Dead Island 2 Cold Pork: Side Quest Walkthrough


Immerse yourself in Dead Island 2, the game is full of missions to complete to achieve a 100% completion record. However, some side questions are not necessary but a fun addition. One particular side quest is cold pork, which can be a tricky one. Check out our detailed guide on Cold Pork Dead Island 2 below and learn how to complete this mission.

Key takeaways

  • Cold Pork Dead Island 2 A side quest will be completed that provides players with Rare Assault Shotgun upon completion.
  • To Start mission, visit gave Stone throwers I wrapped up Blue Crab Restaurant On Venice Beach.
  • You will need to work your way up. Ammunition cell This can be done at the Venice Beach Police Station and using the available key cards.
  • This mission also includes a cover-up. electromagnetic locks, Which can only be opened by shooting two electrical boxes.
  • The gun will go off. To reproduce Even after redeeming it at this point, so you can always come back for more ammo.

What is the Cold Pork mission?

Where to find Venus Beach on Dead Island 2 map
Venice Beach 2 in Dead Island.

Once you arrive at Venice Beach, amidst a sea of ​​restaurants, you’ll find one named after one. Blue Crab Restaurant. Inside are here. Trent And his Stoner friend. By talking to this group they will tell you about the gunshots they heard coming from the local police station, where The mission begins From

Although this mission looks simple enough, it is in disguise. There are a ton of missions involved. Hidden objectsincluding doing Electromagnetic locks crack. To break these locks, their electrical boxes have to be pulled out. Check out the full guide below!

Police station search

Venice Beach Police Station
Venice Beach Police Station in Dead Island 2.

I was tasked with reaching out first. police station I Venice Beach. This is an easy task as there is only one police station around Venice Beach. While walking, keep an eye on your surroundings. The road is dirty. Zombie And The crusher.

Once in the station, you will find one Electromagnetic lock Blocking your entry. To get through this lock, Shoot the panels He maglocks the house, and you will gain access to the door.

Electromagnetic locks

2 Electromagnetic locks are placed in two different positions, which are:

  • Oh The blue one I toilet.
    • There will be toilets. Captured One by Walkerso you have to kill him.
    • You can then shoot the maglock box.
  • Oh The green one I Dispatcher’s Officebehind the reception desk.

Once through the electromagnetic lock, you now have unrestricted access to office spaces in the station. On the notice board on the right, you’ll find one. Police Department Key Card And The keys To Cell No. 2 to your left. Be sure to pick them up as you will need them to complete the mission.

Ammunition cell

Use the keycard to access the Arms Cell and access a. Rare Assault Shotgun In one of the lockers, but before that, you have to fend off another zombie. It’s sticky, so be alert and do what needs to be done.

Check the other lockers in this room to find more items, and once done, you can. Head back I to the stone-throwing boys Blue Crab Restaurant. On the way back, you’ll be greeted by a lot of zombies, so be sure to dispose of them.

One nice thing about this mission is that the gun reloads occasionally here, so you can always check back and reload to a full armor set if needed.

Final thoughts

That’s all there is to know about the side quest Cold Pork Dead Island 2, and using the information above, you can easily complete the mission without any hiccups. Check out other mission walkthroughs that might come in handy, such as Dead Island 2: My Mailman was a zombie complete walkthrough. Let us know in the comments below if you want more guides like this!


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