Dead Island 2: All Skills And Cards Explained


Dead Island 2 features a total of 6 characters, which have their own set of innate skills, and alongside those skills, there are also a few other Dead Island 2 Skill Cards that players are able to slot in. Players might need help with figuring out which skill cards they can use and where they slot in, therefore discussing all of the cards available might be useful for them! 

Important: Players should know that they cannot use the character specific innate skill cards on any other characters!

Key Takeaways

  • There are a total of 5 skill cards that players can encounter in Dead Island 2, with them being the Ability, Innate, Survivor, Slayer as well as Numen cards. 

The Innate Skill Cards are specific and related to each playable character who have two innate skills. 

  • Jacob has the innate skill cards known as Feral as well as Critical Gains. 
  • Ryan also has two skill cards that are called Force Boost as well as Seesaw. 
  • With Carla, players can use cards such as Dig Deep or Mosh Pit.
  • Bruno have Backstab and Rapid Reprisal as his two skill cards. 
  • For Dani, there are a total of two specific skill cards that are called Bloodlust and Thunderstruck. 
  • Amy has Relief Pitcher and Divide And Conquer as her skill cards. 

The Ability skill cards have five different slots called Defense, Air Kick slots, special attack, Autophage and Fury skill slots. 

  • The skills include that of Block, Dodge, Drop Kick, Flying Kick, War Cry, Dash Strike, Ground Pound, Blood Rush, Street Brawler, Served Cold, Surgical Focus, Scream, Spitting Cobra and Overhead Smash

The Survivor skill cards pertain to helping players during the middle of combat by buffing up their chances at survivability. 

  • The skills will include ones such as Wrecking Ball, Pain Threshold, Warhead, Vivisuction, Hot-Footed, Blockbuster, Rallying Cry, Greased Pig, Steadfast, Flare Up, Pain Magazine, Invigorating, Short Fuse, Safe Space, Quake, Shin Shrapnel, and Lightning Strike. 

With the Slayer cards, players can look forward to boost for their attacks as well as stats. 

  • The skills that are featured include Unrelenting, Skull Skewer, Surgeon, Heavy Hitter, Janus Rage, No Mercy, The Limb Reaper, Far From Done, Clear Sightlines, Hammer Fist, Breakdancer, Volatile, Pyro, Caustic Blight, Juggernaut, Deadeye, Voltaic Scream, Tool Of The Trade, Carnage, Pummel, Cull The Weak and Hunting Season. 

The Numen Cards focus on zombie-type skills such as acid spitting. 

  • There are three skills which include of Seismic Stomp, Anger Mismanagement, and Born Survivor.

Types Of Skill Cards In Dead Island 2

One of the main things that players might want to know about the Dead Island 2 Skill Cards are the different types of cards that are made available to the players. There are a total of 5 different types of skills cards that are available.  

Ability Cards
Ability Cards (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Kicking things off, the first type of cards that will be available will be the Ability Cards which are essentially skill cards that will be able to provide your character with movement buffs or can even provide enhancements that can buff up your overall attack. 
Survivor Cards
Survivor Cards (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The second type of cards that will be available will be the Survivor cards which are pretty self-explanatory, as they typically focus on skills that will keep players alive during the heat of the combat, and considering you’re playing Dead Island 2, survival is crucial. 
Slayer Cards
Slayer Cards (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The thrid type of card will be the Slayer cards, and these ones are typically focused on increasing your overall attack they are going to be buffs that pertain to combat, such as annihilating enemies. 
Numen Cards
Numen Cards (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Numen cards are the fourth skill card type that players can get, and they will entail zombie-based skills that include of either spitting acid toward the ones that are zombies or any other enemies in front of you. 
  • Lastly, the Innate skill cards in Dead Island 2 will be focused on cards that are specific to one character, meaning these cards cannot be used by another character and only the wielding character can take advantage of them. 

Innate Cards 

Now, the first type of card that we will introduce here will be the Innate Cards, and essentially, these are supposed to be cards that are particular to each character that the player is playing as.

  • As of right now, there are a total of 6 playable characters that are present in Dead Island 2, and each hones their own set of skills that pertain to their character only and cannot be used by any other character that you might decide to change as. 
  • If you change the character, then you lose the skill that your previous character had. 
  • Each character will start off by having a few basic stats, but they get 2 skills each that pertain to them that allow players to distinguish between the different playstyles of each character and differentiate between each of the 6. 


