Dead Island 2 Legendary Weapons [Location, Stats]


Dead Island 2 legendary weapons are perhaps the most unique and strongest arsenal in the game. The weapons follow a rarity system, with the legendary weapons being at the top of the tier list. Consequently, so, they’re the strongest yet the trickiest to acquire in the game, with some not being available until after you’ve completed Dead Island 2 at least once. That is why we’ll discuss each legendary weapon in detail and also how to acquire them.

Important: It is worth noting that if you’re unable to find a certain legendary weapon, you might need to progress further in the story to do so.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 8 different legendary weapons in Dead Island 2 and they all have different requirements for acquiring them.
  • Emma’s Wrath: A powerful Bullzdozer-type weapon that functions as an axe, sledgehammer, and shotgun, acquired by completing the final story mission in Dead Island 2.
  • The One: A legendary sword that applies the Weakened status effect, making it ideal for boss fights, and obtained by completing the “Beacon of Hope” side quest.
  • Party Starter: A brass knuckles Frenzy-type weapon that inflicts fire damage and grants damage boosts to consecutive hits on zombies, acquired by completing the “Drunk and Disorderly” quest.
  • Blood Rage: A close-quarters legendary dagger that inflicts bleed damage and can spread it to multiple enemies; acquired by completing the Fool’s Gold quest in Santa Monica Pier’s Lifeguard HQ.
  • Brutalizer: A maiming-type machete that weakens and maims zombies, ideal for taking out hordes; acquired by completing Francesca’s Body Art side quest line in Beverly Hills.
  • Krakatoa: A legendary axe that sets zombies ablaze with every swing, deadly and versatile; acquired by completing the “Missing: Steve” quest.
  • Bodycount: A rapid-fire legendary rifle that inflicts the Bleeding status effect and ideal for medium-range combat; acquired by completing the Redacted quest in the Military Barracks in Venice Beach.
  • Big Shot: A unique and powerful demolition-type revolver that functions like a pocket-sized rocket launcher, capable of causing the Traumatized effect on zombies; acquired by completing the “It’s Not Your Fault” quest given by Luciana at Emma’s Mansion in Bel Air.
  • It is ideal to choose a weapon while keeping in mind your character’s attributes and the weapon’s type.

Dead Island 2 Legendary Weapons Overview

Weapon Type Obtained From Mods Perks Damage
Emma’s Wrath Bulldozer Hollywood Ending Superior Melee Impactor Overkill & Shockwave 1,550
The One Maiming Beacon of Hope Side Quest Superior Melee Mutilator Headhunter & Swift Blow 1,355
Party Starter Frenzy Drunk and Disorderly Side Quest Superior Melee Cremator Spitting Fire & Skilled 759
Blood Rage Headhunter Fool’s Gold Side Quest Superior Melee Puncturator Infectious & Agile 1,099
Brutalizer Maiming Francesca’s Body Art Side Quest Superior Melee Mutilator Bloodlust & Contagious 1,135
Krakatoa Maiming Missing: Steve Side Quest Superior Melee Cremator Reaper & Tear ‘N Snear 1,508
Bodycount Rapid-fire Redacted Superior Ranged Punctuator Blood Thirsty & Exit Wound 877
Big Shot Demolition It’s Not Your Fault Side Quest Superior Ranged Impactor Boomstick & Russian Roulette 2,619

Emma’s Wrath

Emma’s Wrath [captured by us]

Emma’s Wrath, a legendary Bullzdozer-type weapon in Dead Island 2, stands out as one of the most formidable melee weapons in Dead Island 2. This hybrid axe/sledgehammer is known for its immense power, capable of eliminating zombies with a single strike. The true allure of Emma’s Wrath lies in its versatility, as the weapon also functions as a shotgun, making it a formidable force against the undead.

  • Acquiring Emma’s Wrath requires players to complete the game’s final story mission, “Hollywood Ending.”
  • Although it is one of the more accessible legendary weapons, it remains one of the most powerful melee options available.
  • With the Guardian Perk and Superior Melee Impactor mod in place, Emma’s Wrath is transformed into an unstoppable force.

The sledgehammer aspect of Emma’s Wrath inflicts significant physical damage, sending traumatized zombies flying upon impact. These airborne zombies then damage any other enemies they collide with, enhancing the weapon’s effectiveness.

  • Emma’s Wrath comes with a fixed Superior Melee Impactor Mod that allows you to inflict the traumatized effect on enemies as well as attain major physical damage and force boost.
  • Additionally, thanks to the Overkill Perk, stomping a zombie charges a shotgun blast, which is unleashed the next time the player strikes.
  • And due to the Shockwave perk, knocking down zombies with Emma’s Wrath also triggers an explosion, making it a fearsome weapon for crowd control.

