Dead Island 2 Attributes: Stats of all characters


Dead Island 2 stats represent different characters’ toughness, health regeneration, stamina and so on. One can also call them attributes. There is Six Different characters in the game; So it is better to provide a brief introduction of each character and their stats and best weapons. And as far as I know, picking a character that suits your playstyle can enhance the experience and make your terrifying journey through the world of Dead Island 2 more rewarding.

Key takeaways

  • There is Seven Attributes in Dead Island 2- Toughness, Stamina, Health Regeneration, Critical Damage, Agility, Peak Health, and Resilience.
    1. gave Toughness. The stat determines the amount of damage your character takes when hit.
    2. gave Stamina The stat determines how many times you can make attacks or moves before you need to recharge.
    3. Your character’s health regeneration rate depends on it. Restoration of health State
    4. gave Severe damage The stat determines the amount of damage your critical strikes deal.
    5. Agility determines the movement of the player.
    6. Peak health Determines the player’s total health.
    7. flexibility Determines the player’s defense against elemental damage.
  • Jacob He has the highest “Peak Health” but the lowest “Resilience” among his peers.
  • Ryan The hardest character in Dead Island 2. However, it lacks agility.
  • Carla Has the highest resilience, but is quite weak in the “Critical Damage” category.
  • While Bruno A powerhouse in terms of critical damage, he has the lowest peak health of any character.
  • Dani Has the highest amount of stamina of any character but also the lowest amount of health regeneration.
  • and finally, Mom Dead Rising is the most agile character but also the most lacking in toughness.

List of Dead Island 2 attributes

Dead Island 2 has. Seven different attributes, each of which affects your character in different ways. Each character is better At a certain stat compared to every other character while he too The weakest on a particular estate compared to others. This is something that players need to keep in mind when choosing a character.

Seven Dead Island 2 attributes or stats are discussed.

  • Toughness.
  • Stamina
  • Restoration of health
  • Severe damage
  • Agility
  • Peak health
  • flexibility

gave Toughness. Attribute determines the amount of damage your character takes when hit by an enemy. This is determined by how many times you can perform various attacks and moves before you need to recharge. Stamina attribute

gave Restoration of health The definition is pretty self-explanatory. This determines how quickly your health will recover. gave Severe damage Attribute indicates how much damage your critical hits will deal. gave Definition of agility Determines the player’s movement speed. Depending on the player’s maximum health, it is determined by him Peak health attribute

and finally, flexibility The attribute provides protection against various ailments in Dead Island 2 such as shock, caustic and fire. Now that I’ve explained each stat, let’s give a brief introduction to each character, their innate abilities, and their stats.

Jacob – The Emperor

Dead Island Statistics 2
Emperor – Jacob [Image Credit: eXputer]

Jacob attributes

Innate skills aside, if I were to turn my attention to his stats, they are. Balanced All in all, thus making it a great choice for new players or players who want to play it safe. He is slightly weaker when dealing elemental damage but only considered strong. He is against the legions. This makes the trade worth it.

  • Hardness – 3
  • Endurance – 4
  • Restoration of health – 2
  • Severe damage – 3
  • Agility – 3
  • Peak Health – 5
  • Flexibility – 1

Ryan – Tower

Dead Island Statistics 2
Tower – Ryan [Image Captured by eXputer]

Ryan attributes

If I look at his stats overall, I can consider Ryan your average tank in RPG games. If you’re playing Dead Island 2 with friends, one might say you should let Ryan, the most reckless player in the group, play. Since this character is capable of taking a beating thanks to his skills and stats. But the players have to make their sacrifice. Agility To play as this character.

  • Hardness – 5
  • Stamina-3
  • Restoration of health – 3
  • Serious damage – 2
  • Agility – 1
  • Peak Health – 3
  • Flexibility – 4

Carla – The Lover

Dead Island Statistics 2
Lover – Carla [Image Taken by eXputer]

Carla attributes

Carla is considered one of the best characters in Dead Island 2 due to her balanced stats and ability to perform well while being overwhelmed by enemies. She takes it More strict When his health is low and he has a Promoting damage When multiple enemies are around, thus making it incredibly useful in almost every type of scenario.

  • Hardness – 4
  • Endurance – 3
  • Restoration of health – 3
  • Critical Damage -1
  • Agility – 2
  • Peak Health – 3
  • Flexibility – 5

Bruno – The Hermit

Dead Island Statistics 2
The Hermit – Bruno [Image Credit goes to eXputer]

Bruno attributes

Bruno is a fantastic character to use if you prefer to be fast and attack the enemy where it hurts because Bruno is a powerhouse. Severe damage And Agility. A downside to this character is that he is incredibly weak on health. Players can die very quickly using this character, so there is one thing to keep in mind before choosing this character.

  • Hardness – 2
  • Endurance – 3
  • Restoration of health – 3
  • Critical Damage -5
  • Agility – 4
  • Peak Health – 1
  • Flexibility – 3

Dani- Wheel of Fortune

Dani's skills in the game
Wheel of Fortune – Dani [Image Captured by eXputer]


If going at the head of an enemy group is your style, Dani is a great choice, but it takes some practice to master and can be difficult for new players. The statistics listed below can give you a better understanding of this character.

  • Hardness – 3
  • Endurance – 5
  • Restoration of health – 1
  • Severe damage – 3
  • Agility – 3
  • Peak Health – 4
  • Flexibility – 2

Amy – Strength

Dead Island Statistics 2
Strength – Amy [Image Taken by eXputer]

Amy Attributes

Most people save the best for last, but not us. Amy is considered one of them. The worstThe character in Dead Island 2, if not the worst power,Ami is anything but that? She has very low health and very low defense so Amy can die very easily if you slip.

The statistics written below can give you a better understanding.

  • Hardness – 1
  • Endurance – 3
  • Restoration of health – 3
  • Severe damage – 4
  • Agility – 5
  • Peak Health – 2
  • Flexibility – 3

wrap up

With that, this guide on Dead Island 2 features and stats ends. It’s important to know beforehand so that players don’t choose the wrong character that doesn’t match their playstyle.

While I’m wrapping up, I also have a Dead Island 2 tier list if you’re interested, as it might give you a better idea of ​​which character is better than the other. Also, Dead Island 2 All Skills Cards guide can give you more information in this category.


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