Dead Space 2 Hour Remake Gameplay Leaked


  • Over 2 hours of gameplay from the Dead Space remake has been leaked.
  • The game looks breathtaking in this leaked gameplay and makes great use of current generation graphics.
  • EA Motive’s survival horror game is set to release on January 27, 2023.

Over the past two decades, the horror genre has shined in the gaming world thanks to some fantastic games. amnesia, the final, Resident Evil 4And Silent Hill 2 There are only a few genre-defining games that have come out at the moment. Probably the most influential and experimental horror release of the period. Dead spaceAnd it’s a name we can’t let go of.

The survival horror game took the genre into space and created one of the scariest gaming experiences in history. with the A remake of Dead Space About to start within a week, the hip is through the roof. And now, we’ve got a first look at the 2023 survival horror title. 2 hours Leaked gameplay.

YouTuber TheJSR67 is responsible for leaking the footage on his channel. Surprisingly, Electronic Arts hasn’t copyrighted the series yet. So, we can still watch it on the channel, and let’s hope it stays there.

The gameplay we see in this leak is from that. Start A remake of Dead Space. is from French game version; So everything is in this language. Our main character Isaac ClarkeAlong with Kendra and Hammond, they search for Ishimura when the Necromorphs attack.

After this ambush, we are on our own and gain 211-V plasma Cutter to fight the Necromorphs. Like the first game, The center And Hammond Survive, and Isaac has to repair various parts of the ship. This is where the Dead Space remake starts to get really scary.

We have to kill countless necromorphs while working on this ship repair mission. The Dead Space remake looks adorable in this gameplay video. It sustains fear and increases it tenfold by using it. The present generation Graphics, which look beautiful.

From what we can tell from the gameplay video, the Dead Space remake won’t be a walk in the park. In the clip, the player dies multiple times while trying to kill. Necromorphs. The enemies in the game are also brutal and appear out of nowhere to scare you out of your skin.

Players can use their own. RIG Manual to help choose missions and navigate them, just like in 2008’s Dead Space. Kendra and Hammond also communicate with Issac through this holographic device, which is important to the game. We also see stores at certain points in the gameplay where we can buy some items.

EA’s Motive Studio Said remake will retain the plot of the original game. From what we’ve seen of the gameplay, that’s true, and the Dead Space remake follows the original to a tee. However, the graphics, environment, characters and assets in the game are up to modern standards.

David Robillardthe Technical Director of the remake, recently said that the game will happen Too scary to play at night with headphones. After looking at this leaked gameplay we can see why. The Dead Space remake makes the most of the atmospheric horror inherent in the 2008 title.

Whether it’s the creaking of a ship, the sound of necromorphs, or the screams of humans, they will surely be there for you. I 152 minutes of videothe remake of Dead Space shows what a remake should be.

All the horror elements of the original are there and enhanced by modern technology to give a terrifying experience.

Electronic Arts’ upcoming game was an interesting proposition in an already monotonous survival horror environment. But this gameplay has made us more excited for this upcoming game. With Callisto Protocol also failing to live up to expectations, we hope the Dead Space remake can deliver the space horror stuff.

You can play the game on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, and more. PC. A remake of Dead Space is underway. January 27, 2023, which is not even a week away. Will this game be as successful as the original? Let us know in the comments below.

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