Dead Island 2 Call the Cavalry. [Walkthrough]


Call the Cavalry Dead Island 2 is an action-packed mission that combines thrilling combat, engaging storylines and exciting side missions for players to enjoy. The main goal of this mission is to reach the military outpost of Halperin Hotel and uncover the secrets inside.

Key takeaways

  • Call the Cavalry is a Dead Island 2 mission. A fourth important finding Which is full of combat, engaging stories, and interesting side missions.
  • Players must arrive. Halperin Hotel Fuji Chowk And uncover its hidden secrets during this mission.
  • To complete the mission, you will need to do the following:
    1. To progress, players will need to modify their weapons, Trade with Carlos for essential supplies, and help Emma escape the city.
    2. Players will encounter various obstacles and battles with zombies on their way to the Halperin Hotel, including going over electrified water and fighting a runner.
    3. Collecting the Goat Pen Keycard and Shuriken Curveball are optional steps in the mission.
    4. Upon reaching the Halperin Hotel, players must fight off hordes of zombies and make their way to the lobby.
    5. Interact with the fenced door in the lobby and the mission will be completed.

  • The main characters include: Sam B, Carlos, Emma, ​​Michael, Goat Pan Tony, and Curtis.
  • Important places Includes Emma House, Fork in the Road, Goat Mansion, and Halperin Hotel.
  • Optional actions and side missions, such as scavenging Emma’s RoomTo complete “Death to the Party” Searching for, searching for Goat mansionand dealing with a new zombie type, Riot gearChallenges provide added value during the fourth main mission.

Leaving Emma’s house

Electrocautery mode

Call the Cavalry mission in Dead Island 2, the fourth main mission of the game. In this mission, you will leave Emma’s house after modifying your weapons and getting the electrocutor mod as seen in the picture above. After that, you will aim to go to Halperin Hotel Fuji Chowk. The mission ends when you see the radio.

Leaving Emma’s house

The mission begins when the players leave Emma’s house, which is equipped with a newly modified machine and other necessary items. As they make their way through the city streets, players encounter numerous zombies and must decide on the best strategy to defeat them. Upon reaching the electrified water, players must cleverly lure the zombies into danger and eliminate them before safely crossing the area themselves.

Heading towards Hotel Halperin.

Arrival at Hotel Halperin

As players progress, they pass a fork in the road, where they must make a choice that leads them to the Halperin Hotel. Along the way, players are introduced to different zombie types, including the dangerous runner. As they battle hordes of zombies, players must also collect essential keycards and other items needed to access certain areas.

Fight the riot gear zombies and enter the lobby

Shuriken Curveball found

Before reaching the hotel, you’ll find a corpse with a Shuriken embedded in a curveball car as seen in the image above. Don’t forget to collect it before moving.

Upon arriving at the Halperin Hotel, players encounter Riot Gear zombies. The entrance is guarded by a Riot Gear Zombie, which requires precise targeting of exposed parts to defeat. After eliminating this formidable enemy, players encounter a horde of zombies in the hotel lobby. Clever strategy and resourceful use of available items, such as the Jerry Can, can help players thin the ranks of the undead before engaging in close combat.

Entering the hotel lobby.

After clearing the lobby, players proceed to a set of metal doors, where they glimpse a wedding setup and a radio, signaling the end of the Call the Cavalry Dead Island 2 mission. During this thrilling chapter of Dead Island 2, players must harness their newfound immunity and combine strategy, skill, and perseverance to overcome various challenges and enemies as they explore the Halperin Hotel. Soldiers are going to the checkpoint.

He was watching the radio through the window.

Death of the Party Side Quest

Death of the Party Side Quest

As players progress through the main mission called Call the Cavalry, they will come across a fork in the road that leads to an intercom system. Upon clearing the area of ​​zombies, they can interact with Curtis, who introduces the Death of the Party side mission. This quest not only offers an interesting story, but also unlocks Curtis’ house as a useful shortcut and provides access to valuable resources.

GOAT cannot enter Pen Mansion

During the Death of the Party mission, players must infiltrate a content creation house known as the GOAT Mansion. Entry is gained through an open skylight on the roof, after which players must navigate the mansion, encountering various challenges and surprises along the way. Although not all high-value items are accessible at this location, players are encouraged to explore the mansion and collect any available loot.

Get a goat pen card.

Exiting the GOAT mansion through a side door near the driveway, players will find the required fuse area to their left. From here, the path turns straight to the Halperin Hotel, allowing players to continue their adventure. Along the way, players will encounter a large sinkhole full of zombies, which can be eliminated by targeting the nearby fuel truck.

Quick commute to Hotel Halperin

The Death of the Party side mission in Dead Island 2 serves as an engaging addition to the main story, giving players an alternate route, new challenges, and plenty of loot hours before heading to Hotel Halperin.

Call Cavalry Mission Features

As you progress through Call the Cavalry missions, keep an eye out for opportunities to complete side missions and optional tasks that enhance your gameplay. By engaging with key characters and fully exploring different locations, you’ll uncover valuable resources, gain significant experience points, and ultimately increase your chances of success.

important role

  1. Sam B: An important ally who will help you upgrade your weapons and provide support throughout the mission.
  2. Carlos: A merchant who provides you with a mate bat and a med kit blueprint.
  3. Emma: A survivor is desperate to escape the city. You will interact with him several times throughout the mission.
  4. Michael: Halperin gives you the keys to get out of Emma’s house and start your journey to the hotel.
  5. Goat Pen Tony: A zombified character that you will collect Goat Pan key cards from.
  6. Curtis: An NPC that offers the “Party Death” side quest.

Key locations

  1. Emma’s House: The starting point of the mission, where you mod your weapon and interact with the main characters.
  2. fork in the road: A major decision point where you can choose to tackle the “Party Death” side quest.
  3. Goat Mansion: A content creation house where you will find resources and battle zombies.
  4. Halperin Hotel: The mission’s final destination and home to a challenging zombie type called Riot Gear.

Optional actions and side missions

  1. Clear Emma’s Room To find the Invigorator skill card, which offers valuable healing benefits.
  2. Full “Death to the Party” Sidecoast to access Curtis’ home and resources.
  3. Thoroughly explore the Goat Mansion for valuable loot and resources.
  4. Take on Riot Gear zombie challenges to improve your combat skills and prepare for the tough battles ahead.


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