Dead Space Remake: Everything We Know So Far


Dead Space (2023) Is The remake The famous Dead Space (2008). The Dead Space remake is one. Horror third person shooter game. Being developed by the game Stimulus Published by and Electronic Arts. Motive is the same studio that created the original Dead Space (2008).

Moreover, they have created the rest as well. Dead Space Series And Mass Effect Series. Dead Space is a critically acclaimed horror game. Most horror game enthusiasts are extremely excited about the remake. This is because most horror game fans love Dead Space. This is also the reason. Callisto protocol Much hyped because it was too similar to Dead Space. Here’s everything we know about the Dead Space remake so far.

Key highlights

  • Dead Space (2023) is coming. A remake of the original Dead Space (2008).
  • Will be in the remake. Same setting As original but will Make it better And make it more immersive.
  • There will be gameplay and combat. New features And Additions Which will make the players experience more enjoyable.
  • The story of the Dead Space remake will be the same as the original but some additions will be added to improve the story.
  • Some of the key differences include Full access to Voice of Issac, USG Ishimura, new rooms, routes and challenges, zero-gravity sections with full 360-degree control, improved body physics and animations, and Intensity Director

The setting for the remake of Dead Space

Inside USG Ishimura

The Dead Space remake, like its original, is set. 2508. In 2508, humanity is at risk of extinction due to scarce resources. Humanity cannot survive for long due to lack of resources. A company named Synergy Extraction Corporation Step up to help humanity. Build a spaceship named USG Ashmura.

USG Ishimura is a ship that is used. Get resources from other planets.. Ishimura is the main setting of Dead Space Remake. It is a huge spaceship that is mainly involved in mining large chunks of planets. These fragments are then used to extract any useful resource for the survival of humanity. Aegis VII There is also an area that players can access, but this is only for the last chapter of the game.

Players must travel as our protagonist. Isaac Clarke By Ishimura to fix it. There are many levels in Ishimura, each with a different level design. The Dead Space remake has a few more rooms for players to explore. Some of them actually require some new gameplay mechanics to access, which we’ll talk about later.

Gameplay and combat

Dead Space War
Issac is using his plasma cutter to fight a necromorph.

As we know, Dead Space Remake is a remake of the original game, so it stays true to the original design. While sticking to the original, they have added many new mechanics. is a remake of Dead Space. The same third-person shooter game as Dead Space (2008).. This is a survival horror, so players must use their limited resources to avoid various monsters and complete the objectives to progress in the story.

However, other survival horror combat is slightly different. The enemies in the game are called Necromorphs. These Necromorphs cannot be killed by shooting them in the head. The primary weapon used is called a. Plasma cutter. It is a mining tool and can cut anything. To kill enemies, players must Cut off their limbs first. After cutting the limbs, you can stop at the ends to crush and kill them.

Also, there are a few types of Necromorphs, but each has limbs that the player must cut off in order to kill them. So players must be quick on their feet and remove them before they attack you. There are a few more weapons to use to kill enemies. But since Dead Space Remake is a survival horror, you need to keep resource usage to a minimum. You can also use kinesis to fight enemies, but it’s not as effective as weapons.

The story of the remake of Dead Space

The Dead Space Story
Issac picking up a plasma cutter in a cutscene.

According to EA’s official websitewe know that the Dead Space remake has a story. Same as original. It makes clear that the new gameplay will also broaden the perspective of the story. But no one will make a remake. Important changes Up to the original story and will provide the same experience to the players with better graphics and better gameplay.

The story of Dead Space begins when USG Ishimura encounters technical problems and gets stuck in space. To solve this problem, they send out a distress beacon. In response, a team mounted. USG Killian To determine the cause of the problem. The team consists of Isaac Clarke, Kendra Daniels, Zach Hammond, Chen, and Johnston. Issac Clarke The main character Dead Space’s and only playable character.

In addition to being part of the repair team, Issac has a girlfriend named Nicole Brennan Aboard the USG Ishimura. Isaac also undertakes this task to meet her. But what he didn’t know was that once he climbed the Ishimura, he would be greeted by undead creatures called Necromorphs. The story will continue from there, following Isak and the events that transpired, revealing the truth behind Ishimura and the Necromorphs.

The story will remain the same as previously mentioned, but the changes will give players a A new perspective. Supporting role Which had no effect on the original will now get more screen time. These side characters will give us more. In-depth explanation of the Knowledge of the game And make the overall story much more interesting and immersive.

Developers and Publishers

The remake of Dead Space is being produced by him. The original developers. Motive Studios not only created the original Dead Space trilogy, but is also the developer of the Mass Effect series. Recently they made Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It’s a remaster of the original Mass Effect, which earned a 87 meta score from critics.

However, many Fans abroad Didn’t like the fact that they didn’t add any other languages ​​to the game for the ease of these players. Honestly, the game itself was fantastic and didn’t deserve it. Unnecessary hate What the fans gave him. Motive has assured us that they are trying their best to make Dead Space (2023) a perfect remake.

The publishers are Electronic Arts, and they have published a lot of great games. They are also the ones who published the original Dead Space (2008). It looks like EA has high hopes for this project and wants it to succeed. From the trailers and gameplay, the game looks absolutely phenomenal, and fans are extremely excited to see what they have in store for us.

Difference Between Original and Remake

The trailer shows the Zero Gravity section.

Dead Space (2023) is a remake and not a remaster. This means that the game will have changes that set it apart from the original. Not only does it have better graphic fidelity, but there are gameplay improvements and even new little additions that set it apart from Dead Space (2008). These changes are listed below.

  • Issac Clark, the main protagonist, can finally talk. They have added. Voice acting This will help players immerse themselves in the story and dialogue more than ever before.
  • The players have. Full access to USG Ishimura. This means that players can easily go back to previous locations and do things they couldn’t do before.
  • New rooms, paths and challenges has been added that will make the gameplay more immersive and less linear than the original.
  • The map has been upgraded with a much better UI and locator.
  • No more waiting for loading time.. The developers of Dead Space Remake have not used it by reducing the loading time. SSD technology. This will allow players to immerse themselves more in the game and not interfere with their playing time.
  • gave Zero gravity sections has been greatly improved. Originally jumps could only be made using Zero-G boots, but in the remake, you Full 360 degree control It also has additional zero-gravity sections for you, which will make for even more fun gameplay.
  • There are Necromorphs Better body physics and animations Which will make the fight even better than before.
  • “Intensity Director” This is a new feature that adapts the game’s AI to the player’s performance and also affects the environment.

You can see a more detailed explanation. EA official website news section.

Dead Space Remake Platforms and Release Date

As we know, Dead Space remakes abound. Demand game. Even if it’s highly optimized, the game still takes a lot out of your console. If you are playing on a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, You should be able to enjoy the game to its full potential. But for a PC, you’ll need Latest hardware To work on high graphics settings.

Also, you need a minimum of 8 GB VRAM Even for minimum settings to work. Since the game has no loading time, it will require a very powerful PC to run properly. The game will be released. January 27, 2023. Will be available on the game. PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


This wraps up everything we know about the Dead Space remake so far. We hope this helps you with anything regarding the upcoming Dead Space (2023). If you want to keep up with the latest news about Dead Space, you can check them out at EA official website Dead Space News section.

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