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Dead Space Remake has a few weapons that players can equip and use throughout their battles, and players might need to get their hands on the Dead Space Remake Force Gun but might not know where the exact location might be. Therefore, players might need help figuring out the location, the stats, and upgrades for the gun! 

Key Highlights  

  • Dead Space Remake players can take in hand the Force Gun, which is amongst the several other weapons available in the game. 
  • Players will need to have progressed at least all the way to chapter 6 of the main storyline before they are able to access the areas where the gun is present. 
  • There is going to be a Seedling Room A where players can get access through a main hallway, and by crossing it, access can be granted. 
  • Players need to have security clearance level 2 in order to access the area where the gun is located, and players can get the level 2 clearance by progressing to chapter 4 of the game and meeting Hammond in the Captain’s Nest. 
  • The Force Gun has three upgrades, them ranging from Subsonic Oscillator, Suspension Module, and Gravitic Amplifier. 
  • The Subsonic Amplifier will grant players the ability to cause damage over time while using the Force Gun. 
  • To get the Suspension Module, players need to progress to chapter 11 of the game, and the main effect of the upgrade is that it makes the Gravity Well last longer. 
  • To increase the radius of Gravity Wells, the Gravitic Amplifier can be accessed in chapter 10. 
  • The main benefit of knowing how to get the Force Gun will be that players will be able to use it in combat. 

Force Gun Location 

Force Gun
Force Gun (Image Credits Exputer)

When it comes to getting their hands on the Force Gun, players can get it whenever they end up reaching chapter 6 of the main storyline, and it is a weapon that players will probably get in the end since the other weapons can be obtained pretty early on such as in chapters 1 through 5. 

  • Starting, players are advised to be in a hallway when they are completing the sixth chapter of the game. 
  • The hallway itself can be recognized with a few key features in it. One of the main key features will be that the entire hallway floor will be made with a rustic metal material, allowing the footsteps to clink when walking. 
  • Another key giveaway is that two distinct walls separate the hallway from looking exactly similar. Towards the right side of the hallway, the right wall has white/off-white paint done on it, and there is a thick line that runs through the middle of the paint, while there is a little gap before the thinner line starts to run across the paint. 
  • To the point where the lines start, the bottom of the right wall is demolished, with signs of severe wear and tear, with the paint being chipped and a lot of dirt covering the lower half of the right wall. 
  • Now, towards the left side of the wall, there are tons of glass panels everywhere, and there are about 2-3 doors or longer windows that are made of glass, with there also three grey/black colored lines that are running through the bottom of the glass panel of each door/window. 

Moving Forward Into The Hallway

Players want to start going forward, and as they are going forward across the hallway, they can move a few feet before taking a look toward the right side of the wall, where there is yet another appearance of the wall that we mentioned before, with the same dirt, wear and tear, and the same off-white painting. 

  • One thing that players might note is that towards the right end of the wall, there is a tube light that is placed right on the high side of the wall, illuminating an etching on the wall below. 
  • Right below the tube light is writing that says “SR 1,” and then the same wall continues going downwards. 
  • Whenever players are going across the hallway, they can take note of the open area infront of them. The hallway turns to the right after the right wall ends; however, another area is in the front. 
  • Right across from the place where players can see the SR1 etching, another wall that is also broken down can be seen, with the same thick and thin lines running across from it, and instead of the SR 1, there is a writing that says” SR 2”. 
  • Towards the left of the SR2 etching, there is another continuation of the wall with a square painting on top of it. 

Seedling Room A

Seedling Room A
Seedling Room A (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, as players make their way across the hallway, they can take note of the SR2 etching; besides that, there are more things to take note of. 

