Dead Island 2 difficulty settings [Explained]


When it comes to action games, not everyone wants to choose normal or hard difficulty. There are times when you want to take things easy or lower the difficulty settings, mid-game to make things easier. Well if you’re one of those people, we hate to tell you there are. No Dead Island 2 difficulty settings. That said, Dead Island 2 itself isn’t very difficult and is very gentle with its checkpoints and battles during gameplay.

Key takeaways

  • Dead Island 2 has no difficulty settings and uses a Scalable difficulty system.
  • This is what scalable difficulty means. Scale of Enemies According to you level in the game.
  • Dead Island 2’s scalable difficulty system allows it to maintain a constant challenge throughout its runtime.
  • Dead Island 2 follows in the footsteps of the previous Dead Island games, as they too didn’t have a difficulty option.
  • To make things simple, You can equip yourself with the best weapons and skills in Dead Island 2.
  • If you want to keep things. balanced, Mix your gear with good and common skills/weapons.
  • By default, the overall experience of Dead Island 2 is balanced, until your inventory starts filling up with more damaging weapons.
  • For your comfort A staunch challenge cravings, you can choose to just stick with the default weapons and essential skills, however, this will also make the game a bit frustrating.

Important: Dead Island 2 has no difficulty settings, instead enemies scale to your level.

How difficulty settings work in Dead Island 2

Main menu
Dead Island 2 Main Menu (Photo by eXputer)

Usually in video games, you are given a prompt at the beginning to choose easy, medium or hard difficulty. Thus, the game adjusts the enemies and their encounters according to the selected difficulty.

Dead Island 2, on the other hand, uses scalable hard, Which means, enemies scale according to your level. In other words, the stronger you are, the more dangerous the zombies will be. That’s how Dead Island 2 balances things out, so that you’re not overpowered and enemies aren’t easy to kill.

This ensures that your entire experience remains challenging and enjoyable throughout the runtime. However, there are some functions you can use to make things easier or harder, which we’ll discuss below.

Did previous Dead Islands have difficulty settings?

The lack of difficulty options in Dead Island 2 isn’t that big of a shock. Dead Island’s previous games (Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide) also worked in a similar way, where you would have a preset difficulty and challenge, which could not be changed through the game settings. .

How to make things easier or harder

Zombie Encounter (Photo by eXputer)

Easy: To make things easier and less challenging you have to equip yourself with the best possible gear available in the game. That means equipping your killer with it The best weapon And skill 2 of Dead Island. This will allow you to easily hack the zombie collection.

balanced: You have to to keep things balanced. Handicap yourself Equip a little assassin with some normal cards and some good cards, while wielding a normal weapon that’s neither too powerful nor too weak. It mostly depends on what you have in your inventory, and Dead Island 2 feels pretty default until you’re in the mid-late game.

strict: To make things difficult and keep them challenging, you have to give up anything remotely good that you can find. This means sticking to only the essentials dodge When it comes to skills during the game’s runtime and low-level weapons in the early game. This will make enemies faster and harder to hit, but can also make the game a little overwhelming and unpleasant in the process. It is only recommended for players who like. Additional dogged challenges In games, otherwise sticking to the default settings is what we’d recommend.


Additionally, in order to adjust the difficulty in Dead Island 2, it is also important to choose a Slayer according to your playstyle. It’s possible that Jacob works for you while Carla doesn’t. So to learn everything about all the Slayers in the game, check out our guide to all the classes in Dead Island 2.

If you’re having trouble choosing which Slayer is the best and easiest to use, you might also want to read our best characters in Dead Island 2. This concludes our guide on Dead Island 2 difficulty settings. Let us know your thoughts on our explainer in the comments below.


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