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You can get quite far in Dead Space by using the items, upgrades, or best weapons that naturally come in your path. However, that can get boring and ineffective eventually, which is why Schematics offers you upgrades for Isaac’s suit and many of his weapons. But, finding each of the schematic locations in Dead Space Remake can be quite tricky.

These Schematics can be used in interactive shops to acquire high-leveled materials that can aid you in battle. The schematics offer things such as the Pulse Rounds for taking out Necromorphs more efficiently and larger med packs to recover more of your health. They’re spread across many chapters of the game, with some being completely missable!

Key Highlights

  • There are 13 Schematics Locations in Dead Space Remake, and they’re located in Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • The Pulse Rounds and Stasis Pack can be found in Chapter two.
  • Medium Med Pack, Ripper Blades, and Flamethrower Fuel can be found in Chapter three, mostly by following the story.
  • The Line Racks can be found in Chapter five, Force Energy in Chapter six, Contact Energy, and Level 4 Suit in Chapter seven, and all of them require extra exploration and even Level 2 Security Clearance.
  • The Oxygen Tank can be found in Chapter eight, and the Level 5 Suit in Chapter 10.
  • Large Med Pack is completely missable and can only be found in Chapter 9. You can find the rest of the schematics again in Chapter 11
  • Collecting all Schematics will earn you the Merchant Trophy/Achievement.

All Schematic Locations  

There a total of 13 Schematics and locations for each of the Schematic have been updated in the remake. If you miss any of the schematics, except the one in Chapter 9, you’ll have a chance to go back and collect them during Chapter 11: Alternate Solutions. You’ll only have one chance to get the schematic in Chapter 9. Here is a quick summary of all the locations, with more detail entailed below.

Schematic Chapter Location
Pulse Rounds Two In the Coolant Pipelines.
Stasis Pack Two In the Main Lab Changing Room, left of Dr. B: Brennan’s Office.
Medium Med Pack Three After the Decontamination Room.
Ripper Blades Three On a box after the first elevator and before the second one.
Flamethrower Fuel Three Next to the Primary Engine Panel in the Engine Room.
Intermediate Engineer RIG (Level 3 Suit) Four On the way to ADS Cannons, in the EVA Prep Room.
Line Racks Five In Dr. B. Warwick’s Office, it requires Level 2 Security Clearance.
Force Energy Six Between the first and second electricity traps in the Air Filtration Towers.
Contact Energy Seven In a locked room in Deck B: Processing.
Intermediate Miner RIG (Level 4 Suit) Seven On a table opposite the SOS Beacon.
Oxygen Tank Eight Inside the locked storage room in Refueling Control Stations, it requires Security Clearance Level 2.
Large Med Pack Nine On a desk opposite spinning lasers at the entrance of the Infirmary.
Advanced Engineering RIG (Level 5 Suit) Ten Inside Standard Bathrooms.

Pulse Rounds

all schematic locations in dead space remake
Pulse Rounds location [screenshot by eXputer]

The Pulse Rounds are essentially the ammunition for the Pulse Rifle in Dead Space. They’re a standard issue for CEC and P.C.S.I security staff and cost 1,250 credits. You can also find them in crates or lockers sometimes.

You can find the Pulse Rounds Schematic in Chapter 2. More specifically, in the Medical Section, after you get past the Zero-G section and enter into the Coolant Pipelines room. Immediately after you leave the area without oxygen, look to your left, and you’ll find the schematic on a table.

Stasis Pack

stasis pack ammo
Stasis Pack location [captured by eXputer]

The Stasis Pack helps to restore Stasis Energy for the Stasis Module, which is used to slow down objects and enemies. It costs 2,500 Credits and can even be sold for 1,250 Credits. Besides just purchasing them, you can acquire Stasis Packs from crates and lockers.

You can find the Schematic for the Stasis Pack in Chapter 2 in the Main Lab Changing Room. You’ll be able to find the room after you’ve defeated the Necromorphs that trigger the quarantine lockdown. Look towards the left of Dr. N: Brennan’s Office, and you should come across the room. As soon as you enter the room, you’ll find the schematic on a bench on the right side of the room.

Medium Med Pack

schematic locations in dead space remake
Medium Med Pack location [screenshot by us]

The medium med pack is a health recovery item, and as the name suggests, it restores a medium amount of your health. It can be bought for 5,000 Credits and sold for 2,500 Credits.

You can find the Schematic for the medium med pack in Chapter 3. It’ll be found in an open locker right after the Decontamination Room (after the chapter’s quarantine section). The locker will be just a bit before the hallway, which leads to the Centrifuge.

Ripper Blades

dead space remake ripper blades schematic location
Ripper Blades Schematic on top of the box [image by us]

The Ripper is an extremely useful tool as it can cut through dense rock faces. The Ripper Blades are circular blades that act as ammunition for the Ripper. You can buy them for 1,500 Credits and Sell them for 250 Credits. And if you’re lucky, you can come across them in crates, lockers, or by stomping on enemies.

You can find the Ripper Blades in Chapter 3 after going down the first elevator. It will be close to the Fuel Storage Room and next to the second elevator. There will be an open room just before the Fuel Storage, and the Ripper Blades themselves will be on top of a box on the left in the room.

Flamethrower Fuel

dead space remake flamethrower fuel schematic location
Flamethrower Fuel schematic [image taken by eXputer]

Great for setting enemies ablaze, the hydrazine fuel is extremely volatile and a must-have in your inventory. You can buy it for 1,750 Credits and sell it for 35 Credits. It is also acquirable through the item drop system.

