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Francesca is one of the most important characters in Dead Island 2. The main struggle Which you will be able to complete to get different rewards. This quest is perhaps the strangest in the game’s main story, and requires players to collect infected individuals. Meat Perfecting Body Art: A Search for Insight. To complete the mission, you must also complete the 15 main story missions The Giant Slayer Before you collect infected flesh for Francesca’s muse.

Key takeaways

  • Francesca is one of the many main characters in The Island 2.
  • His search, called Francesca’s music called for 10 affected flesh, Body Arts is part of the quest segment and will reward you. 1000 XP Upon completion
  • You will need to collect and insert 10 pieces of infected meat. Provision of donation boxes.
  • In addition, you will need to complete The Giant Slayer Before they can start with Francesca’s search for Francesca.
  • Infected meat can be obtained from various zombie types by killing them.
  • Like zombies Grenadier pedestrians, the crowd pedestrians, Shambler, Bruster, And Riot gear Walkers will drop infected flesh as a random drop.
  • There is another way to get infected meat. Medical centers.
  • You’ll be able to pick up chunks of meat lying around in health centers and add them to your inventory.
  • After that, you will be able to complete subquest In Body Arts Mission.

Francesca Quest

In the Body Arts quest, you will need to complete a subquest. Francesca’s music demanded 10 affected flesh.. But before you can continue this quest, you have to complete the 15th quest called Giant Slayer, as well as Ricky Rex side search.

Dead Island 2 Francesca
Francesca Quest [Image Capture Credit eXputer]

However, I recommend that you complete the main story mission quest before going to the side quests in Dead Island 2. Beverly Hills.

  • This search is very important if you want to get. The finisher Title and ending of the main story of Dead Island 2.
  • Francesca is one of those artists you will never meet. discovery Dead Island 2, and she uses her strange art as a coping mechanism to survive the apocalypse.
  • Other questions you will need to complete when looking for body arts would be: Body Art: Heft, Body Art: Moist, Body Art: Turmoil, Body Art: Altered Heart, And Body Art: Josh.
  • This side quest is easy to complete and won’t take much time. To complete the quest, you just need to kill zombies and collect meat as drops to give to Francesca.
  • However, keep in mind that these will be drops. RNG based on, and collecting them can be quite difficult.
  • You have to collect 10 pieces of infected meat and talk to them. Francesca When she completes her artwork.

Sources of infected meat

Draw different body parts that you need to collect Zombie T

Infected meat
Infected meat [Image Capture Credit eXputer]

So you’ll have to kill a lot of them before you’re able to collect all the items you need to complete the quest.

  • Hydration Walkers
  • Medical centers
  • Riot Gear Walkers
  • Bursters
  • Walkers
  • Shambler
  • Burning Walkers
  • Firefighter Walkers
  • Hazmat Walkers
  • Grenadier Walkers
  • Fire Walkers
  • Spikey Walkers
  • Swarm Walkers
  • Shocking Walkers

You will be able to easily pick out the affected flesh using any sharp edge. weapons, Especially a weak weapon like an ax or even one Shotgun Be sure to kill the limbs and collect the meat. Don’t use weapons that dismember zombies or else, you won’t be able to collect a good piece of infected flesh for Francesca to use.

Where to find meat

Players will be able to find infected meat in different locations.

If not approached with the right strategy, it may take you a long time to complete this coastline. So make sure to check out the locations of each of the zombies I mentioned above and see where they are usually found for easy collection of infected meat.

From zombies

Also, keep in mind that when you are gathering meat or foraging for meat infested with different zombie types. medical center, It may not always give you infected meat as it is a random drop in Dead Island 2.

Dead Island 2 Francesca's Quest
Debilitating weapons [Image Capture Credit eXputer]

It’s best to continue with other quests while fulfilling Francesca’s requirements and aiming for lower level zombies. You will be able to collect most of the infected meats by exploring. L.A And killing the zombie variations I mentioned above.

  • After a few quests, you’ll be able to easily collect zombie-like walkers and shambler-infested meat. Don’t forget to loot corpses whenever you can and keep an eye out for different objects while exploring the area Types of zombies.
  • This will save you a lot of time since you won’t have to hunt down the infected meat specifically to complete Francesca’s quest.
  • If you find zombie types like Shambler and Burster, be sure to use them Debilitating weapons Otherwise, instead of heavy weapons, you’ll kill them without being able to collect their meat for Dead Island 2 Francesca.
  • You’re more likely to get high-level zombie-infested meat than you are. Lower rank Keep progressing and killing zombies until you have 10 infected meats.
  • It can be obtained as a drop as you extract zombie-infested flesh.
  • To add it to your counter, you must pick it up by interacting with it. Keep it inside you Inventory And go back to Francesca. After that, you just need to give it to him, and you will be able to complete the quest easily.

From medical centers

I was also able to obtain infected meat from various medical centers on Francesca Dead Island 2. In my opinion this is a very simple method. However, it requires a lot more Search.

  • Pieces of infected flesh are found scattered on the floor.
  • You just need to pick them up and add them to yours. inventory.
  • These pieces are most likely the result of zombie experiments and medical trials, which resulted in the pieces being dumped all over the world. Labs

Summary of it

With that, I conclude my detailed guide on Francesca and how to complete her mission. Francesca’s muse demands ten infected flesh in Dead Island 2. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the detailed guide on each weapon’s best perks as well as their location and usage. You should also read the guide on the military supply main point and the detailed trophy guide.

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