Dead Island 2 Tier List: Best & Worst Characters


Dead Island 2 features 6 slayers that you can pick and change the playstyle perspective towards the game. Each character offers a unique playstyle based on their attributes or stats, various skill set, and much more. Our Dead Island 2 tier list has all characters ranked from the best slayer in the game to the average ones. 

Key Takeaways

  • Dead Island 2 has six playable characters called slayers. 
  • Not all characters perform equally when it comes to offense, defense, and overall playstyle. 
  • We have ranked all characters in Dead Island 2 here below:

    1. Jacob: Fierce and adaptable, Jacob’s high stamina and rapid attacks make him an offensive powerhouse, earning him the top spot on our Dead Island 2 tier list.
    2. Carla: Fearless and resilient, Carla thrives in close-quarters combat, with her damage-boosting skills and toughness making her a formidable zombie slayer.

    1. Ryan: Exceptional toughness and resilience define Ryan’s playstyle, focusing on aggressive blocking and dodging to maximize his damage output and defenses.
    2. Bruno: With lethal critical damage and agility, Bruno excels at stealth and strategic positioning, delivering devastating blows from behind.
    3. Dani: Boasting incredible stamina and explosive heavy attacks, Dani can dominate the battlefield and regain health quickly by defeating multiple zombies in succession.

    1. Amy: Amy’s unmatched agility and speed enable her to navigate hordes of zombies with ease, employing tactical decision-making and quick maneuvers to outsmart her enemies.

Here is the overview of the Dead Island 2 tier list where we have ranked all 6 slayers.

Dead Island 2 Slayer Tier list
S-Tier Jacob, Carla
A-Tier Ryan, Bruno, Dani
B-Tier Amy

Comparison Table

Character Name Toughness Stamina Health Recovery Critical Damage Agility Peak Health Resilience
Jacob 3/5 4/5 2/5 3/5 3/5 5/5 1/5
Carla 4/5 3/5 3/5 1/5 2/5 3/5 5/5
Ryan 5/5 3/5 3/5 2/5 1/5 3/5 4/5
Bruno 2/5 3/5 3/5 5/5 4/5 1/5 3/5
Dani 3/5 5/5 1/5 3/5 3/5 4/5 2/5
Amy 1/5 3/5 3/5 4/5 5/5 2/5 3/5


The characters we have ranked in Dead Island 2 S-tier list are the absolute best in the game. Go with these in your zombie-slaying adventure & you will not be disappointed.  


Jacob – Dead Island 2 slayer

Jacob, one of the three male characters in Dead Island 2, is a former stockbroker turned Hollywood stuntman. Hailing from London, Jacob’s adaptability and fearlessness make him a formidable zombie slayer, despite his lack of resilience. In our experience he is the best Dead Island 2 Character.

Jacob’s Stats

  • Toughness: 3/5
  • Stamina: 4/5
  • Health Recovery: 2/5
  • Critical Damage: 3/5
  • Agility: 3/5
  • Peak Health: 5/5
  • Resilience: 1/5

Jacob’s Innate Skills

  • Feral: Offers a stackable minor damage boost when attacking rapidly.
  • Critical Gains: Delivers a moderate critical damage boost and stamina recovery on critical hits with low stamina.

Jacob’s Survivor Skills

  • Serial Killer: Grants a minor damage boost after killing a zombie.
  • Group Therapy: Restores stamina when killing zombies in quick succession.
  • Hack and Dash: Temporarily boosts attack speed after killing a zombie.

Best Playstyle For Jacob

As I play Jacob in Dead Island 2, I find that focusing on his offensive capabilities and leveraging his high stamina is the key to success. By executing rapid attacks, I can take full advantage of his Feral and Critical Gains skills, resulting in increased damage output and sustained stamina.

Additionally, I prioritize unlocking Jacob’s all skills, such as Serial Killer, Group Therapy, and Hack and Dash. These abilities enhance his combat prowess, allowing me to maintain stamina, deal more damage, and attack faster. Embracing Jacob’s relentless, fast-paced playstyle ensures that I can effectively face the challenges and dangers of the zombie apocalypse in Dead Island 2.


Carla – Dead Island 2 character

Carla, a fearless Latina, is one of three female character classes available for players. Hailing from the outskirts of Los Angeles, this motorcycle stunt rider is no stranger to danger, making her well-suited for the challenges of a zombie apocalypse. She comes very close to Jacob but we believe there are a few things that hold her down, making her 2nd best character in our Dead Island 2 tier list.

