Dead Island 2 Stats: The Definitive Guide


Dead Island 2 Attributes or stats are the heart and soul of all six playable Slayers in the game. The base stats are fixed for all characters and increase appropriately as you progress the game, and level up. Understanding the impact of stats will drastically shape your experience in Hell-A, and you must pick the Dead Island 2 best character that suits your playstyle the most.  

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Key Takeaways

  • Dead Island 2 features 7 Stats or Attributes for all six Slayers in the game.
  • Here are all the Stats:
    1. Toughness
    2. Stamina
    3. Health Recovery
    4. Critical Damage
    5. Agility
    6. Peak Health
    7. Resilience
  • Each character in Dead Island 2 comes with varied stats and here is the breakdown of the highest & lowest character attributes for each character:
    • Highest stat for each character:
      1. Amy: Agility
      2. Bruno: Critical Damage
      3. Carla: Resilience
      4. Dani: Stamina
      5. Jacob: Peak Health
      6. Ryan: Toughness
    • Characters with a particular lower stat:
      1. Amy: Toughness
      2. Bruno: Peak Health
      3. Carla: Critical Damage
      4. Dani: Health Recovery
      5. Jacob: Resilience
      6. Ryan: Agility
  • Here are the four best methods to increase character stats in Dead Island 2:
    1. Level up your character by gaining experience through various activities.
    2. Equip high-quality Dead Island 2 best weapons that provide bonuses to specific attributes.
    3. Utilize character-specific perks to boost certain stats temporarily.
    4. Benefit from teammates’ abilities and passive bonuses in co-op multiplayer for indirect stat enhancements.

What Are The Stats Or Attributes In Dead Island 2?

When it comes to Dead Island 2 Stats explained, the character attributes play a crucial role in defining your in-game experience and overall playstyle. These attributes influence various aspects of your character’s performance, such as movement speed, damage output, health, and resistance to status effects. With each level up, your character’s base attributes increase, enhancing their abilities and effectiveness in the game.

Here are the Dead Island 2 Attributes or stats distributed appropriately in all six characters based on their persona:

  1. Toughness
  2. Stamina
  3. Health Recovery
  4. Critical Damage
  5. Agility
  6. Peak Health
  7. Resilience

Why Stats Are Important?

The importance of these attributes lies in their impact on gameplay, dictating how well-equipped your character is to face the hordes of zombies and challenges in Dead Island 2. Understanding the significance of these attributes and how they complement your preferred playstyle is essential to creating a balanced and powerful character.

Important: Our Dead Island 2 tier list ranks all characters in the game based on what they offer so make sure you read that too besides just picking a character based on higher stat numbers.
  • By strategically selecting and improving your character’s attributes, you can tailor your gameplay experience to your preferences, whether that means being agile and evasive or sturdy and resilient.
  • These attributes can be temporarily altered by in-game Legendary weapons, buffs, and debuffs, adding a layer of strategy and adaptability to your approach in combat.
  • Overall, character stats and attributes in Dead Island 2 provide the framework for an immersive character customization experience.

Agility: Swift Movement & Evasion

Agility is a crucial stat that determines a character’s base movement speed and ability to evade zombie attacks. Characters with high agility can quickly navigate through hordes of zombies and escape tight spots with ease.

  • Amy possesses the highest agility among all characters, allowing her to swiftly outmaneuver zombies.
  • In contrast, Ryan has the lowest agility, making him slower but compensating for his other strengths.

Critical Damage: Powerful & Deadly Strikes

Critical Damage, one of the important Dead Island 2 Stats explained in our guide, determines the extra damage dealt when performing a critical hit with a melee or ranged weapon. Players looking to swiftly eliminate zombies should choose a character with a high critical damage stat.

  • Bruno excels in this category, making his critical hits exceptionally devastating.
  • Carla, on the other hand, has the lowest critical damage, but her other attributes make up for this weakness.

Health Recovery: Quick Regeneration In Dire Situations

Health Recovery is an essential stat that dictates how quickly a character’s health recovers when they are critically hurt or during normal health regeneration. Players who want to minimize downtime and stay in the fight should focus on characters with high health recovery.

  • Both Carla and Ryan have the highest health recovery stat, allowing them to bounce back quickly from damage.
  • Dani has the lowest health recovery, requiring her to rely more on items and caution during combat.

Peak Health: Maximum Survivability

Peak Health reflects the maximum amount of health a character can have. Characters with higher peak health can withstand more damage from zombies, making them ideal for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle.