  • Right beside the SR2 etching is a metal door that seems extremely futuristic, and a small grating runs through the middle of the door. 
  • Right on top of the door, there is a tube light that is shining down light on it, and on top of the door, there is also a dark-green sign that has a white arrow that is pointing upwards, but it will be indicating that players are to head inside the room. 
  • Alongside that, there is also a small pastel green colored rectangle to the right of the white arrow, which displays the drawing of a small seedling sprouting from the earth. 
  • Right beside that, there is going to be a writing that says “Seedling Room A,” and right below the writing, there is another saying that says “Welcome to Ishumura.” Right in the middle of the door, there is a blue circle with a longer rectangle running across it, and it allows players to interact with the door. 
  • By clicking on E on the PC, players can open up the door, and by doing that, the metal door will end up sliding to the left of it and latching up close. 

Going Into The Room 

With this, players can also read further into the room. 

  • Going inside Seedling Room A, players are instantly able to take note of the different plants that have been planted there and the different lights that are also present there. 
  • Right infront of the main entrance into the room, there is also a giant maintenance system, while there are also pipelines running down the room, with giant dents embedded in them. 
  • There are also giant lights illuminating the entire room, specifically ones that are present towards the far end. 
  • Besides one of the pipelines, players can take note of a few dead bodies that are present, either dead bodies or monster corpses that are rotting away, and there is a hell of a lot of blood pooling down at the base of the pipelines. 
  • Right towards the right side of the room, players can take note of a Force Energy that they can get their hands on. And right beside it, the Dead Space Remake Force Gun will also be ready to pick up. ‘

How To Get Clearance Level 2 

Now, before they can go any further, one thing that players will need to know is that they need to have unlocked security clearance 2 to get their hands on the Force Gun. one of the main reasons for that is that the area in which the gun is present is only accessible after gaining level 2 clearance. Therefore, let’s see how players can get level 2 clearance. 

Level 1 

To get the level 1 clearance, players need to get their hands on the Captain’s Rig, where they have the objective called “Retrieve the Captain’s Rig.” 

  • Players start by being infront of a few boxes, whereby they can track the objective, indicating that players need to move past the boxes to progress further. Players can move the boxes to the left. 
  • There are two rows of boxes, and the way to go ahead is that players first use Kinesis to move the first row of boxes to the left, then move in between the second row of boxes and then move the first row back to their original spot. 
  • Then with the second row of boxes, players can push it along and move it further along the back. 
  • Track your path again, and it will tell the player that they need to start heading up, which you can do with ease. This is where an officer says, “Don’t let them out!”. 

Players need to head into the Security Station as the tracker says, but it ends up locked. 

  • Head into the room, which has a security officer leaning against the left side of the door, and she can be heard murmuring something along the lines of “they all came back..” there will be a few collectibles to get there. 
  • There is a small table that allows the station to open up, and the wall will end up folding forward, and a trail appears infront of you. Go into the Security Station
  • Use Kinesis to move the boxes around and continue heading into the Security station. 

After that, players need to get their hands on a Hydrazine tank and shock pad, and they need to find the Captian’s body, kill the captain and then get the rig

Level 2 

Now, to get the level 2 clearance, players need to move to chapter 4, where they will need to simply go through the first objective, which is to “Meet Hammond in the Captain’s Nest.

  • The second players can meet Hammond there; they will attain level 2 clearance. 

Force Gun Upgrades 

Moving on, let’s look at the different upgrades players can get for the Force Gun and where they are located. 

Subsonic Oscillator 

Subsonic Oscillator
Subsonic Oscillator (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off with the Subsonic Oscillator, it is the first upgrade that players can use to up the performance of their Force Gun, and the main effect of the upgrade is that the Gravity Wells will now end up causing DoT or damage over time. 

  • After players unlock the Force gun, they can bring it over to any bench they can find, and there is an upgrade written at the bottom of the screen. 
  • The writing says, “Bring this part towards the bench in order to extend the upgrade path and obtain a special upgrade,” and it refers to the Subsonic Oscillator while saying that. 
  • After clicking on the gun, a screen appears on the player’s screen, giving them the option to upgrade their force gun, and it will cost a total of 12000 credits to unlock it. 
  • After clicking on accept, the upgrade ends up being applied to the Force Gun and can be used whenever required. 