Carla’s Stats

  • Toughness: 4/5
  • Stamina: 3/5
  • Health Recovery: 3/5
  • Critical Damage: 1/5
  • Agility: 2/5
  • Peak Health: 3/5
  • Resilience: 5/5

Carla’s Innate Skills

  • Mosh Pit: Provides a minor damage boost when in close proximity to multiple zombies.
  • Dig Deep: Grants a moderate toughness boost when health reaches critical levels.

As players progress with Carla, they can unlock and equip her unique skills to further enhance her abilities in battle.

Carla’s Survivor Skills

  • Warhead: Initiates a powerful explosion upon executing a Drop Kick attack, disrupting the stability of nearby zombies.
  • Far From Done: Rapidly blocking attacks or taking damage from zombies grants a minor, stackable damage boost.
  • Steadfast: Successive blocking of attacks yields a moderate increase in both toughness and force.

Recommended Carla Playstyle 

As I play Carla in Dead Island 2, I’ve found that her best playstyle revolves around her incredible resilience and ability to withstand damage. I prefer to engage in close-quarters combat, taking full advantage of her innate skills like Mosh Pit and Dig Deep. This approach allows me to deal more damage when surrounded by zombies and maintain my toughness even when my health is low.

In order to maximize Carla’s potential, I focus on unlocking and utilizing her unique skills, such as Warhead, Far From Done, and Steadfast. These skills complement her natural strengths, enabling me to create powerful explosions with my Drop Kick attacks, boost my damage output when under attack, and bolster my toughness and force when blocking in quick succession. By leveraging these abilities, I’ve discovered that Carla is a force to be reckoned with in the zombie-infested world of Dead Island 2.


The A-ranking Dead Island 2 tier list characters come very close to the top-tier ones but they have a few downsides that we believe hold them down from becoming the ultimate slayer. Still, you will need to adjust to their playstyle a bit by adapting Innate skill and other features to make the most out of these characters in Dead Island 2. 


Ryan – Dead Island 2 hero

Ryan is our second-best slayer in the Dead Island 2 tier list, known for his background as an exotic dancer and his unwavering determination to reunite with his younger brother. With exceptional toughness and resilience, he’s well-equipped to take on the zombie hordes in HELL-A.

Ryan’s Stats

  • Toughness: 5/5
  • Stamina: 3/5
  • Health Recovery: 3/5
  • Critical Damage: 2/5
  • Agility: 1/5
  • Peak Health: 3/5
  • Resilience: 4/5

Ryan’s Innate Skills

  • Retaliation: Gains a moderate force boost when using block or dodge to avoid an attack.
  • Seesaw: Recovers health each time a zombie is knocked down.

Ryan’s Survivor Skills

  • Warhead: Drop Kick attacks cause a powerful explosion, affecting nearby zombies’ stability.
  • Far From Done: Blocking or taking damage in quick succession grants a stackable minor damage boost.
  • Steadfast: Blocking attacks in succession provides a moderate increase in toughness and force.

Recommended Playstyle For Ryan 

When I play as Ryan in Dead Island 2, I focus on capitalizing on his superior toughness and resilience. I adopt an aggressive playstyle, constantly blocking and dodging enemy attacks to benefit from his Retaliation and Steadfast skills. By doing so, I can maximize my damage output and maintain my defenses against the relentless zombie onslaught.

Moreover, I make sure to unlock and utilize Ryan’s unique skills, like Warhead and Far From Done. These skills further enhance his combat abilities, making him an even more formidable fighter. As I face the challenges of Dead Island 2 with Ryan, I am confident in my ability to survive, escape HELL-A,


Bruno, one of the six characters in Dead Island 2, is a native Angelino with a lethal combination of knife skills and Californian charm. Adept at heists and outsmarting enemies, Bruno is the go-to choice for those seeking a challenge in battling the undead.

Bruno’s Stats

  • Toughness: 2/5
  • Stamina: 3/5
  • Health Recovery: 3/5
  • Critical Damage: 5/5
  • Agility: 4/5
  • Peak Health: 1/5
  • Resilience: 3/5

Bruno’s Innate Skills

  • Backstab: Delivers a moderate damage boost when attacking zombies from behind.
  • Rapid Reprisal: Enhances agility and heavy attack charges after avoiding attacks using block or dodge.

Bruno’s Survivor Skills

  • Bob and Weave: Increases attack speed and agility when dodging attacks in quick succession, with stackable effects.
  • Second Wind: Provides a moderate damage boost when attacking a zombie while sprinting.

