Dead Space: All Necromorphs [Explained]


Necromorphs are the collection of enemies and the primary antagonist appearing in the Dead Space series. They are reanimated corpses that have been infected and transformed by a mysterious alien infection spreading through Markers.

Key Highlights

  • Necromorphs are the collection of enemies appearing Dead Space series.
  • There are 17 types of Necrmorphs in Dead Space, each with its unique ability & offensive mechanism.
  • Necromorphs mutate the dead tissue in dead corpses, causing them to reanimate.
  • Necromorphs are mutated through Markers that will even affect other intelligent lifeforms within their range.
  • Most Necromorphs have weak points which are used to weaken and eventually kill them.
  • The two methods for killing Necromorphs are Dismemberment and Incineration.

What Are Necromorphs In Dead Space?

Dead Space Remake Necromorphs attacking Issac
Necromorphs attacking Issac in Dead Space Remake – [Image by eXputer]

The Necromorphs are highly aggressive and hostile, and they come in a variety of forms and sizes, each with its unique abilities. They are known for their grotesque appearance, with twisted limbs and sharp claws. The goal of the Necromorphs is to increase their amount by spreading the infection.

Origin Of Necromorphs In Dead Space

Dead Space Remake Slasher
Slasher in Dead Space Remake – [Image by eXputer]

Necromorphs are a result of a genetic code mutation known as etched into. The mutation is carried out by Markers, whose sole purpose is to create Necromorphs in Dead Space. Markers are mysterious double helix-shaped structures that transmit a highly concentrated electromagnetic signal, which mutates the dead tissue in the range that causes the dead body to be reanimated and have a host.

Moreover, any intelligent lifeforms in range of the signal will also be affected by it, which usually leads to Dementia; resultantly, it will lead to homicidal or suicidal actions and increase the Necromorph infection.

Observations In Biology & Behavior

From a biological perspective, the Necromorphs in the Dead Space game series can be seen as a type of parasitic organism. They infect and reanimate corpses, using them as host bodies to spread the infection.

The Necromorphs can also be seen as a disruption to the balance of the ecosystem. They infect and kill living organisms, leading to a decline in population numbers and potentially causing a ripple effect throughout the ecosystem.

When it comes to behaviors, the Necromorphs exhibit a variety of behaviors that are both terrifying and challenging for the players. Some of the main behaviors observed in Necromorphs are:

  • Aggression: Necromorphs are highly aggressive and will relentlessly pursue the player character, often attacking in large numbers.
  • Stealth: Some Necromorphs are able to hide in the environment, waiting to ambush the player.
  • Self-Preservation: Some Necromorphs are able to repair and regenerate damaged body parts very quickly, making them more resilient to attacks.
  • Intelligence: Necromorphs are able to use the environment to their advantage, such as using vents and pipes to move around unseen and attack players when their guard is down.
  • Pack Mentality: Some Necromorphs often work together in packs, coordinating their attacks and movements, even though they
  • Communication: Some Necromorphs are able to communicate with each other, alerting each other of the player’s presence and coordinating their attacks.
  • Instinct: Necromorphs are driven by their instinct to infect and propagate; they will not stop until they reach their goal or are killed.

Of course, the behavior depends on the type of Necromorph; not every Necromorph has all these behaviors.

How To Kill Necromorphs In Dead Space

Dead Space Remake Issac attacking Slasher
Issac attacking Slasher in Dead Space Remake – [Image by eXputer]

It’s surprisingly easy to kill them; you just shoot. However, it’s not simple, as you would have to aim at certain parts and maybe approach them in a strategic way. There are two basic methods to kill Necromorphs in the Dead Space series:


Necromorphs have specific vulnerabilities depending on their types. Most Necromorphs can even survive with their head being amputated. However, after a sufficient amount of blood loss, Necromorphs can fall easily. The best way to drain the blood out of the body is to aim at the torso or head. Moreover, aiming at limbs will cause physical inability in Necromorphs, putting players at an advantage.


What’s a better way than fully destroying Necromorphs by burning them? Some Necromorphs have the ability to regenerate themselves quickly, so dismemberment isn’t really an effective way to approach them. Most Necromorphs will be killed by burning them.

Types Of Necromorphs In Dead Space

There are a lot of types of Necromorphs. Even some Necromorphs have Enhanced Forms that are stronger than the basic form. Here are all the Necromorphs in Dead Space:


  • Attacks: Slash, Toxic bile spit (female version), bites its victim’s head, stab its victim to death.
  • Weak points: Arms

They are the most common Necromorph in Dead Space. They are slow and weak alone; however, they can pose a serious threat in groups. It’s known for its elongated, sharp-clawed arms that can easily dismember its victims. Slashers will be found from the early levels of the game and are considered to be formidable enemies.