Upon obtaining Emma’s Wrath, players can rest assured that it won’t be lost accidentally. This unique item cannot be sold or scrapped for parts, safeguarding it from unintentional disposal. If the weapon is misplaced, players can find it in their Unclaimed Property tab within any weapons locker located in safe houses.

The One

The One Katana showcase [image by us]

The One is a formidable weapon that deserves a spot in your arsenal. The legendary sword, which pays homage to the Highlander franchise, is not only a visually stunning movie prop but also boasts an incredibly sharp edge perfect for slicing through hordes of zombies. Although katanas are popular choices in zombie games, The One sets itself apart with its impressive damage potential.

  • To get hold of such a powerful weapon, you’ll need to complete the “Beacon of Hope” side quest, which can be found in the Hollywood Boulevard area.
  • While we don’t want to spoil the exact location of the quest’s beginning due to story spoilers, we encourage you to explore Dead Island 2’s final unlockable region, as it is quite easy to discover on your own.

The One is able to apply for the Weakened status after every successive hit, making it amazing against those zombie types, such as bosses, that have higher health.

  • The ability is part of the Superior Melee Mutilator Mod.
  • The mod makes it easier for you to tear through some of Dead Island 2’s toughest enemies, outperforming other weapons like katanas in terms of damage.
  • Another intriguing feature of The One, due to the Headhunter Perk, is that it triggers explosions when you decapitate zombies, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.
  • Despite not being as fast as a katana, this legendary sword more than makes up for it in terms of raw power.
  • But it still manages to make up for the majority of its lack of speed through its second perk, Swift Blow. It allows you to charge heavy attacks much faster than an average sword.

Party Starter

Party Starter showcase [image by eXputer]

Party Starter is a Dead Island 2 legendary weapon that resembles brass knuckles and is a Frenzy-type weapon. This unique weapon not only inflicts fire damage but also grants a significant damage boost to consecutive hits on zombies. To get your hands on such a powerful weapon, you’ll need to complete the “Drunk and Disorderly” quest, which starts after finishing the main story at least once.

  • To embark on the quest, head to the Lotusville Mall on Ocean Avenue.
  • Look for a washroom or restroom with the number 1 marking.
  • Inside, you’ll discover a journal called Dudes Who Chug, which will initiate the Drunk and Disorderly questline.
  • Your task is to locate four journals scattered throughout Ocean Avenue. The first one is in the restroom, while the remaining three can be found at Roses Tattoos, Lenny’s, and Pier Grill.
  • Once you’ve collected all four journals, make your way to the Serling Hotel on Ocean Avenue.
  • Use Jordan’s Keys to unlock the trunk of a white SUV parked in the hotel’s garage, and you’ll be rewarded with the Party Starter brass knuckles and 2000 XP.

The Party Starter comes with a Superior Melee Cremator mod, which is capable of inflicting fire status on enemies {ignited effect).

  • Additionally, it has two fixed perks:
  • Spitting Fire, which ignites nearby hostiles when a zombie is killed or even simply knocked down, also makes you more resistant to fire damage.
  • Skilled, which provides moderate damage and recharge boosts to heavy attacks when a zombie is killed.
  • These both perks combined make it great for characters that may have an overall low Resilience.

Brass knuckles in Dead Island 2 are surprisingly effective, and the Party Starter stands out as the best of its kind.

  • Its fire abilities are impressive, but the real strength of this weapon lies in its rapid-fire attacks that wear down enemies and set the stage for powerful heavy attacks.
  • These factors make the Party Starter an ideal weapon for quick-strike builds, especially during boss fights.
  • It is also ideal for those agile characters, such as Bruno.

Blood Rage

Blood Rage showcase [image by us]

The Blood Rage Legendary Dagger is a powerful weapon that you’ll definitely want in your arsenal. This close-quarters weapon is excellent at dealing bleed damage to enemies, making it perfect for single-target engagements. To obtain the Blood Rage, you’ll need to complete the Fool’s Gold quest, which starts at the Santa Monica Pier’s Lifeguard HQ.

  • Begin by locating a unique Crusher zombie named Dante and defeat him.
  • Upon doing so, you’ll pick up a note that leads you to Randy’s Locker, situated in the same building as Dante.
  • As you progress through the quest, you’ll need to collect two more clues found within the Santa Monica Pier.
  • The first note is hidden in the northeast part of the map, while the second one can be found near the edge of the pier in the southwest.
  • With all the clues in hand, head back to the Lifeguard HQ building and explore the side that’s near the wall.
  • There, you’ll encounter a group of zombies, including a Butcher.
  • Kill all of them, and you’ll get access to a buried safe, which contains the Blood Rage Legendary Dagger.

