Dead Island 2: Which Pole Belongs to Obi’s Crush?


Dead Island 2 includes countless quests that require us to explore different areas. Similarly, Which pole belongs to Obi’s crush? Dead Island 2 is a quest objective. Clean and Snitch In Beverly Hills. In this guide, we will discuss the steps to complete the task.

Key takeaways

  • Which pole belongs to Obi’s crush? Search has a purpose Clean and Snitch
  • Obi is a pool boy assigned to clean his lover’s pool. He turns out to be a mutant who has to be killed.
  • After finding Obi’s phone, we follow these steps.
    1. Open Obi’s phone through the menu and read his messages.
    2. We learned that he was assigned the task of cleaning a pond. Live Streamers House
    3. go to Bel Air Section of the map
    4. go to Goat pen
    5. We have to kill Obi there.
  • After killing Obi, we collect his key to complete the quest.
  • Using these keys, we open a case that provides access to Electrocutor officer’s sword.

How to Complete Which Pole Belongs to Obi’s Crush

Once we find Obi’s phone after locating Dave’s phone, we follow the steps below to complete the task.

  1. Open the menu.
  2. go Collectables
  3. go to Journal
  4. Scroll to lost and found
  5. Open Obi’s phone and read the messages on it
  6. The message states that Obi was assigned to clean a certain pond. The home of the live streamer
    Image shows Obi's phone message in Dead Island 2.
    Image shows message on Obi’s phone (Image credit: eXputer)
  7. The only hint we get is that the house belongs to a live streamer.
  8. Go to us Bell section of the map
  9. The exact location of the house is in the goat pen..
    The image shows the Goat Pen In Dead Island 2 map.
    Image shows the goat pen in Dead Island 2 (Image credit: eXputer)
  10. At this point, the objective of the quest changes to which pole belongs to Obi’s crush.
  11. We will find it as soon as we go inside the house. Obi there. A mini-boss fight begins there.

How to defeat Obi?

The picture shows Obi the Pole Guy in Dead Island 2.
Image shows Obi the Pool Guy in Dead Island 2 (Image credit: eXputer)

We need to be careful when dealing with Obi. Although it’s not hard to beat, it’s best to catch it carefully. Since Obi is a runner zombie, he can deal a lot of damage. When we defeat Obi, he drops a key that has to be used to complete the rest of the quest. We open the chest at the starting point of the quest in Bel Air. Electrocutor Officer’s Sword and 2000 XP. It marks the end of the struggle.

Electrocutor Officer’s Sword

Electrocutor Officer's Sword in Dead Island 2
The Electrocutor Officer’s Sword is pictured in Dead Island 2 (Image credit: eXputer)

The Electrocutor Officer’s Sword is one of the most useful melee weapons you get by completing quests. The unique thing about this sword is that it is equipped with an electrocutor mod that deals minor damage every time it hits. The sword has the following stats.

  • Power – 202
  • Loss – 167
  • Durability – 65 (Maximum)

Note: Stats may vary depending on the player’s level in the game.


This marks the end of our guide. We hope this will help you complete the task that the pool belongs to Obi’s crush in Dead Island 2. The game has numerous such tasks which are very confusing. We don’t get the exact information about the objective in the game. Similarly, you can complete Nicky’s Prize in Dead Island 2 by reading our guide. Also, we’ve got Dead Island 2 Broke’s safe key location covered for you.


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