Dead Island 2 Carla: Skills, Stats & More


Carla is one of the six new playable characters available in Dead Island 2. Theylike other letters, has a unique combination of Congenital And Unique talent. Carla is of Latin American descent and is one of three female characters available to play in the six roles.

Key takeaways

  • Carla is one of three female characters out of six playable characters in Dead Island 2.
  • Carla’s. Latin American origin And has spent most of his life in Los Angeles. He is also a motorcycle stunt rider and mechanic.
  • He is a good and A well-rounded set of attributes Or stats that make him a good choice to start the game.
  • Also, he is an heirloom Two innate talentsMosh Pit and Dig Deep, and Three unique talentsWarhead, Steadfast, and Far From Done.
  • Overall Carla is a solid choice to play the game due to her strength in taking down groups of zombies.

Carla in Dead Island 2

Carla in Dead Island 2 [Screenshot Credit: eXputer]

Now, as mentioned before Carla a Lying motorcycle stunt rider who spent most of his life in Los Angeles. In addition to her motorcycle endeavors, she is also a die-hard mechanic turned adrenaline junkie. Also, spending most of her time in Los Angeles, she knows the city well and there are people around the city who recognize her.

Carla’s voice actor

Carolina Ravassa.
Carolina Ravassa, voice actor of Carla [Image Taken By: eXputer]

Carla is the voice actor in Dead Island 2. Carolina Ravassa. Who is a very popular voice actor in the gaming industry. In his time in the gaming industry, he has worked on countless games and provided voices for some legendary characters. For example, he has voiced. Raze (Courage) And Sombra. (Overwatch). Apart from this, he has worked on some big games viz Go away 6, Grand Theft Auto v (GTA 5), Reason 4 only, The Avengers, Cyberpunk 2077and more.

Dead Island 2 Carla Stats

Additionally, each of the six characters in Dead Island 2 has their own unique set of stats that represent the character’s strengths and weaknesses by giving a rating out of 5 for a specific attribute. And in Carla’s case, the statistics are as follows:

  • Peak Health: 3/5
  • Endurance: 3/5
  • Severe Damage: 1/5
  • Hardness: 4/5
  • Health maintenance: 3/5
  • Agility: 2/5
  • Flexibility: 5/5

Now, looking at Carla’s stats above we can conclude that she lacks a lot in the critical damage department but makes up for it in the resilience department. However, other than that, he has pretty solid stats spread evenly across the board.

Carla’s Skill 2 in Dead Island

Carla's skill
One of Carla’s skills [Image By: eXputer]

Moving on we have Carla’s skills divided into two categories, unique and innate skills. Unique skills are skills that are only available to Carla and have to be unlocked through leveling and progression in the game. Whereas innate skills are skills that Carla inherits at the start of the game and are readily available throughout the game. Plus, we realized you don’t have to work for them.

Unique talent

Carla’s unique skills include:

  • Far from complete: A stackable skill that gives a damage boost when taking hits from zombies or blocking them in succession.
  • Constants: Boosts strength and toughness if you block two attacks in a row.
  • Warhead: A passive ability that allows Carla to destabilize nearby zombies with a dropkick attack. The attack also produces a powerful explosion upon impact.

Innate talent

Dig deep.
Dig deep, one of Carla’s innate skills [Image Credit: eXputer]

Carla’s natural abilities are:

  • Dig Deeper: Whenever Carla’s health is in critical condition, she increases her toughness considerably.
  • mosh pit: Deals a small amount of damage to Carla whenever she is near multiple zombies.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Carla is an overall good choice for a playthrough in Dead Island 2 as she boasts well-balanced attributes and a great set of abilities and skills that can help you a lot through the game. Is. Also in the end it’s up to you which character you choose but according to us, Carla is a solid choice to start with. Additionally, if you want to know more about Carla, take a look. Reddit page.


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