Dead Island 2: Key Location of Cable Guy Van


When exploring the streets of Bel Airyou will get a strange look. A black van with a closed trunk. This Cable Guy has a great early-game arsenal in his trunk, and with a simple Dead Island 2 Cable Guy key, you can get him to get a strong headstart on the Dead Island 2 plot.

Key takeaways

  • Dead Island 2 Cable Guy’s van is located next to it. Goat Pan Villa Bell is in air and can only be opened after killing it. Cable Guy Zombie Found in the back of a van on Alpine Drive Street.
  • This zombie will only spawn when the players arrive. Halperin Hotel I Beverly Hillsanother early game location just beyond Bel-Air.
  • After arriving at the Halperin Hotel, return to the Cable Guy van in Bel Air, face the opposite side of the trunk of the van, and head straight down. Alpine Drive Until Cable Guy is spotted.
  • Once players take down that zombie, they can pick it up. Cable Guy Van Key which can be brought back into the vehicle to open its trunk.
  • Opening the back of the van will cause it to collapse. Electrocutor tire trunka powerful early game weapon that basically does Shock damage Improving the player’s critical hit as well as agility

How to Unlock Cable Guy’s Vans

You’ll come across Cable Guy’s van in the middle of Alpine Drive. Goat Pan Villa On the south side of Bel Air. To be more specific, you can find it on the wall right next to the entrance of the penthouse. After initially checking the locked trunk, you will be prompted “Need the cable guy’s van key.” So to unlock the trunk, we will need to find, kill and loot the corpse and get the Dead Island 2 Cable Guy key.

Van’s location in Bel Air (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

How to get Dead Island 2 Cable Guy Key?

Before finding Cable Guy, you’ll first need to progress through the main story until you reach him. Halperin Hotel I Beverly Hills. This will spawn zombies in Bel-Air that you can now find and kill to get the key.

  • Once you reach Beverly Hills, head back to Bel Air. Night time This is likely when the Cable Guy spawned, and head to the Cable Van located next to the Goat Pan House.
  • Now, facing the trunk of the van, turn around and go straight onto Alpine Drive Road.
  • As you make your way through the undead, look for a certain zombie with it. “Cable Guy” label And some are wearing protective helmets and jackets. Electrical residues around it.
cable man dead island 2 bel air
Cable Guy in the Middle of the Street (Image Source: eXputer)
    • Use your weapon to take him down but be careful against him during close encounters as the lightning around the zombies can. Stun you. As well as some notable reasons AOE damage.
    • After killing the Cable Guy, you’ll find Dead Island 2 with the Cable Guy key and a Military Ax for some cash and Metal parts Off the corpse, which you can use for weapon modes and perks.
    • Now, go back to the van and press the “Unlock” button to open the trunk using the key and Electrocuteur tire iron weapon along with 100 coins.
Cable Guy Wayne's Dead Island 2
Cable Guy’s van is dropped by zombies (screenshot grab: eXputer)

Important: It’s worth noting that Cable Guy can spawn in Bel Air during the day, but it’s very unlikely that you should go there at night.

Prize: Electrocuter Tire Iron

Your reward for collecting the key and opening the trunk is a rare weapon that already applies. Mode. Also, his passive ability, Headhunter, creates an attacking head. Business wise And also increases you Agility Condition of Dead Island 2 class after a successful heavy attack.

Electrocutor Dead Island 2
Electrifier Tire Iron Arms (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
    • Electrocauter tire irons have respectable stats including decent ones speed, stabilityAnd organ loss.
    • However, his best features are that he easily deals regular and critical damage, making him one of the best heavy hitters in the early game.
    • Also, it comes with a mod called “Rare Melee Electrocutor” which changes your standard damage to Shock damage While simultaneously increasing your damage output.
    • Moreover, this mod gives zombies. Electric effect On consecutive hits, that causes noticeable DOT (or damage over time) and even affects zombies close to the target.
    • Overall, the Electrocutor is a very powerful early-game weapon that is viable in the mid-game and can be further upgraded. Privileges using metal parts.

Important: Always remember to check the weapon’s durability and repair it when the gauge is almost empty. Later, you can also dismantle the weapon for additional raw materials to use on better and more versatile weapons.


This wraps up our guide on how to get the Dead Island 2 Cable Guy key to open the trunk of the van and get stronger. Early game weapon. As seen, van keys are easy to find but easy to overlook. On top of that, the reward you get at the end of this fetch quest not only revives the already rich significantly. The fightAs evidenced by this. Subreddit postbut it’s also worth it for swarming zombies in general.

To find more key locations while exploring Bel-Air in Dead Island 2, check out our guide to Brooke’s safe key location. In addition, you can focus on your in-game development by delving deeper into the game’s combat mechanics such as skill cards. And if you have yet to buy Dead Island 2, consider reading a comparison of all editions of Dead Island 2 to make your decision easier on which one to buy.


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