Dead Island 2 Lil Pump [Stats & Skills]


While the infamous rapper Lil Pump I do not appear Dead Island 2a playable character named Bruno looks strikingly similar to him.

Important: There is a lil pump. Not playable In Dead Island 2. Instead, the name of the playable character Bruno Sounds exactly like it.

Key takeaways

  • While Lil Pump Not in Dead Island 2 itself, there is a playable character named Bruno Which looks exactly like it.
  • He is one of them. 6 Playable Characters in Dead Island 2
  • Bruno Relies heavily on moving quickly and making high-end deals. Severe damage To kill your enemies.
  • In addition, he highly poor health, So taking any damage can be fatal.
  • with the Backstab The skill is able to deal extra damage after hitting enemies with Bruno behind
  • Swift revenge Increases Bruno’s speed when blocking or dodging enemy attacks, boosted defensive Play.
  • Bob and be Grant Bruno. speed On dodging consecutive attacks.
  • Bruno gets it. Increase in attack Power if he attacks while running with the enemy. Second wind skill

Who is Lil Pump in Dead Island 2?

  • A character is called Bruno is called Lil Pump By the majority of the Dead Island 2 community.
  • Although we were very excited and curious, it’s done. Confirmed That is the character no Lil Pump.
Dead Island 2 Lil Pump
The official trailer for Bruno’s exhibition
  • Also, Bruno is one of them. 6 playable Characters in Dead Island 2

Bruno’s playstyle

  • Bruno depends heavily on Severe damage To kill enemies.
  • In addition, his Health To compensate for his high damage is extremely low compared to other characters.
  • Thus, he is one “Glass Cannon” Kind character.
  • Also, as he is fast on his own feet, We recommend that you keep moving forward and dodging enemy attacks.
  • With a playstyle that’s fast-paced, you can take down any type of enemy.

Bruno’s skills and stats

Lil Pump Dead Island 2
Character select screen displaying Bruno’s stats Photo by eXputer
  • Hardness: 2
  • Endurance: 3
  • Restoration of health: 3
  • Critical Damage: 5
  • Agility: 4
  • Peak Health: 1
  • Flexibility: 3

Also, here are Bruno’s Abilities he can use while fighting against zombies.


With the Backstab skill, Bruno is able to deal extra damage if he attacks enemies. behind

Swift revenge

Rapid revenge fuels Bruno’s movement. speed and heavy attack Charges To avoid or defend against an attack.

Bob and Wave

Bob and weave skills allow Bruno to increase his speed. attacks And Agility By constantly dodging enemy attacks.

Second wind

Second wind promotes inward. loss On attacking a fleeing enemy.


Dead Island 2 is the sequel to the beloved original zombie-killing game. Releasing on 21-Apr-2023, the game features 6 playable characters, next-gen enhanced graphics, and a fun coop Thanks to the mod, this game is one of the best if you want to have some dumb fun with friends by slaughtering a bunch of zombies.

And there you have it; With our Lil Pump Dead Island 2 guide, you’ll get to know a lot about the character Bruno, who looks exactly like Lil Pump.

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