Dead Island 2: How to Find the Space Fox 2250 Prop Key


In Dead Island 2, the Space Fox 2250 prop is an important item for those players electrocautery pistol, A powerful weapon to help fight the undead crowd. Hidden within Monarch Studios, obtaining this key requires careful navigation and progression through the game’s story. Unlocking Space Fox 2250 Prop chest And getting an electrocutor pistol can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and help you survive in a zombie-infested world.

Key takeaways

  • Dead Island 2 Space Prop required for Fox 2250 key. to open The Electrocutor Pistol, a powerful weapon that helps fight undead hordes.
  • Progress through and complete the main story. “Makes booze. A bangSecondary search to meet key acquisition requirements.
  • Find out by exploring the SpaceFox 2250 prop key. Monarch Studios And SpaceFox defeated the prop master.
  • Unlock the Space Fox 2250 Prop Chest using Key And claim the electrocautery pistol as a reward.
  • Complete the addition. Side search “It came from Monarch Studios” for more weapons and experience.
  • Familiarize yourself with the layout of Monarch Studios and see Enemy patrols While searching for the key.
  • Usage Your character’s skills to overcome challenges in Monarch Studios, such as lockpicking and hacking.

Important: Getting the Space Fox 2250 Prop Key is the most important step to unlocking the Electrocautery Pistol by defeating the Space Fox Prop Master.

Requirements to Unlock Prop Key

To successfully unlock Space Fox 2250 Prop Key in Dead Island 2, it is necessary to meet specific Requirements Below are the key steps and milestones you must achieve before you can access the key.

Main story developments

The first requirement is to progress through the main story of Dead Island 2. To unlock the Space Fox 2250 Prop Key, players must complete missions. Monarch Studios Where they encounter Michael. Completing the mission at Monarch Studios is an important step in unlocking the Space Fox 2250 Prop Key.

    • To complete Michael’s mission: Make sure you complete the mission well at Monarch Studios. Doing so sets the stage for receiving. secondary Essential search for key.

Secondary Quest “Boz Makes a Bang”

After completing Michael’s mission, you will need to obtain the secondary quest, “Boz Makes a Bang”. This quest becomes available when you help someone else. The survivor group

Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250's boos explode.
Boaz had a blast.
    • Starting point: The quest for “Boz Makes a Bang” begins. Hotel Halperin. You will need to engage with in-game characters and complete tasks associated with this mission.
    • Fast Travel: Note that you have to progress through the main story until you unlock it. Fast travel Feature The fast travel feature unlocks when you reach Venice Beach.

Trigger the side quest.

To activate the side quest, find Radio at the end of Monarch Studios. May be located near the safe location of the radio. Map Where the fast travel icon is displayed. interaction With the radio to start the side quest.

By meeting these requirements and following the steps outlined, you will be well on your way to unlocking Space Fox 2250 Prop Key in Dead Island 2. This key is very important to get the powerful electrocautery pistol, which will help you. to fight Hordes of the undead in Dead Island 2.

Key location

to do find Enthusiastic Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250 key, one has to start the journey to Monarch Studios. This area is very important to our quest as this is where we will meet the Space Fox prop master and get the key. Let’s go through the necessary steps to find the key in Monarch Studios:

  • Visit Monarch Studios again: After completing the requirements to unlock the prop key, our first step is to head back to Monarch Studios. We can use Fast travel Feature to get there quickly and efficiently.
    • Use fast travel: Be sure to take advantage of the fast travel system, as it saves time and allows us Go visit Dead Island 2 world with ease.
  • Go to the north side of the map: Once we get back to Monarch Studios, we’ll make our way to the north side of the map. We need to get to the area near the “Slobber” icon and the Save the Cat Walk.
    • Slobber Spawn: Keep an eye on slobbers, Because they will appear near the place where we need to find the key.

Look for Space Fox Prop Master Zombie.

After completing the requirements, head north to Monarch Studios near the Save the Cat Walk and Slobber spawn. Continue down the corridor Studio 4 Unless you find a studio with sci-fi props outside. Space Fox Prop Master Zombie awaits at the end of the alley.

  • Engage in combat: Prepare for battle with the Space Fox prop master, as to defeat It is necessary to get the key.
Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250 Key Space Fox Prop Master
Space Fox Prop Master
  • Make a claim: Once the Space Fox Prop Master is defeated, collect the Space Fox 2250 Prop Key from his remains.
Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250 Key Claim Claim
Collect the key.
  • Protect the key: After you get the key, keep it safe by placing it in your inventory. This will be necessary to open the Space Fox 2250 Prop Chest and obtain the powerful Electrocautery Pistol.

By following these instructions and defeating the Space Fox Prop Master successfully, we will secure the Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250 key. This key is essential to unlocking the Space Fox 2250 Prop Chest, which contains the powerful electrocautery pistol, an essential weapon for our survival.