Jacob (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first characters with their own Dead Island 2 Skill Cards will be Jacob, who belongs to London, and after his mom’s passing, left everything in order to pursue his long-time dream of becoming a stuntman in Hollywood. 

Jacob will have a total of 2 skill cards that players can use, and he will not be able to use other characters’ skills, and these two skill cards will not interfere with the four other types of skill cards, such as the Survivor or the Ability cards. 

Jacob Gameplay
Jacob Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • One of the first skills that he will have will be known as Feral, and with this in hand, he can get a stackable minor damage boost anytime he is attacking quickly toward opponents and attempting to take them out. 
  • The second skill is known as Critical Gains, through which Jacob can receive an ample amount of crit damage increase any time his overall stamina is low, and whenever he lands a critical hit, he can regain stamina. 


Ryan (Image Credits Exputer)

Another character that will have Two Dead Island 2 Skill Cards will be Ryan, who will be known to be an exotic dancer that might be pretty stubborn but aims to get his back to his younger brother who was left behind in Fresno. 

Ryan Gameplay
Ryan Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • One of his first skills in Dead Island 2 is going to be known as Retaliation, through which he is able to gain Force Boost anytime he uses block or dodge in order to avoid an incoming attack from the enemy’s end. 
  • The next skill is Seesaw through which Ryan is able to regenerate health anytime he is able to knock down a zombie


Carla (Image Credits Exputer)

With Carla being a motorcycle stunt rider, she is an absolute badass, and she is able to take in any kind of adventure that presents itself to her, and she has an insane amount of street smarts, which can make her survive through the toughest of zombie apocalypses. 

Carla Gameplay
Carla Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • One of her first innate skills is known as Dig Deep, through which she is able to gain an adequate amount of toughness increase if her HP is suffering a bit. 
  • With the second skill being Mosh Pit, Carla is able to gain an increase in her overall damage boost anytime she is close to a herd of zombies. 


Bruno (Image Credits Exputer)

The fourth playable character is Bruno, who is rather a hustler that is always up on his feet. He can come up with a proper plan regardless of the hurdles that he might be facing, and while he hides it, he is incredibly skilled in both day-to-day activities as well as combat, as can be seen by his Dead Island 2 Skill Cards

Bruno Gameplay
Bruno Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • His first skill card is known as Backstab, and with this in hand, he can gain an adequate amount of damage boost, and this is typically done whenever he is launching out attacks against enemies from behind their backs. 
  • His second skill is called Rapid Reprisal, through which Bruno can have his overall Agility and serious attack charges enhanced anytime he uses the block or dodge command whenever he’s being attacked by opponents. 


Dani (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next set of characters will also include Dani, who comes from County Cork from Island, and she is a woman not to be messed with and is unapologetically herself. 

Dani Gameplay
Dani Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Her first skill is Bloodlust, through which she can attack enemies, allowing her to regenerate a bit of her health back. 
  • The second innate skill is Thunderstruck, through which anytime she launches out heavy attacks, it can trigger an explosion. 


Amy (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, we have Amy’s Dead Island 2 Skill Cards she is known to be an intelligent girl who is able to take on any kind of opponents that dare face her, and she is incredibly sharp and witted. 

Amy Gameplay
Amy Gameplay (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The Relief Pitcher’s innate skill grants her the ability to regenerate stamina whenever she uses her weapon throws against zombies. 
  • Secondly, Divide And Conquer allow her to get a small amount of damage increase whenever she is attacking isolated zombies. 


Ability Cards
Ability Cards (Image Credits Exputer)

The next type of Dead Island 2 Skill Cards is that players will be able to see our Ability cards, which have a total of 5 slots, and each slot in the Ability card system represents something else. 

First Ability Slot
First Ability Slot (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The first slot represents the Defense slot, containing skills like Block or Dodge. 
Second Ability Slot
Second Ability Slot (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The second slot will represent Jump Kicks, and players can choose between Flying Kikc or Drop Kick. 
Third Ability Slot
Third Ability Slot (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The third slot is essentially a Special Attack slot, which grants players a stronger skill such as War Cry, Dash Strike, or even Ground Pound. 
Fourth Ability Slot
Fourth Ability Slot (Image Credits Exputer)
  • As far as the fourth Dead Island 2 Skill Cards slot is concerned, it is the Autophage slot. 
Fifth Ability Slot
Fifth Ability Slot (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Lastly, the Fury Skill Slot is pretty self-explanatory, as it is typically centered around boosting up your overall Fury. 