The Blood Rage boasts a range of powerful mods and perks that make it a force to be reckoned with.

  • Its Superior Melee Puncturator mod inflicts bleed damage and provides a hefty damage boost, with successive hits capable of inducing the bleeding effect.
  • The first fixed perk, Puncture Wound, grants extra critical and bleed damage when landing critical hits in quick succession, and it can also stack multiple times.
  • The second fixed perk, Infectious, deals extra bleed damage upon hitting a zombie and spreads the bleeding effect to nearby enemies.
  • Additionally, the Agile perk offers a minor agility boost each time you kill a zombie, and it stacks multiple times.

Although the Blood Rage Legendary Dagger has a limited range, its bleed status effect can spread to multiple enemies.

  • You can strike one opponent repeatedly, then retreat and watch as the bleeding effect depletes the health of nearby foes.
  • The dagger is also suitable for applying the bleeding effect and then switching to another weapon to finish off your enemies.
  • Characters in Dead Island 2 that focus on quick, successive melee strikes will find the Blood Rage to be an invaluable asset.


dead island 2 best legendary weapons
Brutalizer showcase [image by eXputer]

The Brutalizer is a Dead Island 2 legendary weapon that acts as a maiming-type machete, and you won’t want to miss out on it. Such a formidable weapon is exceptional at not only weakening and maiming zombies but also tearing through large groups of enemies at a rapid pace. As you use the Brutalizer, each hit strengthens it further, making it a highly effective choice against both mobs and larger targets.

This machete is heavily modified with jagged metal edges, giving you the sensation of tearing through zombies with industrial-grade machinery. It’s a brutal and highly effective weapon that will make your zombie-slaying experience in Dead Island 2 even more satisfying.

  • To obtain the Brutalizer, you’ll need to complete Francesca’s Body Art side quest line.
  • In the northern part of Beverly Hills, try to spot a house with a red roof.
  • Francesca will be inside the garage of the mentioned house.
  • To access the quest, climb the front gate and speak to Francesca, who will request that you retrieve numerous zombie parts for her.
  • The quest line involves six fetch quests, each requiring parts from Apex Variant zombies, ranging from Crushers to Mutators.
  • After completing the sixth quest, simply return a short time later to finish the Body Art: The Unveiling quest.
  • As a reward for your dedication, Francesca will present you with the coveted Brutalizer.

As with any other legendary weapon, the Brutalizer, a Maiming-type weapon, has perks and mods that give it quite the power.

  • The Superior Melee Mutilator Mod allows you to have a physical damage boost and to also apply for weakened status on zombies that you hit consecutively.
  • Hitting zombies with the weakened effect also allows you to regain stamina.
  • The effect is further enhanced through its perk, Bloodlust, which allows you to land critical hits in succession and deal limb damage, and apply the weakening effect.
  • The Brutalizer owes its power to the Contagious perk, which allows it to quickly deal damage across multiple enemies, as hitting enemies with a status effect will spread it to nearby enemies.
  • Combining the weakened effect generated from the first mod and perk and spread using the second perk, you get yourself a weapon that is amazing for taking out hordes.

Think of the Brutalizer as a melee weapon with the force of a buzzsaw shotgun—truly a force to be reckoned with. It ranks among the top weapons in Dead Island 2, alongside Wildstyle and Emma’s Wrath, and is well worth your time and effort to acquire.


dead island 2 best legendary weapons
Krakatoa showcase [image by eXputer]

In Dead Island 2 legendary weapons, the Krakatoa is a legendary axe you’ll definitely want to get your hands on. Wielding this powerful weapon, you’ll unleash the force of fire with each swing, maiming and setting zombies ablaze in the process.

  • To get your hands on the Krakatoa axe, you must embark on the “Missing: Steve” quest.
  • Begin by locating Steve’s lost letter on the board in Ocean Avenue. Once the letter is in your possession, fast-travel to Monarch Studios and make your way through the open Stage 3 gate.
  • Inside, you’ll find a red bed with another letter on the set to your right. Continue your investigation by searching the kitchen set, where you should pick up the soap on the counter and interact with the box on the floor.
  • Finally, interact with the phone located on the stairs.
  • Your quest marker will guide you westward to Stage 7, where you’ll encounter a trailer.
  • Be prepared with a firearm, as the trailer is surrounded by explosive sacks. Carefully shoot the sacks to clear the area and enter the trailer to retrieve a journal from the floor.
  • This journal will reveal Steve’s destination, so head over to Beverly Hills to pursue his trail.
  • By following the quest marker, you’ll find Steve safe and sound on the balcony of one of the luxurious homes in the neighborhood.
  • Upon completing the quest, you’ll be rewarded with the Krakatoa legendary axe, a weapon that channels the ferocity of fire to decimate and burn zombies with every swing.