Opening The Space Fox 2250 Prop Chest

Once you have the Space Fox 2250 Prop Key, it’s time to unlock the Space Fox 2250 Prop Chest and claim your prize. Follow these steps to open the chest successfully:

Return to the chest location.

Make your way back Sinclair Street, Just outside Stage 1 at Monarch Studios, where you initially found the Space Fox 2250 Prop Chest.

    • Navigate through Monarch Studios: If you are unsure of the chest’s location, retrace your steps from the Space Fox Prop Master’s location, head back to the Slobber Spawn and Save the catwalk. Monarch Studios area.

Prepare for potential encounters.

Be prepared to encounter any Slobbers or other zombies that may have respawned in the area since your last visit. Add them. The fight Clearing your way to the chest if necessary.

Reaching the chest

Once you reach the chest, make sure you have the Space Fox 2250 Prop Key in your inventory before interacting with the chest.

    • Interactions with Chest: With key in hand, contact the elder orange Start the dialogue prompt to unlock the chest and it.
Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250 Key Space Fox 2250 Prop Chest
Space Fox 2250 Prop Chest

Claim your prize.

After successfully opening the chest, recovery Electrocutor Pistol – A powerful weapon that fits the Space Fox aesthetic perfectly.

Equip the electrocautery pistol.

To get the most out of your new weapon, open your inventory and equip the Electrocutor Pistol, replacing your current weapon if necessary.

Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250 Key Electrocautery Pistol
Electrocautery pistol

By following the steps provided, players can successfully open the Space Fox 2250 Prop Chest and get the Electrocautery Pistol in Dead Island 2. Not only this powerful weapon increase Add a touch of style to your arsenal but also to your zombie slaying escapades.

Additional side quests

While you’re at Monarch Studios for the Space Fox 2250 Prop, don’t miss the opportunity to complete an additional side quest. “It came from Monarch Studios.. This quest will reward you with another weapon to expand your arsenal. Follow these steps to complete the side quest:

Starting the quest

find. The seeker Close to a safe location on the map with a fast travel marker. To get the “It Came From Monarch Studios” side quest, talk to the quest giver.


Before searching, make sure you have Full Unlocks the main story mission at Monarch Studios and the secondary quest “Booze Makes a Bang”, which is usually available after helping another group of survivors. The first mission of this quest begins at Hotel Halperin.

Look for clues.

Your goal in this side quest is to find clues to the mysterious events at Monarch Studios. Explore studios, pay close attention to anything. Doubtful areas or objects.

Gather evidence.

As you find relevant clues, be sure to collect them as evidence to piece together the puzzle behind the strange events.

Confront the criminal.

After gathering enough evidence, you’ll identify the person responsible for the strange happenings at Monarch Studios. Find them and confront them to resolve the situation.

Engage in combat

Be prepared to fight if Criminal resists. Equip your most powerful weapons and use available resources to defeat them.

Return notice

Once you’ve successfully dealt with the criminal, return to the finder near the fast travel marker to report your find and complete the side quest.

Collect your reward.

Upon completing the side quest, you will receive a new weapon as a reward. Add it to your inventory and equip it to further enhance it as you wish. Zombie fight Abilities

By completing the “It Came From Monarch Studios” side quest, you’ll earn additional rewards and experience while exploring the rich environment of Monarch Studios in Dead Island 2.

Tips and tricks

Embarking on a journey to find Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250 inside Monarch Studios, we compiled a List Tips and tricks to help our fellow gamers succeed:

Familiarize yourself with the layout

  • Before finding the key, familiarize yourself with the layout of Monarch Studios. Go visit And easily identify potential key locations.
  • Look around and explore every nook and cranny to increase your chances of finding the key.

Watch for clues

  • Pay attention to any signs, clues, or markings that may guide you to the location of the key.
  • Definitely Notes and Inscriptions left behind by Monarch Studios Staff can provide valuable insight into the key’s whereabouts.

Watch out for enemy patrols

  • Beware of enemy patrols while exploring Monarch Studios.
  • use Stealth strategy Avoid unnecessary confrontations.
  • In some cases clear enemies from a certain area before continuing the quest.

Take advantage of our expertise.

  • Use the character’s skills to their fullest extent.
  • Use alcooking or hacking electronic device skills.
  • Invest in upgrading skills to increase your chances of success when facing difficult skill checks.

Ask the community for help.

  • Consult. online Chat on the forums and with other players who have completed the quest.
  • Collect valuable insights and tips on finding Space Fox 2250 key from the community.


Dead Island 2 Space Fox 2250 key is a valuable one. asset For players who want to enhance their gameplay experience. By following the tips and tricks provided in this guide, gamers can successfully conquer Monarch Studios. challenges, And finally get the required key. With persistence and determination, the Space Fox 2250 Key will become a valuable asset in your inventory, unlocking new opportunities and rewards.

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