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gave Impossible mode Difficulty will be allowed in the Dead Space remake. the player To unlock some special rewards and achievements. Players will be able to get something. Rare weapons, armor, and items By playing the game in impossible mode. However, it will take a lot of skill to pull it off as the enemies in impossible mode are not only difficult to defeat but also have unusually high health.

Key highlights

  • There is an impossible mode The hardest difficulty In the remake of Dead Space.
  • It offers a lot. Rewards With three main ones that you can only get after completing the entire game.
  • The first is reward. Untouchable trophy which you will get after completion. Dead space No remake is dying Even once.
  • You will get it too. Burned suit After completing the game.
  • The final reward is Hand cannon Which will make one drink or Bang A sound instead of the traditional gunshot sound.
  • Players will also be able to unlock Alternate ending Because impossible mode can only be unlocked by collecting. Marker pieces.

Rewards in impossible mode

While there are many items that you will be able to get when. discovery I Impossible mode, Players will also get rewards on completion. And alive in Game This Mode

All impossible mode rewards the remake of Dead Space.
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The following are all the rewards you will get for completing Dead Space Remake in Impossible Mode.

Untouchable success

it is a Gold trophy Which players will get after completing the game. The hardest difficulty In the remake of Dead Space. It is very similar. Epic Tier 3 Engineer Trophy which you will find in the actual game. However, you will only be able to get the trophy if you don’t die. Once throughout the game.

Burned suit

The second is reward. burnt suit, Also known as Impossible suit. The burnt suit can only be obtained by playing Dead Space Remake on the hardest difficulty.

Burned suit
Burned suit Screenshot via eXputer

This is one of the most. popular Suit in the game. You will only be able to get it after completing the entire game without dying.

Hand cannon

The final reward is for completing Impossible Mode. Hand cannon Weapons You can get weapons only after completing the game in impossible mode.

Dead Space Remake All Impossible Mode Rewards
Hand Cannon | Screenshot via eXputer

The hand cannon is one of the most popular weapons because every time you equip it and use it on enemies Isaac One will do Pew or Bang A sound instead of the normal gunshot sound. Many players play impossible mode entirely for hand cannons or burnt suits.

Features of the mod

There is an impossible mode The biggest difficulty You can play in Dead Space Remake. You will need a lot. Experience And skill If you want to clear the mod. Furthermore, it is practically impossible for you to clear mo.D Complete Dead Space without any common difficulty. gave The net will be done far off lethal And Enemies It will be extreme powerful.

Dead Space Recreate all rewards in Impossible mode
Impossible difficulty Screenshot via eXputer

Additionally, you will also get a chance to get a lot of powerful weapons that are not available in other difficulties. After getting it you will be able to unlock impossible mode. Marker pieces. You must first progress through the main story and click on a new game. After that, you have to collect all 12 Marker pieces are scattered throughout the game.

By doing this you will be able to unlock impossible mode. Additionally, you will also be able to unlock one. Alternate ending As you collect these marker pieces in Dead Space Remake. The worst thing about Impossible Mode is that there isn’t. Save yourself.

Using Canon
Using a cannon Screenshot via eXputer

So, if you die during the battle, you have to start from the beginning. There are very few to no. references available in the game, and the main character will be quite vulnerable to different. Enemies. Enemies will attack you more often, and their attacks will be substantial. harmful. Their health bars will also be higher. It is recommended that you watch the game Common difficulty Before you complete the impossible mode.

Tips for Impossible Mode

If you want to get through impossible mode without dying repeatedly, there are some tips you can follow.

Choosing the right weapon

First, you’ll want to make a choice. weapon Like Force Gun or plasma cutter, Because these are the most powerful weapons available in the game. The Force can counter enemies like guns. Guardians, swarmers, leapers, and lurkers. Additionally, they will also deal with Splitters As soon as they parted.

Use a plasma cutter.
Use the plasma cutter Screenshot via eXputer

gave The weapon works I’m very good Zero gravity Environment So This Should be your priority. For other enemies and situations, you can always use Plasma cutter. Make sure you enter. The Leviathan Chamber With the gun you have mastered and can deal the most damage.

Make sure to max out Gunpowder As you can from the very beginning of the mod. Also, make sure you stock up on ammo for the gun you’re actually using. Otherwise, you won’t have room for the items you actually need. line The gun Also a good option for cleaning Crowds of enemies. You can also use mines to set. The net.

Using The Save Spot

You will only get a safe place, So make sure to make the most of it. However, to achieve untouchable success, you need to avoid dying overall. If You want to unlock the achievement, then you must start over if you die.

Make sure your RIG or the suite is upgraded. Maximum level A remake of Dead Space is possible. Additionally, the plasma cutter is very useful. Central Weapons, specifically for this mode. Try to collect as many as possible. Power nodes As much as possible in the game. The status quo and HP are important factors and should be kept as high as possible.

It is important to choose a weapon from the beginning and focus on upgrading it. You don’t need to waste your time collecting other weapons and upgrades. Additionally, it is important to leave out another. Gunpowder You understand that it has nothing to do with your gun.

Any weapon you shouldn’t need. Wasted. This is because their ammunition will take up space inside you. inventory, And you can’t store useful items to help you in battle.

Using the Kinesis module

Make sure you keep an eye on your surroundings and use yours. Kinesis Capacity as much as you can. You can throw objects that can to explode On a group of enemies to save your ammo.

Dead Space Remake Impossible Mode Rewards
Using the Kinesis module | Screenshot via eXputer

Additionally, you can also throw away any heavy objects. Stasis Canisters Or metal Crates On your enemies You can also try watching. Walkthrough Find out what enemies you can expect and how best to deal with them.

Summary of it

With that, we conclude our detailed guide on all the rewards you can get in Impossible Mode in Dead Space Remake. Be sure to check out our guide on the best weapons and how to get each of them.

You can also check out our weapon tier list to see which weapon might be best suited for you to use in Impossible mode. Don’t forget to check out our guide on how long to beat Dead Space Remake and how to get the Line Gun. We’ve also put together a detailed guide on building the best plasma cutter if you plan to use it in hard mode. Check out our guide to Necromorphs to see how you can effectively combat them.

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