Suspension Module 

Suspension Module
Suspension Module (Image Credits Exputer)

The next upgrade to the Dead Space Remake Force Gun is the Suspension module, which provides the player with the effect of making the Gravity Wells a lot more long-lasting than it already is. Players need to have made it through to chapter 11 to get the Suspension Module.m

  • Players need to start by being near a place where they are standing behind a giant line that runs across the floor, and it is lit up with the words “Flight Deck.” And right infront of the flight deck writing, tons of glass panels are illuminated with yellow lights
  • On top of the glass panels is even more writing that says “flight deck” and is illuminated with a warm orange light
  • From there, players need to pan their cameras to the left to start making their way forward. 

There is a giant open area that players can go towards, and two doors lead into separate rooms. 

  • Players want to keep to their left and head toward the door that is present right across from them. 
  • When they get close to it, they will be able to read the sign on the door. There is a dark green sign with a white arrow pointing up, and a tram symbol is placed towards the right of the white arrow, and the symbol itself is present in a green pastel color. 
  • Besides the tram symbol, players can also take note of another writing that says “Tram Station Hall.” On the door, there is an option that allows the players t interact with the door, and the door itself is unlocked, ready for the player to enter it. 
  • Let the door slide fully up, and you are introduced to a dark narrow halfway that is completely dark save the one light in the middle of the hallway illuminating a certain part of it. 
  • Start running through the middle of the hallway, and you will encounter a light green sign with a white arrow pointing to the left. Players want to continue heading forward from the sign. 
  • There is a sharp right turn that layers can take from the sign not too far ahead, where there is a door that says “To Cargo Bay.” Let the door open up and latch up before entering inside. 
  • Right as you enter the room, a lift is placed towards the far right of the room, and players can get on top of it. Standing on the platform, interact with the machine to have it take you down. 
  • As you go down, you enter an even large cargo area, where you need to head straight forth, and you can find a master override chest, which can be unlocked and contains the Suspension Module for the Dead Space Remake Force Gun

Gravitic Amplifier 

Gravitic Amplifier
Gravitic Amplifier (Image Credits Exputer)

The third upgrade that players can get for the Force Gun is the Gravitic Amplfier, and it works in a way whereby players are able to have a larger Gravity Wells radius. It will be found whenever players reach chapter 10 of the main storyline.

  • Players need to start off by being in the crew quarters, and they should be present in a room where they are able to see a door in the distance. 
  • Upon getting closer to it, players are able to take note of the door, and there is a dark green sign on top of it that says “To Deluxe Quarters,” right in the middle of the door, players can take note of the buttons that allow them to interact with it. 
  • There is an option that says “open?” and players can click on it to open it. Let the door slide all the way up before entering the room. 
  • From here, you are introduced to an even larger room, and players need to head deeper in before they are able to make a turnaround, and on the ground, there will be plasma energy that they can pick up as well if they wish to do so. 
  • Right to the right of that, the door to the Consultant Suites shows up, and players need to head inside. Steer a bit to the right and keep heading in deeper until you can unlock another door that leads you further in. 
  • The Gravtiic Amplfier will be present on a table right on the edge of a wall. 


Other than the upgrades, let’s take a look at the nodes that are present for the Dead Space Remake Force Gun

  • Capacity: 7 nodes 
  • Rate of Fire: 3 nodes 
  • Damage: 7 nodes 
  • Reload Time: 3 nodes 
  • Specials: 3 nodes

As for the stats, they are listed as follows: 

  • Damage: 100 points
  • Rate of Fire: 60 rpm 
  • Capacity: 5 
  • Reload Time: 2.50 seconds 


And there we have it! All that players need to know about the Dead Space Remake Force Gun, and with that, we will wrap up our Dead Space Remake Force Gun guide! Apart from this, players should also read up on our Dead Space Remake Armor Upgrades Locations guide will showcase where all the upgrades for armor pieces are located and how players can access them! 

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