Dead Space Remake: All inventory upgrades


You will start Dead Space Remake with 12 inventory slots. However you can upgrade this amount to a maximum of 30 slots as you play through the game. Inventory space is tied to the level of the suit Issac is currently wearing, and thus is gained as an inventory upgrade bonus by upgrading Issac’s suit.

Key highlights

  • Upgrading inventory space is tied to purchasing a suit upgrade for Issac.
  • You will start the game with it. 12 inventory slots In the remake of Dead Space.
  • Inventory slots can be extended up to 18 By purchasing Level 2 suite For Issac.
  • After purchase Level 3 suiteYour Inventory the location Increases to 22 slots.
  • gave Inventory space Can be further upgraded. 26 slots By purchasing Level 4 suite.
  • Finally, the purchase of Level 5 suit Yours will increase Inventory space Up to the max 30 slots.
  • You’ll also need to find schematics for some of these suit upgrades.

All inventory slots are unlocked.

As we mentioned earlier, you will start the game. Level 1 suit Issac’s is equipped by default, and you’ll also have it. 12 inventory slots In the beginning. We will gradually build up to 30 inventory slots and what is the maximum you have in the game.

18 inventory slots

Dead Space Remake Inventory
Increasing our inventory slots to 18 by purchasing a level 2 suit (image taken by us)

The first upgrade you can get for Issac’s Suit will increase your inventory space by a total. 18 inventory slots In the game and that is the first upgrade. Level 2 suite Is a remake of Dead Space for Issac. You can buy suits from the first shop you open after fixing the tram. There is no need to find any schematics to unlock this suit upgrade.

However, the suit itself will cost you around 10,000 credits, And that’s a huge amount at the start of the game. Sell ​​any extra items you have, like semiconductors, to make enough credits to buy a level 2 suit. Once you buy it, your inventory space will automatically increase to 18 slots, and you’ll also get a 5% increase in your defense.

22 inventory slots

To get another increase of 4 inventory slots, you have to buy. Level 3 suite For Issac. Acquiring this suit will increase your total inventory space. 22 slots In the remake of Dead Space. However, you cannot buy a level 3 suit directly from the shop like a level 2 suit.

Item in game
Location of Intermediate Engineer RIG Schematics (Image courtesy of eXputer)

First, you’ll need to get your hands on one Intermediate Engineer RIG Schematics and which can be found at Bridge near water treatment plant. You’ll probably come here during Chapter 4. However, just make your way to the location shown in the image above. Go to the room circled on the map in the picture above.

Dead Space Remake Inventory
Increasing our inventory slots to 22 by purchasing a level 3 suit (Image by eXputer)

That room is the Eva Prep Room, and inside it, you’ll find the schematic you need to access the Level 3 Suite in Dead Space Remake. You can then take this schematic to any shop, and it will unlock a level 3 suit for purchase.

Finally, you will need 20,000 credits To buy the suit yourself from the store. Once you buy the suit, your total inventory slots will be increased to 22, and you’ll also get an additional 10% armor for Issac.

26 inventory slots

Our next suite upgrade involves expanding our inventory capacity. 26 total slots In the game we will need to buy it Level 4 suite For Issac from the shop in the Dead Space remake. However, like the Level 3 suits, we will first need to find a plan to make the Level 4 suits available for purchase. And that is planning Intermediate minor RIG schematics.

Item in game
Location of Intermediate Minor RIG Schematics (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

During Chapter 7, you will make your way. Mining deck repair room Looking for the SOS beacon in the game. Make your way to Equipment room When you are in the mining deck. This room is also highlighted in the map image shown above.

Dead Space Remake Inventory
Increasing our inventory slots to 26 by purchasing level 4 suits (screenshot taken by eXputer)

Once inside, you’ll find the schematic you need to get your hands on the level 4 suit. Take this schematic back to the shop, and the Level 4 suit will become available for purchase. 35,000 credits In the remake of Dead Space. Buying this suit will not only increase your maximum number of inventory slots to 26, but it will also increase your armor by 15%.

30 inventory slots

The last inventory upgrade is obtained by purchasing a level 5 suit in the game, which our Up to 30 inventory slots. This suit upgrade is also unlocked by first obtaining a specific schematic for it. That is known as planning Advanced Engineering RIG Schematics, And this can be achieved while playing. Chapter 10 of the main story in the game.

Dead Space Remake Inventory
Location of Advanced Engineering RIG Schematics (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

When you are inside. Crew quartersMake your way to the location shown on the map above. The room you need to enter is highlighted in red and is known as Locker rooms and showers In the remake of Dead Space. Once inside this room, you’ll find the schematic you need for the level 5 suit in the game. Bring this schematic back to any shop, and a level 5 suit should be available for purchase.

Dead Space Remake Inventory
Increasing our inventory slots to 30 by purchasing a level 5 suit (Image credit: eXputer)

You will need approx. 60,000 credits To buy a suit. Once you make this purchase, your inventory slots will increase to a maximum of 30, and you’ll also get a 20% increase in your defense in the game. You can upgrade your suit to level 6, which is the maximum level of Issac’s Suit, but the maximum inventory space is reached at level 5, and remains the same for the rest of the game.


Dead Space Remake is one of the best remakes of an already great game. The whole experience is now more terrifying than ever, and it takes advantage of next-gen consoles to deliver some of the best visuals we’ve seen in a video game. The remake also has many additions, and includes new side missions. You’ll also find weapons from the original game in the remake, and new suits are available for Issac. The best edition of the game.

This concludes our guide on inventory space upgrades in Dead Space Remake. We’ve included all the upgrades you can get for your inventory and where you can get them. Everything is mentioned in detail. We hope the guide was helpful in maximizing the available space in your inventory. Let us know what you think about the remake of the classic survival horror game in the comments below!


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