  • Jacob has the highest peak health, making him a formidable tank in battles against the undead.
  • Conversely, Bruno has the lowest peak health, requiring him to be more cautious and rely on his other strengths to survive.

Resilience: Enduring Status Effects & Elemental Damage

Resilience is a crucial stat that determines a character’s protection against harmful status effects and elemental damage inflicted by zombies or environmental hazards. Players who want to minimize the impact of these effects should prioritize characters with high resilience.

  • Carla is the most resilient character, allowing her to endure status effects and elemental damage with relative ease.
  • Jacob has the lowest resilience, making him more susceptible to these debilitating effects.

Stamina: Sustained Attacks & Special Moves

Stamina is an essential attribute that dictates how many heavy attacks and special moves a character can perform before becoming tired. Characters with high stamina can maintain their offensive pressure for longer periods, making them more effective in combat.

  • Dani excels in this category, allowing her to unleash a relentless barrage of attacks on the zombie horde.
  • Jacob, Carla, and Ryan share the lowest stamina, requiring them to be more strategic with their abilities.

Toughness: Resisting Physical Damage From Zombies

Toughness, another important Dead Island 2 Stats explained in our article, determines how much physical damage a character can withstand from zombie attacks and bites. It does not protect against elemental damage. Characters with high toughness are ideal for players who prefer to engage zombies up close and personal.

  • Ryan boasts the highest toughness, making him a formidable frontline fighter.
  • Amy, on the other hand, has the lowest toughness, requiring her to rely on her agility and evasive tactics to avoid damage.

How To Increase Dead Island 2 Attributes Or Stats?

To tailor your character to your preferred playstyle, it is essential to understand how to increase their stats. There are a few direct methods that impact or offer an increase in your Slayer’s stats. However, there are a few frugal methods or workarounds that can potentially increase stats temporarily. 

Level Up

As you progress through the game, reach max level, and gain experience by completing missions, defeating zombies, and exploring the world, your character will eventually level up. Each time your survivor gains a level, their base attributes will automatically increase depending on their unique growth rates. Therefore, actively engaging in activities that grant experience points will naturally boost your character’s stats over time.


The weapons your character equips can significantly influence their stats. High-quality equipment may grant bonuses to specific attributes, such as increased agility or toughness. Experimenting with different weapon types can also lead to discovering new playstyles and enhancing your character’s combat capabilities. Be sure to explore the world thoroughly, complete missions, and defeat challenging enemies to acquire powerful weapons that boost your character’s attributes.

Character-Specific Perks

Each character in Dead Island 2 has unique perks that can provide a substantial boost to certain stats when activated. For example, a character may have a perk that temporarily increases their stamina, allowing them to perform more special moves in quick succession. Utilizing these character-specific perks wisely can give you a considerable edge in combat, especially during tough encounters against overwhelming zombie hordes or powerful bosses.

Double The Stats Via Co-op

Dead Island 2 supports co-op multiplayer, allowing you to team up with friends or other players to tackle the zombie-infested world together. By working closely with your teammates, you can benefit from their abilities and passive bonuses, which can indirectly enhance your own character’s stats.

For example, a teammate with a high resilience stat may draw aggro from the zombies, allowing you to freely attack without taking damage. Coordinating your playstyles and abilities with your team can lead to a more enjoyable and successful gameplay experience.

How Stats Impact Each Slayer In Dead Island 2?

Stats mainly impact the character you’ve picked for the zombie-slaying experience in Hell-A. While you cannot manually toggle, increase, or decrease the stats of all six slayers in the game, you can pick a particular character for the playstyle they offer. 

We have listed Dead Island 2 attributes for all slayers here along with various scenarios as an example of where they’d shine the most. Dead Island 2 Stats explained guide is easier to digest if you continue reading the following:

Jacob: The Resilient Brawler

Jacob – Dead Island 2 slayer
Jacob’s Stats Rating (/5)
Toughness 3
Stamina 4
Health Recovery 2
Critical Damage 3
Agility 3
Peak Health 5
Resilience 1

Jacob’s high Peak Health and balanced stats make him a versatile survivor capable of adapting to various situations. His resilience to damage allows him to be an effective frontline fighter in Dead Island 2.

Scenario: Jacob excels in situations where he needs to hold his ground against large groups of zombies. His high health pool enables him to absorb damage, while his moderate Stamina and Critical Damage allow him to deal consistent damage to multiple enemies. He can act as a reliable tank, drawing the attention of the undead and protecting his teammates from harm.