Best Playstyle For Bruno

When I play as Bruno in Dead Island 2, I focus on exploiting his exceptional critical damage and agility. By strategically positioning myself behind zombies, I utilize his Backstab skill to maximize damage. In addition, I frequently dodge and block attacks to trigger Rapid Reprisal, boosting Bruno’s agility and heavy attack capabilities.

To enhance Bruno’s combat skills, I unlock his unique skills, Bob and Weave and Second Wind. These abilities improve attack speed and provide additional damage when sprinting. By combining agility, critical damage, and stealth, I can confidently tackle the zombie-infested world of Dead Island 2 with Bruno.


Dani – Dead Island 2 slayer

Dani, the second-best female character in Dead Island 2, hails from County Cork, Ireland. A tough, foul-mouthed brawler with a twisted sense of humor, she brings her roller derby experience to the fight against the undead.

Dani’s Stats

  • Toughness: 3/5
  • Stamina: 5/5
  • Health Recovery: 1/5
  • Critical Damage: 3/5
  • Agility: 3/5
  • Peak Health: 4/5
  • Resilience: 2/5

Dani’s Innate Skills

  • Thunderstruck: Heavy attacks trigger a forceful explosion upon impact.
  • Bloodlust: Regains health when defeating multiple zombies in quick succession.

Dani’s Survivor Skills

  • Invigorating: Countering attacks restores extra health.
  • The Limb Reaper: Recovers lost health when maiming zombies.
  • Serial Killer: Grants a temporary mild damage boost after killing a zombie.
  • Vivisuction: Restores health when hitting a zombie with Dash Strike.

Recommended Playstyle For Dani

As I play as Dani in Dead Island 2, I leverage her incredible stamina and explosive heavy attacks to dominate the battlefield. With Thunderstruck, I can deal significant damage to multiple enemies at once. Bloodlust allows me to regain health when quickly dispatching zombies, compensating for her slow health recovery.

I also focus on unlocking Dani’s unique skills, which further enhance her survivability and damage potential. Combining Invigorating, The Limb Reaper, and Vivisuction, I can continuously restore health during intense battles. With the added damage boost from Serial Killer, Dani becomes a formidable force in Dead Island 2, capable of plowing through hordes of zombies with ease.


The B-ranking Dead Island 2 character tier list contains just Amy and we think she is the weakest character out of all six slayers in the game right now. She could maybe get a buff in future game updates. However, in the current state of the game, we do not recommend you invest too much time while playing as Amy. 


Amy – Dead Island 2 Hero

Amy, the least preferred female character by us in the Dead Island 2 tier list, is a Paralympian with a fierce competitive spirit. Her love for running and problem-solving has made her a formidable survivor in the zombie apocalypse.

Amy’s Stats

  • Toughness: 1/5
  • Stamina: 3/5
  • Health Recovery: 3/5
  • Critical Damage: 4/5
  • Agility: 5/5
  • Peak Health: 2/5
  • Resilience: 3/5

Amy’s Innate Skills

  • Relief Pitcher: Regains stamina when hitting a zombie with a weapon throw.
  • Divide and Conquer: Gains a minor damage boost when attacking isolated zombies.

Amy’s Survivor Skills

  • Bob and Weave: Dodging attacks in quick succession grants a moderate boost to attack speed and agility that stacks multiple times.
  • Safe Space: Using a Medkit triggers an explosion that pushes zombies back.
  • Shin Shrapnel: Increases slide attack damage and knocks over zombies.
  • Vivisuction: Restores health when hitting a zombie with Dash Strike.

Amy’s Playstyle

When I play as Amy in Dead Island 2, I utilize her exceptional agility and speed to navigate the hordes of zombies. Her innate skills, Relief Pitcher and Divide and Conquer, help me maintain stamina and deal increased damage to lone enemies.

I also focus on unlocking Amy’s unique skills to further enhance her survivability and combat effectiveness. Bob and Weave grants me additional agility and attack speed, while Safe Space provides crowd control when using Medkits. Combining Shin Shrapnel and Vivisuction allows me to deal damage and recover health while moving swiftly around the battlefield. Amy’s playstyle thrives on quick maneuvers and tactical decision-making, making her a thrilling character to control in Dead Island 2.

Tier List Criteria

We have had a fair share of time playing Dead Island 2 since its release. The Dead Island 2 tier list is based on our experience with all 6 slayers in the game, and how their skills and stats change the overall gameplay perspective. Our ranking may or may not be similar to what you experience in the game and that is why the ranking is not up for further discussion. 

Wrapping Up

And we have reached at the end of our titer list where we have basically ranked all Dead Island 2 characters. Have you played with all six characters so far? Who are on your top three list? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.


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