Dead Island 2: My Mailman Was a Zombie [Walkthrough]


Dead Island 2 is full of missions and quests to complete, and you may have found yourself stumbling across a mission called “My Mailman Was a Zombie,” otherwise known as Dead Eye. Also called Land 2 Lost and Found. The mission involves you tracking down the delivery person’s steps to find the chest and unlock the weapons inside. Below we’ve included all the information you need to know to complete Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was A Zombie Quest!

Key takeaways

  • This includes Finding Dead Island 2. find a Mailman who delivered a certain package and searched for a key.
  • There is 3 different leaves try; Goat pen, Near Curt Sinclair HouseAnd Bel Air Starting Point.
  • Visiting all 3 locations is necessary to fully complete the mission.
  • Mailman, now in his slowest form, is at the Bel Air starting point.
  • Make sure Save yourself From Projectile vomiting From Slobber.
  • Loot the key from the mailman, and you’ll get one. Raven Once you enter it in Chest of Arms.

How to complete Dead Island 2 My mailman was a zombie.

This mission is unlike the other Dead Island 2 Lost and Found missions in which you only have one journal entry to find. This entry contains 3 different addresses, which makes finding the mailman an extremely difficult task. You can check out our guide below, and help yourself to complete the quest easily.

Leaves on maps
The Goat Pan and Kurt Sinclair House in Dead Island 2

Address #1 – Goat pen

Once you navigate to the goat pen, walk up to the door but don’t go inside. To your right, you’ll see a couple of stacked packages, meaning the mailman delivered here and to the left. It also means it’s not the location you’re looking for, so walk up to the boxes, negotiate and leave the location.

You can now proceed to the next location, near the Kurt Sinclair House, completing the first stage of this Dead Island 2 Lost and Found mission.

Address #2 – Near Curt Sinclair House

You will find another place here. Look for a gate that blocks the path of Kurt Sinclair’s neighbor, and you’ll find some packages stacked up like before. Again, walk up to the packages, interact with them, and walk out. Now continue your way to the next and final destination. It marks the midway point of Dead Island 2. My Mailman was a zombie mission.

Address #3 – Bel Air Starting Point

Address #3 on the map
Bel Air starting point in Dead Island 2.

In the second story mission, you’ll encounter a garage in Bel Air. Here is the mailman; Now transformed into a Slobber, accompanied by many caravans of zombies. Use your strength and take out the mailman. Make sure you take care and don’t get fatal projectile vomit on your person.

Once you’ve successfully defeated the Slobber Mailman, make sure to loot the key he drops. This indicates you have almost completed the mission. Now you can head to the weapon chest to complete the Dead Island 2 My Mailman A Zombie mission.

Chest of Arms

Go back to the weapons chest, where this mission started and you found the diary. Insert the key into the box and unlock it. This gives you access to Raven. A sharpshooter rifle. It’s an extremely powerful weapon that specializes in taking out zombies up close and at a distance! You can use this gun until you get your hands on something better, but until then, it’s a great weapon to have around.


We’ll wrap up this guide today, and we hope the information above was enough to complete the mission without any hiccups. Check out other guides such as Dead Island 2 and How to Beat Dead Island 2: Classes, Characters and Statuses Explained. Let us know in the comments below if you want more guides like this!


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