Dead Island 2: How to Unlock Fast Travel [SOLVED]


In order to fast travel in Dead Island 2, players must reach a certain point in the game’s story as it is not immediately available. After progressing to this point, they’ll be able to Dead Island 2 fast travel, allowing them to more easily navigate zombie-infested Los Angeles.

Key takeaways

  • Dead Island 2 For fast travel, players must complete Red Mist Quest I The main story.
  • Once complete, a prompt will appear indicating that fast travel is now available.
  • Fast travel maps are usually located in Safe rooms In Dead Island 2, and players need to physically approach them and interact with them to use them.
  • Speed ​​travel works by physically moving into a. safe houseAccess to In-game mapand choosing a destination.
  • Fast travel will not eliminate all walking players, it will significantly reduce travel time between locations.

How to unlock fast travel

Dead Island 2 Fast Travel Map
Dead Island 2 Fast Travel Map- [Image by eXpute]

To access the fast travel feature in Dead Island 2, players must reach a A special point Given in the game Red Mist Quest I The main story Fast travel is the key to unlocking.

  • Once the players have completed the quest, a Immediately The screen will show that they can now fast travel.
  • will appear in the prompt. Blue Crab Restaurantso players should check there first for an available fast travel map.
  • To use the fast travel map, players need to refer to it. physically And The conversation along with.
  • Fast travel maps are usually located in Safe rooms The whole of Dead Island 2.
  • While fast travel won’t require all players to do it on foot, it will significantly reduce travel time between locations.

How to Fast Travel to Dead Island 2

Fast travel is available in Dead Island 2, but it doesn’t work like the open world games.

  • To use fast travel, players must physically Moved to a safe houseGenerally a Hotel or Starting point of the mission.
  • Once in the safe house, players can gain access. in Game Map On Wall Or select a table and a destination.
  • This will open the map in the menu, and Dead Island 2 players can fast travel to their desired location.

All fast travel destinations in Dead Island 2

Using a fast travel map
Using a fast travel map – [Image by eXputer]
District location How to reach
Bel Air Emma Javent’s mansion Found on the dining room table, across from the workbench and weapon storage box. This is the first fast travel location players will encounter in the game.
Beverly Hills Roxanne’s house Located on the right wall as the player enters Roxanne’s house. This is the second fast travel location in the game, Accessible. For context, the house belongs to Ricky Rex.
Halperin Hotel Watchman’s office Found just before the elevators at the end of a long hallway on the first floor. It is located in the watchman’s office.
Monarch Studios Green screen Located at the far end of the area, behind the green screen. It can be found just behind the giant spider machine sitting on a table near the workbench. This is the fourth fast travel location in the game.
Brentwood Sewer ZFZ near Patton Found shortly after the players meet Peyton, who remains isolated from the outside world.
Brentwood Sewer Maintenance room Located towards the end of the Sewer Area, after players pass through some seriously dangerous zombie territory.
Venice Beach Blue Crab Grill Located in Venice Beach, and is where players will first emerge after leaving the sewers. A fast travel map is accessible here, and players will visit this location frequently as many missions take place here.
Venice Beach Tower Located in the military area on the beach at the top of the tower in the middle of the military complex. Players will have to go through some zombies to get here. This fast travel location is exceptionally easy to miss as players do not need to visit this location to complete the game.
Ocean Avenue Serling Hotel The Serling Hotel is located at the top of the mall. This location plays an important role in the game’s narrative and is where players will meet Dr. Reed for the first time.
The wharf Lifeguard Headquarters Located at Lifeguard Headquarters just off the Santa Monica Pier. The map itself is located on top of the headquarters, and players will need to climb to the top of the structure to find it.
Metro Utility storage Set within the metro tunnels of Southern California, the fast-travel destination is pitted against a horde of tough zombies. Given the dangerous nature of the area, the fast travel location and surrounding safe zone is a much-needed respite.
Hollywood Boulevard Reaging Clinic Once players complete the final mission of the game, they can access a fast travel mode that is exclusively available at that location. However, players cannot view the area visited before reaching the Reaging Clinic. They can access and explore the area only after reaching that location using fast travel.


In Dead Island 2, players can fast travel around zombie-infested Los Angeles when they reach a certain point in the game’s story, specifically after completing the Red Mist quest. Read our guide to Carla and find out if Latina Slayer is worth picking up. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at our guide to the best characters featuring all six Assassins. After choosing the slayer that suits you, get the best weapons that suit you to complete the combo and kill the zombies.


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