the greatest horror experiences up there with the likes of Resident Evil 4, with its enhanced visuals, crisp sound effects, and A terrible enemy.

And there you have it; With our guide on how to find the report on the bridge in Dead Space Remake, you will be able to complete this confusing objective easily and enjoy this side quest to the fullest.

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