Carla: The Status Effect Specialist

Carla – Dead Island 2 character
Carla’s Stats Rating (/5)
Toughness 4
Stamina 3
Health Recovery 3
Critical Damage 1
Agility 2
Peak Health 3
Resilience 5

Carla’s high Resilience and Health Recovery Dead Island 2 Attributes make her a survivor who can withstand various status effects and recover quickly from damage. Her ability to resist harmful effects enables her to tackle challenging enemies and environmental hazards with ease.

Example: Carla shines in areas with numerous traps or special zombies that inflict status effects, such as toxic or burning damage. Her high resilience allows her to resist these effects, while her decent Health Recovery ensures that she can quickly regain lost health. As a result, Carla is an excellent choice for players who prefer to explore hazardous environments or engage in combat with special zombie types.

Ryan: The Indomitable Tank

Ryan – Dead Island 2 hero
Ryan’s Stats Rating (/5)
Toughness 5
Stamina 3
Health Recovery 3
Critical Damage 2
Agility 1
Peak Health 3
Resilience 4

Ryan’s high Toughness, Resilience, and Health Recovery stats make him an excellent choice for players who want to withstand significant damage and protect their allies. His durability allows him to remain on the front lines, even in the most chaotic battles.

Test Run: Ryan excels in situations where he needs to defend a critical location or protect his team from overwhelming hordes of zombies. His high Toughness and Resilience make him a formidable barrier, absorbing damage and drawing the attention of the undead. His Health Recovery ensures that he can quickly regain lost health, maintaining his position as the team’s shield.

Bruno aka Lil Pump: The Critical Strike Assassin

Bruno’s Stats Rating (/5)
Toughness 2
Stamina 3
Health Recovery 3
Critical Damage 5
Agility 4
Peak Health 1
Resilience 3

Bruno’s high Critical Damage and Agility stats make him a deadly and swift slayer, capable of quickly eliminating high-priority targets. His ability to deal massive damage with precise strikes allows him to take down powerful enemies efficiently.

Scenario: Bruno excels in situations where he needs to focus on eliminating special zombies or enemy leaders quickly. His high Critical Damage allows him to deliver devastating blows to these high-priority targets, while his Agility enables him to quickly navigate the battlefield and evade incoming attacks. As a result, Bruno is an excellent choice for players who prefer a stealthy and surgical approach to combat.

Dani: The Energetic Striker

Dani – Dead Island 2 Slayer
Dani’s Stats Rating (/5)
Toughness 3
Stamina 5
Health Recovery 1
Critical Damage 3
Agility 3
Peak Health 4
Resilience 2

Dani’s high Stamina and balanced Attributes make her a highly mobile and versatile fighter, able to engage in extended battles and deliver consistent damage. Her ability to perform multiple special moves in succession allows her to maintain offensive pressure and control the battlefield.

Example: Dani excels in situations where she needs to engage in prolonged fights against large groups of zombies. Her high Stamina allows her to use her special moves frequently, enabling her to deal consistent damage and control the flow of battle. Additionally, her balanced stats ensure that she can adapt to various combat scenarios, making her a reliable and versatile fighter.

Amy: The Agile Scavenger

Amy – Dead Island 2 Hero
Amy’s Stats Rating (/5)
Toughness 1
Stamina 3
Health Recovery 3
Critical Damage 4
Agility 5
Peak Health 2
Resilience 3

Amy’s high Agility and moderate stat distribution make her a fast and evasive survivor, capable of quickly navigating the battlefield and scavenging resources. Her ability to avoid damage and swiftly move through the environment makes her an excellent choice for players who prefer hit-and-run tactics or exploration.

Scenario: Amy excels in situations where she needs to quickly traverse the environment, either to escape danger or gather valuable resources. Her high Agility allows her to quickly outmaneuver zombies and evade incoming attacks, while her balanced stats ensure that she can hold her own in combat when necessary. As a result, Amy is an excellent choice for players who enjoy exploration and hit-and-run tactics, such as scavenging supplies in hostile areas or completing objectives with tight time constraints.

Final Remarks

And we have reached the end of our Dead Island 2 stats explained guide where we have given you basic information, and a lot of examples so that you can digest how the character attribute plays a crucial role in the game. Whatever Slayer you pick, you must first consider the base stats they come up with, because that will define the kind of experience you can get from Dead Island 2.


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