There are many variants of slashers as it’s created from a single human corpse. Some of the variants include Enhanced Slasher, Female Slasher, Miner Slasher, Doctor Slasher, and much more.


  • Attacks: Firing projectiles at long range, lashing and stabbing at close range.
  • Weak points: Tentacles

Lurkers are mutated from human babies and specialize in ranged attacks with the use of their tentacles. They are small four-legged Necromorphs who can also walk on walls and ceilings, which can pose a threat to players. The key is always to move, as they will not be able to land a hit on you that way.

They can easily die if you attack their one tentacle; in some cases, two will do. However, an Enhanced Lurker will require you to attack and sever their three tentacles.


  • Attacks: Slash using claws on their wings, Stab with their proboscis.
  • Weak points: Infection proboscis located on their mouth.

They play a unique role as Necromorphs in Dead Space, whose purpose is only to spread the Necromorph infection. They are formed by the torso and legs, creating a bird-like shape. Infectors don’t usually appear everywhere; they are usually spotted in areas with a lot of dead bodies. The threat they only hold is creating Necromorphs from corpses; they themselves are quite weak.


  • Attacks: Slash and release Swarmers from its belly
  • Weak points: Arms

They are created from a single human corpse and resemble a Slasher with a big and swollen stomach, legs, small legs, and wider blades. Pregnants aren’t quick due to their heavy weight. The best strategy to kill them is to aim at their legs and deteriorate their mobility, then sever their arms to kill them. However, be careful of the Pregnant’s belly as Swarmers reside within it. If their belly is shot, it’ll cause swarmers to come out, adding the number of enemies.


  • Attacks: Bite followed by a thrust in movement
  • Weak points: Full body

They are small, insect-like Necromorphs in Dead Space that attack in large groups. They are usually inside the Pregnant’s bellies and only come out when the belly is shot. However, they are also found independently or inside boxes, from where they jump onto their victims.

They have a quick movement and attack pattern and can be difficult to hit, but they are relatively weak and can be easily dispatched with a single shot from most weapons. The best weapon to use against Swarmers is Flamethrower which only requires a few bursts to wipe them out. However, any area-of-effect weapon will work great against them.


  • Attacks: Charges and batter prey with their huge, muscular arms and hardened foreheads; Ranged attacks of explosive organic bombs.
  • Weak points: A yellow glowing tissue located on the back

They are huge, heavily armored Necromorphs formed using multiple corpses in Dead Space. They have a humanoid shape but a twisted, monstrous appearance and are covered in natural armor from the front. Despite their size, they are quick and powerful and can deal significant damage with their attacks.

They have a weak point on their exposed back as yellow glowing tissue, which can be targeted with weapons to deal significant damage. After attacking their weak points, Brute will contract within its armor. However, the back will still be exposed and can be used as an advantage. They are one of the toughest enemies in the Dead Space series and are often encountered as mini-bosses.


  • Attacks: Whip and stab using tail; spring victims from distances.
  • Weak points: Arm and Tail

They are fast-moving, four-legged Necromorphs in Dead Space with scorpion-like shapes that are capable of leaping long distances to attack the player. Leapers have a relatively small and agile body with a long tail and a large set of teeth.

Leaper’s attack by lunging at the player to bite and can be difficult to hit due to their speed and agility. Their weak point is their arm, which will remove their ability to sprint, and cutting off their tail will slow them down, and they will not be able to jump. If you shoot off both, it’ll kill the Leaper. Another way of killing them is to cut off the Arm and shoot at their head.


  • Attacks: Smash their targets with the explosive sacs on their arms; bite using the open flaps on their heads
  • Weak points: Glowing sacs attached to their left arm

They are suicidal Necromorphs in Dead Space that can explode when they get close to the player, causing significant damage and resulting in the death of Exploders and the players. They have slow movement, and they can be easily distinguished by large, glowing sacs attached to their left arm.

Moreover, Exploders can be easily killed in the distance by shooting the sacs on their arm, causing it to detonate and kill the Exploder and other creatures nearby. If the Exploders get too close, they can be knocked backward by shooting at their body.


  • Attacks: Slash, Choke, Split Apart.
  • Weak points: Head and Limbs

They are tall and thin Necromorph in Dead Space and are relatively slow-moving, but they can move fast by a burst of speed and be dangerous due to their long reach and powerful attacks. Moreover, if their body parts are detached, they will become independent creatures that continue to attack players.