The schematic for the Flamethrower Fuel can be found in Chapter 3. It is hard to miss as it is right next to one of the main objectives in the Engine Room. You’ll be asked to activate the Primary Engine panel; the schematic is on the right side of the computer panel.

Intermediate Engineer RIG/Level 3 Suit

intermediate engineering rig
EVA Prep Room, where you can find the Level 3 Suit [image by eXputer]

The Level 3 Suit, also known as the Intermediate Engineer RIG, is an armor set that you can equip to increase your inventory slots to 22 slots. It also offers 10% Damage Resistance and costs 20,000 Credits. You can only get it through the Schematic.

The Schematic for the Intermediate Engineer RIG can be found in Chapter 4. Isaac will eventually make his way to the exterior of the Ishimura to calibrate the ADS Cannons. During this, you’ll be able to access the EVA Prep Room at the Water Purification level of the bridge, on the right side, while heading towards the ADS Cannons. The Schematic is on a bench at the end of the EVA Prep Room.

Line racks

line racks
Dr. B. Warick’s Room, where you can find the Line Racks [captured by eXputer]

The Line Gun in Dead Space has a strong cutting beam and is a useful weapon. It is powered by gas cartridges known as Line Racks. These can be bought for 2,100 Credits and sold for 350 Credits. You can also find them through crates, lockers, or stomping on enemies.

You can find the schematic for Line Racks in Chapter 5, but you’ll require Security Clearance Level 2. Just before the Zero-G Therapy, you’ll find Dr. B. Warick’s Room. If you start at the Observation Room, go through two doors on the right side, and you’ll find the office after. The schematic will be on the desk on the left side of the room.

Force Energy

force energy schematic location in dead space remake
Force energy schematic [image by eXputer]

Force Energy is ammunition for the Force Gun, which is a short-range weapon and is basically a futuristic shotgun. The Force Energy can be bought for 2,400 Credits and sold for 400 Credits. It is also attainable through other item drop methods.

You can find the location of the Force Energy schematic in Chapter 6 of Dead Space Remake inside the Air Filtration Tower. Search between the first and second electricity turbines/traps, which you have to deal with using Stasis. You should be able to find an open room; the schematic will be inside.

Contact Energy

locked fuse room
Fuse Box that you need to shoot to reach Contact Energy schematic [screenshot from eXputer]

Contact Energy is ammunition for the Contact Beam, an energy projector weapon that uses kinetic energy. It is great for killing enemies with speed and precision. You can buy Contact Energy for 2,000 Credits and sell it for 200 Credits.

You’ll come across the Contact Energy schematic in Chapter 7. You’ll find a locked room across the Save Station after passing through Deck B: Processing and defeating a bunch of Necromorphs. Look through a broken window on the right of the entrance; you’ll be able to spot a fuse box. Shoot it to unlock the door. The schematic is on a small table inside the locked door.

Intermediate Miner RIG/Level 4 Suit

intermediate suit level 4
Intermediate Miner RIG schematic [captured by eXputer]

The Level 4 Suit, also known as the Intermediate Miner RIG, is yet another armor set that can be equipped to increase your stats. The suit has 26 inventory slots and has 15% Damage Resistance. You can buy the suit for 35,000 Credits, and there is no other way to obtain it.

You can find the Schematic for the Level 4 Suit in Chapter 7. You’ll easily come across it if you just follow the main quest. You’ll be asked to find the SOS Beacon, which will take you to the Equipment Workshop of the Mining Deck. If you look toward the desk opposite the SOS Beacon, you’ll find the schematic.

Oxygen Tank

oxygen tank schematic location in Dead Space Remake
Platform Storage inside which Oxygen Tank schematic is [captured by eXputer]

The Oxygen Tank is a recovery item. More specifically, it instantly refills your oxygen supply to maximum when you use it. It can be bought for 2,500 Credits and sold for 1,250 Credits. It can be found in Crates and Lockers, but not by stomping on enemies.

You can find the schematic for Oxygen Tank in Chapter 8. You will need Security Clearance Level 2. Head to the Refuelling Control Stations on Floor 4 in Engineering and enter the Platform Storage Room (the locked storage room). You’ll find the schematic on the table.

Large Med Pack

med pack
Large med pack missable schematic location in dead space remake [image by us]

As the name suggests, the Large Med Pack is a health recovery item. It restores a large amount of health and costs 10,000 Credits, and can be sold for 5,000 Credits. You can find the schematic for the Large Med Pack in Chapter 9.

You need to be careful with the large med-pack schematic, as it is completely missable. You can’t come back to it later in Chapter 11, either. As part of the main quest, you’ll enter the Infirmary. You can find the schematic on a desk inside the entrance of the Infirmary, just before (and opposite) the malfunctioning lasers. If you look at the image above, the lasers are on the right, and the schematic is on the table with the lamp on the left side of the image.

Advanced Engineering RIG

advanced engineering RIG
Level 5 Suit schematic [screenshot by us]

The Advanced Engineering RIG, often referred to as Level 5 Suit, is one of the strongest armor sets in Dead Space. It offers 30% Damage Resistance and has 30 inventory slots. It costs 60,000 Credits, and you can only acquire it through the schematic.

You can find the schematic for the Level 5 Suit in Chapter 10 on a bench inside the Standard Bathrooms of the Crew Quarters. You’ll be able to access this area during the part where Isaac is looking for the Crew Deck Key.

With that, you know all of the locations for every schematic in Dead Space Remake. Remember, if you miss any, you can go back to them during Chapter 11. Your progress also gets carried over to New Game+ so that you can acquire them during your second playthrough as well. And once you collect all the schematics, you’ll be rewarded with the Merchant trophy/achievement!

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