Dead Space: How to Beat the Hive Mind


gave Hive Mind Is The final boss In the remake of Dead Space. I encountered Chapter 12, It is a deadly enemy thanks to this. Mindless rampage And Acid attacks

Key highlights

  • gave The hive the brain I am facing Chapter 12 of the main story. it is The final boss of the game.
  • In the field, there will be the box which provide Valuable ammo and others references.
  • At the beginning of the fight, it will fall 5 weak points It has to be destroy
  • After destroying 1 weak point, It will spit out Acid bomb Which explodes after a while.
  • Once all weak points are destroyed, some Slashers Will create that must be killed.
  • gave The last step Will start after killing Slashers.
  • Here, you have to destroy 5 weak points Within Hive Mind’s Chest as soon as it opens to you.
  • After destroying them weak points, It will catch you. Now, you have to destroy The last weak spot in this the mouth to end the fight.

How to beat the hive mind in the Dead Space remake.

gave Hive Mind is an incredibly powerful and huge enemy, so it is important to have a strategy in mind to effectively destroy this monstrosity.

Upgrading your equipment

As Hive Mind Dead Space has the final boss, it’s your last. Opportunity To Upgrade your equipment. I bench. Make sure you are. properly prepared, Lest you have to fight against this boss. If you want to know about the best upgrades in Dead Space Remake, you can check out our guide.

First step

  • When the fight starts, players will feel. 5 weak points On Hive Mind’s Body.
  • You have to destroy All Weak spots To loss Progress through bosses and battles.
Hive Mind Dead Space
Yellow faint spots of hive brain Photo by eXputer
  • After killing one At a weak spot, the Hive Mind will spit an acidic blob that explodes after a while.
  • Some will happen. the box I Playground which provide valuable resources. Make sure you break them if you are. Running low On gunpowder
  • You have to go outside the blob. Explosive range
  • Alternatively, players can also shoot them with a Safe distance to create extra space.
  • All at once 5 weak points are destroyed, the battle will continue. next step.

We recommend using Plasma cutter Vertical attack mode To destroy everyone Weak spot Also, if you want to learn more about building the best plasma cutter in Dead Space, you should check out our guide.

Second step

  • I second step, gave Hive Mind It will start to grow Slashers.
  • If you are using plasma cutter, Switch to Horizontal attack mode To get rid of the crowd quickly.
  • Once you have killed everyone. slashers, gave The last step will begin.

The last step

  • Once The last step it starts, Hive Mind will be disappointed.
  • It will start beating its lashes. The tents Randomly, so make sure you always are. On the go.
  • Also, it will spit out a line of Acid which will burn Playground for a while. By touching it will deliver loss On Isaac, So make sure to avoid it.
  • gave Hive Mind will have 5 weak points Again in this phase, except that they will be inside it. Chest
Weak Spots Hive Mind
The faint spots of the hive mind in his chest Photo by us
  • This will open it. Chest for a A brief moment During combat, giving you a chance The strike gave Weak spots.
  • Once you have destroyed everyone. weak points, gave Hive Mind Will catch Isaac with his tent.
  • You have to destroy. Weak spot Within it the mouth While it’s catching up Isaac
  • Since when Hive Mind Constantly moving forward, hitting this weak spot is a bit difficult
  • You have a lot. Time In the meantime, you should take your time. Positioning your shot and then firing away. Don’t panic anymore The waste Gunpowder


Players will unlock Mindless victim After killing the achievement/trophy Hive Mind.


Dead Space is one of the most popular and beloved survival horror games of all time. A monument to the past, it has now been rebuilt from the ground up for the current generation of gaming. Released on 27th January – 2023, it captures the eerie sci-fi essence that Original The Dead Space cult classic it was over a decade ago.

And there you have it; With our guide on how to beat the Hive Mind in Dead Space Remake, you’ll be able to defeat this monstrosity and beat the game with ease.

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