It is recommended to use a combination of stasis and either the flamethrower or the contact beam’s secondary blast to eliminate Dividers. Even if the creature splits after the attack, the divided body parts will be low on health and can be easily defeated with a single hit.


  • Attacks: Slash with incredible speed.
  • Weak points: Legs, Arms, and Head

They physically resemble Slashers and are mutated by people with built-in Stasis Modules. They are very quick and have powerful attacks. Twitcher attack with their claws and are capable of quickly getting close to the player. The way to kill them is to dismember both arms and legs. If you first target their legs, they will move at the speed of a normal Slasher which makes an easy target for the player to shoot off the arms.


  • Attacks: Poisonous gas
  • Weak points: Full body

They are the most human-like Necromorphs in Dead Space except for their lungs which pop out of their back. They only release poisonous gas and can be easily killed by stomping on them. However, be prepared to face several Infectors, Pregnants, Lurkers, and Slashers, as they all attack after a Wheezer is killed.


  • Attacks: Grabbing and dragging, Slamming
  • Weak points: Easily spotted on the tentacle

They are large Necromorphs identified either as a single entity or a part of a larger Necromorph. These tentacles usually come through holes in walls and try to drag Issac to a strange place. Some even try to crush Issac by slamming him. However, it is easy to defeat them, as there is a weak glowing point in it. When you attack it, it will split in two and retreat.

It is recommended to use a fast-firing weapon i.e. Plasma Cutter or a Pulse Rifle.


  • Attacks: Mutated intestines as piercing weapons and fire projectiles.
  • Weak points: Tentacles sprouting from its chest

They are immobile, hanging onto the wall. They don’t have any limbs, which means they can’t move and follow you around. However, they will instantly attack you using mutated intestines once they notice you. And that’s also the time to attack them.

Once they open their chest to let out their intestines, that’s your chance to sever all the intestines. Keep your distance from them, and don’t use a close-range weapon, as they will attack with a bladed tentacle from their torso, decapitating Issac in an instant.


  • Attacks: Slash
  • Weak points: None

Physically resembles Slashers but has the ability to regenerate the dismembered limbs. Even though Hunter physically resembles and looks like Slashers, they are much bulkier and taller than them. When you encounter Hunter, all you can do is run and escape.

They are slower than Slashers, but with time they will get annoying if you don’t dismember them and escape. The main key is to just cut off the limbs, which will decrease his mobility. Further, you can put it under stasis which will buy you a lot of time.

The Slug

  • Attacks: Throws metal objects
  • Weak points: Tentacles

It is a huge Necromorph that has five tentacles, which are its weak points. The Slug won’t attack you unless you fire at him. The Slug would have to be fought using ADS Cannons. You will have to destroy all five tentacles to defeat Slug while also destroying the objects thrown by Slug using the cannons. You can wait for the Slug to reach into the ship and grab some objects to throw at you. Once it’s picking up, shoot at the tentacles.

The Leviathan

  • Attacks: Sweeping attack, Organic bombs.
  • Weak points: Core at the central mouth

A massive Necromorph, which uses three tentacles to attack and can also produce organic bombs. The key is to keep moving so the tentacles never hit you. The only tactic is to dodge and attack the tentacles. After destroying a tentacle, the Leviathan will throw pods through its mouth.

Moreover, you can use Kinesis to throw back the pods back into its mouth. They will either collide with another pod thrown by the Leviathan or deal damage to the Leviathan’s core.

The Hive Mind

  • Attacks: Slams tentacles, Grabs, and Spits out Pregnants
  • Weak points: Five mouth-organs and Five explosive sacks

The very source of the Necromorphs in the Dead Space. It looks like a gigantic worm with many tentacles throughout its body. There will be three stages in the battle. The first stage can be cleared up pretty quickly as the Hive Mind will roar and smash at Issac; at that time, you can destroy three of its five mouth organs, which will start the next stage.

In the second stage, the Hive Mind will pick you up in the air through its tentacle to try and eat you. You would have to destroy the remaining two mouth organs. However, it’ll be difficult to aim since Issac will be upside down, and Hive Mind will also shake its tentacle to hinder your aim.

In the last stage, there will be five explosive sacks located in the middle of the Hive Mind’s chest, which are exposed from time to time by the Hive Mind. It will also create Pregnants and throw explosive projectiles along with the tentacle slams.


With that, we’ve covered everything you need to know about Necromorphs in the Dead Space. With the Dead Space Remake coming, it is crucial to learn about Necromorphs as they are the main antagonists in the Dead Space series. Moreover, there will be new Necromorphs variants included in Dead Space Remake. Apparently, it would only be available in the New Game+, which also contains a Secret Ending. 


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