With three innate perks—Reaper, Tear ‘N Sear, and Vampire—this axe is not only deadly but also versatile.

  • The Reaper perk activates when you hit ignited enemies.
  • Tear ‘N Sear leaves a fiery pool of burning fuel upon maiming a zombie
  • Vampire replenishes your health for each defeated foe.
  • All of these perks combined allow you to be really aggressive and deal quite a lot of elemental damage to any enemy.
  • The Tear’ N Sear especially makes it a great weapon for crowd control.


dead island 2 best rare weapons legendary
Bodycount [screenshot by eXputer]

If you’re searching for details on the Bodycount Legendary Rifle in Dead Island 2, a Rapid-fire type weapon, look no further. Such a powerful firearm offers rapid-fire capabilities, making it ideal for medium-range combat and inflicting the Bleeding status effect on zombies. To claim the Bodycount Legendary Rifle for yourself, complete the Redacted quest, which can be initiated at the Military Barracks in Venice Beach.

  • Upon entering the barracks, head to the Quonset hut on your left.
  • Inside, you’ll find a unique zombie.
  • Defeat it to acquire a note, which may require completing the campaign first, as is the case with other Legendary weapons.
  • The note will guide you to three cargo shipping containers in Venice Beach. 
  • Every one of these containers will withhold a clue that will take you closer to the coveted weapon.

Once you’ve secured the Bodycount Legendary Rifle, you’ll soon realize how powerful it truly is due to the mods and perks that are attached to the rifle. They are the following:

  • Superior Ranged Puncturator Mod which gives a physical damage boost and is capable of inducing bleed.
  • It also applies the bleeding effect with successive hits on a zombie.
  • Tactical Reload: Defeating a zombie grants a moderate increase in reload speed.
  • Exit Wound: striking a zombie offers a chance to deal bleed damage to nearby enemies.
  • Bloodthirsty: killing a zombie provides a moderate damage boost and additional Fury.

While melee weapons are generally the preferred choice in Dead Island 2, the Bodycount Legendary Rifle proves to be a formidable firearm, particularly for mowing down waves of weaker zombies. As one of only two legendary guns in Dead Island 2, the Bodycount sports a 30-round magazine and deals impressive damage with each bullet.

Big Shot

big shot dead island 2 best legendary weapons
Big Shot showcase [captured by eXputer]

In Dead Island 2, the Big Shot Legendary Revolver stands out as a unique and powerful Demoition-type weapon. Despite its small size, the remarkable firearm functions like a pocket-sized rocket launcher, making it an essential addition to your arsenal.

  • To obtain the Big Shot, you’ll need to complete the “It’s Not Your Fault” quest, which is given by Luciana, an NPC found in the lounge at Emma’s Mansion in Bel Air.
  • Your mission is to search for seismologists in the sewers, and by following the quest marker, you’ll eventually come across a note next to a corpse and a pick-up truck near the sewer tunnel entrance.

The Big Shot boasts some impressive mods and perks that transform it into a devastating weapon.

  • With the Boomstick perk, for example, the revolver’s bullets trigger explosions on impact, capable of causing a Traumatized effect on zombies.
  • Additionally, the Russian Roulette perk offers a moderate damage boost when the magazine is running low.
  • The Superior Ranged Impactor Mod allows you to get major physical damage and force boost and also apply the traumatized effect on zombies after landing successive hits.
  • Enemies with the traumatized effect will be launched further when shot with the weapon.
  • Keep in mind that the Big Shot’s default magazine holds only three bullets, so accuracy is crucial, or you’ll find yourself constantly switching weapons.

As one of only two legendary guns in Dead Island 2, the Big Shot is highly sought-after for its ability to clear out hordes of zombies with ease. Firing three explosive rounds simultaneously, the weapon is especially effective when dealing with a tough single target surrounded by a larger group of lesser zombies.


With that you know everything about the Dead Island 2 Legendary Weapons. There are eight legendary weapons, each with its own unique mods, perks, and stats. Many of them require a tedious process of acquiring, such as completing the game or undergoing certain side quests. But, once you can get through and acquire the weapon, you’ll be in for a treat due to the sheer destruction that the weapons are capable of.

Besides collecting legendary weapons, there is much more to discover in the game such as character customization and the different fuse locations. Also, check out the goat pen master keys and my mailman was a zombie in order to acquire some useful loot.


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