Dead Space Remake: All Trophies and Achievements List


The Dead Space remake has a long list of trophies. 48 achievements, with better gameplay, better graphics, and brand new weapons. As your story progresses, you unlock various achievements that add to your trophy collection. Some of these 48 trophies are rare and hard to get while others are hidden.

The trophy list is somewhat similar to the previous volume, but new challenges have been introduced to make things more exciting. Complete the game by collecting all Trophies There is next-level satisfaction for true fans. So, if you want to complete your fast journey with all Achievementsmake sure you know how to get each of them.

Key highlights

  • Dead Space Remake features 47 trophies for the PC version And 48 trophies of the Playstation.
  • Trophies are graded. Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze according to their difficulty level.
  • gave bronze Trophies are the easiest to get. gave silver requires a little more effort, to sleep The most difficult is, and Platinum The trophy is special PlayStation the player
  • In addition to the default trophies, there are a few Secret Trophies Also you can unlock it by completing certain tasks.
  • The trophies in the remake version are almost the same as in the original version. However, some are changed due to gameplay changes and addition of new content.

List of Dead Space Remake Trophies

Dead Space Remake Trophies
Trophy in Dead Space Remake (Image credit eXputer)

for the PC versionthe A remake of Dead Space Features 47 trophies. However, if you are playing the game on PlayStation, you will get an additional bonus trophy of Platinum rank. Of these 48 trophies, ten of them are secret and only appear in the list once you unlock them.

In the remake, some of its predecessor’s trophies have been removed due to additional content and gameplay changes. However, alternate trophies are even more challenging and interesting to hunt and unlock.

Platinum trophies

Dead Space Remake offers only one platinum trophy that is exclusive to PlayStation players. The name of the trophy is given below.

Coordination Officer

You can get Coordination Officer Once you have collected all 47 other trophies. This trophy is a bonus achievement that represents your skill and skill level in the game. Although the trophy looks tempting to get, it takes a lot of time and effort to achieve it. It is a true test of game sense, skill and skill.

Gold trophies

gave Gold trophies Arguably the hardest trophy to get. A remake of Dead Space. It requires players to put in extra effort and play the game in a certain way. Although these trophies are difficult to unlock, you can get them if you try hard enough. Dead Space Remake has two Gold Trophies, which are:

  • Max out: Upgrade all your equipment, coachand goods to the maximum level.
  • untouchable: Complete the entire game. In impossible mode difficult

Silver trophies

Achieving the silver trophy in the game is also a tough task. Most of the achievements are based on doing some additional activities while completing the chapters, such as finding some hidden items, playing the game at an increased difficulty level or upgrading an item, etc. If you play the game with a little patience and persistence. , you can definitely get your hands on all these trophies.

  • Migration: Complete all of Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting.
  • Final regeneration: Discover the origins of the Hunter.
  • Complete again: Follow Nicole’s investigation.
  • Trusted contractor: Complete New Game+ on any difficulty mode.
  • A gun: Beat the game while using Plasma cutter Only
  • Set a benchmark.: Complete the entire game on Medium difficulty or higher.
  • Made to order.: Install each weapon upgrade.

Bronze trophies

gave Bronze trophies Dead Space Remake includes achievements for completing certain levels, finding hidden objects, and using certain weapons and abilities. Many of these trophies are straightforward and can be earned just by playing the game.

  • Welcome aboard: Complete the entire first chapter on any difficulty setting.
  • The lab rat: Complete all of Chapter Two on any difficulty setting.
  • All systems go: Complete all of Chapter Three on any difficulty setting.
  • Cannon fodder: Complete all of Chapter Four on any difficulty setting.
  • true believer: Complete all of Chapter Five on any difficulty setting.
  • Greenhouse effect: Complete all of Chapter Six on any difficulty setting.
  • SOS: Complete an entire chapter on any difficulty setting.
  • Strange transmissions: Complete all of Chapter Eight on any difficulty setting.
  • Debris: Complete all of Chapter Nine on any difficulty setting.
  • Believer: Complete all of Chapter Ten on any difficulty setting.
  • deceived.: Complete all of Chapter Eleven on any difficulty setting.
  • Complete Arms: Unlock all. weapon in Game
  • A cut above: Take down 30 enemies with Reaper.
  • Pusher: Kill 30 enemies with Force Gun.
  • Eviscerator: Eliminate 30 enemies with Line gun.
  • Auto fire: Eliminate 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle.
  • Be with hot people: Eliminate 30 enemies with the Flamethrower.
  • Full contact: Knockout 30 Necromorphs With contact beam.
  • Storyteller: Collect 75 logs in your inventory.
  • Legend Taylor: Collect 150 logs in your inventory.
  • Merchant: All plurals Schematics For weapons, suits and equipment.
  • pack rat: Place 25 items in storage.
  • Marksman: Breaking 50 Limbs.
  • The surgeon: Breaking 500 Limbs.
  • Back breaker: Take down ten enemies with a stomp attack.
  • A wishbone: Rip off a hanging limb using Kinesis.
  • Raise the stakes: Grab the enemy.
  • frozen: Use The status quo On 50 enemies.
  • There’s always pang!: Find the Peng treasure.
  • Physical strength: Kill a Brute.

Hidden trophies in dead space

Dead Space Remake Trophies
Trophy open! (Image Credit Exporter)

Apart from the aforementioned trophies, Dead Space also packs some hidden trophies that appear in the achievement list once unlocked. Be careful reading about these hidden trophies, as some of them are end-game related and contain spoilers. The hidden trophies are:

  • Front towards the enemy: Avoid the shooting gallery.
  • Z Baller: Complete level 6 in Zero-G Basketball.
  • Complete clearance: Create a master security override.
  • Physical Strength: Kill a Brute.
  • Finisher: Kill Leviathan.
  • Get off my ship!: Kill the Leviathan remains.
  • Mindless victim: Kill the Hive Mind.
  • Marked: Pick up the marker piece for the first time.
  • Reunion: See Alternate ending on any difficulty.


Finally, completing the trophy list in Dead Space Remake is a challenging and impressive addition to the game, making players more involved in the game’s story and completing tasks with more motivation. According to a recent subreddit postthe game is one of the most popular. Survival horror games ever made. So, make sure to enjoy the cinematics and experience the gameplay in the most exciting way.

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