Dead Island 2: Location of the Goat Pan Master Keys


Goat pen I have an impressive house. Bel Air. Before the zombie outbreak, a group of streamers and content creators lived in the Goatpen. Dead Island 2 Goatpen Master Keys is a set of keys found in Goatpen. These keys can be used to open many locked room doors from the inside. Goat pen.

Key takeaways

  • Goat Pan is an impressive home located in Bel Air. Dead Island 2.
  • I got the master keys. Goat pen Can be used to open almost every door inside a goat pen.
  • To get the master keys, we need to go to the quest called “creature comfortsAssigned by Curtis Sinclair.
  • We will need to complete this quest successfully. Goat Pen Master Keys.
  • There are two ways to get Dead Island 2 Goat Pan Master Keys.
    1. The first is that we have to find and kill a zombie. Goat Pen Jamie.
    2. The second is that we have to find the master keys from within. The main bedroom. We can either use the poolside area or use the terrace to enter the master bedroom.

Dead Island 2 Goat Pan Master Keys Locations

There are two ways to search. Goat Pen Master Keys. Either by finding and killing Goat Pen Jamie Or finding keys inside a locked master bedroom. On the first visit to the Goat Pen, we won’t be able to get our hands on the Master Keys.

To get the master keys, we need to revisit the goat pen. But this time, for a side quest. We have to complete all aspects. Curtis Sinclair Gives us until we get to the “Creature Comforts” quest. In this quest, we must find a goat pen for something. Vintage wine For Curtis

Goat Pen Jamie

As we try to open the vintage wine room of the goat pen, it asks. Goat Pen Master Keys. Now, to get the master keys, we have to find a zombie. Goat Pen Jamie. After finding him, we have to kill him and he will release it. Goat Pen Master Keys. Goat Pan Jamie can usually be found in the bowling area just below the Vintage Wine Room. Follow the steps below to get to the bowling area:

  • Facing the vintage wine room, turn around and head right back to the pool area.
Vintage Wine Room
Locked vintage wine room
  • To the left, we saw the stairs.
  • Start climbing down those stairs and reach the ground.
  • After covering some distance we took a right turn.
  • After walking a little further we saw Goat pen logo On the wall in front of us.
Goat pen logo on the wall
Goat pen logo
  • To the right of the logo, there is an open door leading to it. Bowling areas.
  • We entered and proceeded towards the bowling area.
  • When we reached the bowling area, we encountered a zombie. Goat Pen Jamie.
Bowling area
Goat Pan Jamie in the Bowling Area
  • After engaging in a fight with a zombie, we kill it.
  • Once the zombie is dead it will drop it. Dead Island 2 Goat Pan Master Keys.
Goat Pen Master Keys
Got the goat pen master keys.
  • Pick up the keys and return to the vintage wine room to get a bottle of vintage wine for Curtis.

The main bedroom

Another way to get our hands on it Goat Pen Master Keys to go inside The main bedroom Goat pen. The master bedroom itself requires master keys but there are different ways to get into the master bedroom and get the master keys from inside the bedroom.

There are two different ways to enter the master bedroom. Both of these are discussed at the bottom of the guide.

By the pool

  • To the right of the master bedroom, there is a Swimming pool.
  • As we headed towards the pool, we saw a window that took us inside the master bedroom.
Poolside master bedroom windows
Master bedroom window
  • A window can be broken by throwing a. weapon.
  • Since the glass fence of the pool is breakable, we broke that too.
  • The next thing we did was jump from the pool to the window ledge.
  • Although this jump would take multiple attempts as it was not possible for us to grab the ledge on the first try.
Inside the master bedroom
Inside the master bedroom
  • Once we got in, what was left was to grab. Master Keys which were placed on the small table right next to the white bed covered in blood.
  • now, Master’ss was in our possession and we were able to open the vintage wine room.

the roof

  • Another way to enter The main bedroom is from the roof.
  • First we went to the roof. Goat pen And searched the roof terrace. The main bedroom.
  • Master Bedroom Ceiling Map: Go to the place marked with a red circle.
Master bedroom ceiling plan
  • Once we figured out the room, all that was left was to get inside.
Master bedroom balcony
Master bedroom terrace
  • For this we broke the glass fence of the ceiling and jumped on a white chair to avoid the fall damage.
  • The rest of the process is the same, we entered the bedroom, grabbed the keys on the white table and we were all set to go.

The final take

With all the locations provided in the above guide, our guide on how to get Dead Island 2 Goat Pan Master Keys comes to an end. As discussed there are only two ways to get your hands on Master Keys. The first and easiest way to get Master Keys is to kill zombies.Goat Pen Jamie“The other is to enter. The main bedroom In unethical ways

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