Dead Space Remake: How Long To Be Defeated [Answered]


The Dead Space remake is a complete overhaul of the original critically acclaimed survival horror that was released in 2008. The developers have stuck to the original source material while adding more content to the game which makes the Dead Space remake a longer game. Game length compared to the original.

Key highlights

  • The Dead Space Remake contains Total. 12 main story chapters with additional supplementary questions.
  • New players will be around average. 15 hours Beat Dead Space on Normal difficulty.
  • Players who have played the actual game will have an average. 11-12 hours To beat the remake.
  • Players who want to go. 100% successes A total investment of Rs. 30 hours Average in Dead Space remake.

Dead Space Remake Game Length

Dead Space Remake Game Length
Dead Space Remake Endgame (Photo courtesy of us)

Dead Space Remake is a linear game driven by narrative and features Total 12 chapters that players need to beat to complete the game. However, with the addition of new content, the game is known as the main ship USG Ashmura Now filled with more areas that players can explore. This basically increases the total length of the game.

The main story

If you haven’t played the original game, the Dead Space remake will be average around. 15 hours If you focus entirely on the main story of the game without doing any of the side missions. However, players who have played the original game can almost beat the remake. 11-12 hours.

Girard The Completionist is known on Twitter for all the achievements in the game he plays. And he even mentions it in one of his own. Tweets That he took it 17-18 hours To beat the remake of Dead Space on normal difficulty where he played the game casually and collected the collectibles he could find in the game while completing side missions.

In the end, the length of the game really depends on how the player decides to play Dead Space Remake. Various factors, including difficulty options, dealing with side content, and actual gameplay, will have an overall effect on the length of the game.

100% completion

Most of the players will end up averaging around 30 hours To achieve all the achievements offered by Dead Space Remake. Depending on your skill level, you will have to play the game at least 2 times and it can easily go up to 4 depending on how you tackle some trophies. The additional content in this game compared to the original will be revealed when you decide to go for the 100% completion of Dead Space Remake.

Chapter length remake of Dead Space

Dead Space Remake has a total of 12 chapters that you can play through. Each of these chapters will be around an hour. However, there are some chapters that are as short as 30 minutes while other chapters are as long as 90 minutes. Following are the chapters of Dead Space Remake.

  • Chapter 1 – The Newcomers
  • Chapter 2 – Intensive care
  • Chapter 3 – Course Correction
  • Chapter 4 – Annihilation Is Near
  • Chapter 5 – Fatal Devotion
  • Chapter 6 – Environmental Hazards
  • Chapter 7 – Into the Void
  • Chapter 8 – Search and Rescue
  • Chapter 9 – Dead on Arrival
  • Chapter 10 – The End of Days
  • Chapter 11 – Alternative Solutions
  • Chapter 12 – Dead Space

We will discuss the minor details of these chapters, including the time required to beat each of them, however, there will be some spoilers, So beware!

Chapter 1 – Newcomers (50-60 minutes)

Lesson #1 Mostly introduces the game’s main story and gives Issac his first main weapon called the Plasma Cutter which he uses to fight against the Necromorphs in Dead Space Remake. You’ll mostly find Ishimura and audio logs during the first chapter. However, there is one puzzle In the first chapter that covers fixing. Tram.

Chapter 2 – Intensive Care (70-80 minutes)

Chapter 2 Will join more of Ishimura’s quests and get another weapon in the game. You’ll also have to fight some Necromorphs in the Dead Space remake. The main focus of this chapter is to gain access to security level 1 clearance so that you can gain access to it Central command center As a ship, Isaac can no longer disembark from Ishimura.

Chapter 3 – Course Optimization (70-80 minutes)

Chapter 3 I begin with a problem Ishimura’s engine Which Issac will need to fix. In the process, you will also get hands on. Ripper and Flamethrower Weapons in the game. Additionally, this chapter will also contain a puzzle involving generator modules.

Chapter 4 – Extinction is Near (50-60 minutes)

Chapter 4 Will include one of the most powerful weapons in the game that Issac can acquire and is known as Contact Beam.. In addition, you will also need to calibrate Asteroid Defense System Cannons This chapter will also cover upgrading your security clearance to Level 2. Finally, a side mission It will also open it up, which you can tackle in Chapter 4.

Chapter 5 – Fatal Devotion (50-60 minutes)

Chapter 5 Includes a boss fight where you have to defeat. the hunter In the remake of Dead Space. You will find another weapon in the process known as Line gun Basically in the game, you have to defeat a boss and fix Ishimura’s air production system in Chapter 5.

Chapter 6 – Environmental Hazards (70-80 minutes)

Chapter 6 The remake of Dead Space has a long chapter, in which you need to kill Necromorphs wheezing In the game these guys are responsible for poisoning the air in the sector, and you need to kill eight of them to gain access to Ishimura’s food storage. You will also get hands on. Force Gun In this chapter. Finally, there is a boss battle with Leviathan At the end of the chapter

Chapter 7 – Into the Void (80-90 minutes)

Chapter 7 Will make Issac visit the mining deck so he can grab the SOS beacon. You will also get Security Level 3 Clearance Also in the process. Finally, you have to place the SOS beacon on an asteroid and then launch the asteroid into space.

Chapter 8 – Search and Rescue (40-50 minutes)

Chapter 8 Will focus on fixing the Ishimura’s communication system so you can contact other ships for help. You’ll also need to solve a puzzle in this chapter so you can fix the comms. Finally, you also have to finish Leviathan remains.

Chapter 9 – Dead on Arrival (30-40 minutes)

Chapter 9 Dead Space is one of the smaller chapters in the main story of the remake. The main purpose of this chapter is to get your hands on The Singularity Core Which is what Isaac needs. The core will be used to repair the escape shuttle in the game.

Chapter 10 – The End of Days (70-80 minutes)

Chapter 10 will force you to fight against the Hunter again, and there will be two more encounters. You’ll need to escape the Hunter first to destroy it. tendrils. You will then face Hunter in the final battle where you will finally be able to kill him in Dead Space Remake.

Chapter 11 – Alternative Solutions (50-60 minutes)

Chapter 11 The second is the last chapter of the game, and it requires you to move a marker that you received in the previous chapter. At the end of the chapter, Isaac takes control of a shuttle that he will use to transport the Marker.

Chapter 12 – Dead Space (80-90 minutes)

Chapter 12 Dead Space is the final chapter of the main story of the remake. You will enter the colony and have to move the marker to its original location to completely destroy the Necromorphs. The chapter itself is pretty tough, so be prepared before going into it.


Dead Space was originally hailed as one of the best survival horror games in 2008. And the remake managed to deliver an even more immersive experience than the original game. Everything that was good about the original has been carried over into the remake, and there is additional content in both story and gameplay. Both old time fans and new players will surely enjoy this game.

This concludes our guide on Game Length of Dead Space Remake and the total time it takes players to beat the game and complete it 100%. We have not only included the overall length of the game, but the individual playtimes of each chapter have been mentioned in full detail.

We hope the guide was helpful to know about the gameplay time of Dead Space Remake. Let us know if you’re enjoying playing the remake of one of the best survival horror games in the comments below!


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