Dead Island 2: Nicky’s Reward Key [Location, Lockbox, Rewards]


After facing and defeating the first Screamer, Nicky Gutte, we will gain access to his mansion. We will find both Nikki’s prize key outside the mansion and the lockbox inside the mansion in Dead Island 2.

Key takeaways

  • Defeating Nicky Gatte grants access to his mansion in the Beverly Hills region.
  • Can be obtained by defeating Nicky’s Reward Key. Target practice zombies On Hiking trails I North-western part of the district
  • The Lockbox: Located at Nikki’s Bounty Reward. First floor Nicky Gutte’s PalaceInside a Closet.
  • Rewards for opening lockboxes include: Superior Ranged Liquidator Mod, cashAnd Toxic liquidator termination event.
  • Tips for defeating Nicky Gutte include staying. behind Focusing on it Murder First of all, using Block Buttons, and the rest mobile To avoid this scream And other zombies.

Nicky’s Reward Key

Location target practice zombies
Location of target practice zombies – [Image by eXputer]

In the areas of Beverly Hill, after exploring North-western part of the district, we found Target practice zombies. He keeps Nicky Prize Key And will be born on it. Hiking trails In Dead Island 2.

Nikki Price's Killing Target Practice Zombies
Kill target practice zombies for Nicky Prize Key – [Image by eXputer]

Once we Defeated Target practice zombies in the northwest part of the district, we used the key we found in Nicky Gutte’s mansion. This is the mansion we stayed in during our journey. The main storyWhere we also fought. Nicky Guttefirst time screamer.

Lockbox: Nicky’s Bounty Reward

Location lockbox
Location of Lock Box – [Image by eXputer]

Found in the lockbox for the key. Nikki Gutte’s mansion On First floor. On reaching First floorhead in directly The room in front of the stairs. There, we found Lock box: Nicky’s Grace Award Within Closet.

Nicky Bounty Reward Lockbox
Lockbox: Nicky Bounty Reward – [Image by eXputer]


  • Superior Ranged Liquidator Mod
  • cash
  • Toxic liquidator termination event

Tips to beat Nicky Gutte in Dead Island 2

Nicky Gutte
Fighting Nicky Gutte – [Image by eXputer]

In Dead Island 2, bosses such as Nicky Gutte serve as a way to introduce players to different types of infected. Nikki Gutte is a slender and fierce creature with the ability to emit screams that can immobilize her prey.

  • stay behind Nicky held on for at most a second longer to avoid the effects of his sound waves.
  • Remember that his scream Lure other zombies into the area, so focus on killing him. The first To avoid being overwhelmed.
  • Nicky has it. swipes With his arms, so there’s no other unique movement to see.
  • When Nikki screams, she walking speed is significantly less. Catch Block Press the button to partially lower it and move towards Nicky to attack him when you get close enough to finally interrupt his scream.
  • Even if you get caught in one of the early waves, use a Charge attack or a weapon Throw in one of Nicky’s screams to cut it.
  • Must stay. mobilewhich will help you avoid Niki and him. scream And prevent other zombies from overpowering you.


In Dead Island 2, defeating Nicky Gatte gives access to his mansion in the Beverly Hills region. The Nikki Reward Key can be obtained by defeating the target practice zombies on the hiking trail in the northwestern part of the district. Read our guide on Brock’s Safe Key Location and access the Safe of Broseidon. Learn about classes, characters and stats in Dead Island 2.


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