All of the skills that are included in the Ability cards are listed as follows. 

Abilities  Descriptions
Block Players need to hold down LB to defend themselves against incoming attacks. Well-timed blocks will be able to allow players to regenerate their stamina and also stun opponents, leaving them vulnerable to the player’s counterattacks. 
Dodge  With Dodge, players can press LB to evade or dodge incoming attacks, and dodge that has been timed properly allows players to regenerate stamina and also cause opponents to get stunned. 
Drop Kick Players can perform a devastating jump-kick attack when airborne to make regular opponents fly. 
Flying Kick  While being airborne, players can carry out a devastating jump-kick attack. 
War Cry Press LB and RB together to let out a shout that will enhance your overall toughness for you and your allies, and it also causes opponents that are nearby to get weakened. 
Dash Strike  Press LB and RB together to dash forth and strike against zombies, and cause them to be weakened. 
Ground Pound  Use LB and RB together to drive forth a forceful blow toward the ground, with which they will be able to drain the overall stability of zombies that are nearby. 
Blood Rush  Carry out counters against opponents in order to build your Fury. 
Street Brawler  Continuous attacks will continue to build up Fury that will drain unless the Fury bar is full. 
Served Cold  Block incoming attacks or take incoming damage from the enemy’s end to build your Fury. 
Surgical Focus  Attack zombies to build up your Fury, but if you take damage, it reduces your Fury. 
Scream  While being in Fury, press RB to let out a shout that causes opponents to be weakened. 


Press RB While being in Fury mode to cause a vomit attack. 
Overhead Smash Press down on RB while in a Fury state to unleash a decimating ground pound. 


Survivor Cards
Survivor Cards (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next line of Dead Island 2 Skill Cards include that of the Survivor cards, which are typically focused on helping players survive on the battlefield, and these are considered to be passives that buff up your Ability cards. 

Survivor Skills  Descriptions 
Wrecking Ball  Flying Kick skill attacks will be able to cause opponents to be weakened. 
Pain Threshold  Players must block or dodge the incoming attacks to get a small damage increase. 
Warhead  Your drop kick attacks will be able to cause there to be an explosion that can decrease the opponent’s stability. 
Vivisuction  Dash forth and strike against opponents to regenerate HP. 
Hot-Footed Your drop-kick attacks can burn opponents, but they cause your HP to get drained. 
Blockbuster  Blocks that have been timed properly will be able to unleash explosions that cause the stability to be decreased for the opponent. 
Rallying Cry Using war cry will be able to give your HP as well as get rid of the status effects for all allies. 
Greased Pig  If an opponent grabs you, you will be freed. 
Steadfast  Carry out block after block to increase your Toughness and your Force. 
Flare Up  Your ground pound attacks will burn and set opponents on Fire but also cause you to lose Health. 
Pain Magazine  A recharge increase will be for your curveball if you can time a block or dodge properly. 
Invigorating  Counter incoming attacks to regenerate HP. 
Short Fuse  Enter Fury Mode if the meter is more than half. 
Safe Space  Making use of Med Kits causes there to be an explosion that will drain the overall stability of zombies that are close by. 
Quake  Your ground-pound attacks will be more devastating. 
Shin Shrapnel  Your slide attacks will cause enemies to take in more damage and cause opponents to be airborne. 
Lightning Strike  Your Dash Strike attacks will be able to cause enemies to get electrocuted but also decrease your HP. 


Slayer Cards
Slayer Cards (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next skill that players will be able to get is part of the Slayer Dead Island 2 Skill Cards. Slayer skills will entail to boosting up your attack and certain stats, and they are listed as follows. 

Slayer Skills  Description                                                                                                                    
Unrelenting  Unleashing attacks on enemies that are already knocked down will increase your damage. 
Skull Skewer  Using a thrown weapon and aiming it at a zombie’s head will cause an explosion. 
Surgeon  Attacking opponents grants an increase in damage. 
Heavy Hitter  Your overall heavy attack damage will be increased, but if you use it, your HP gets decreased. 
Janus Rage  Toughness is increased if you have a full fury meter. 
No Mercy  Attacking opponents that have had a status effect applied to them causes your damage to be enhanced. 
The Limb Reaper  Maim opponents to regenerate health. 
Far From Done  Blocking incoming attacks or intaking damage one after the other enhances your overall damage. 
Clear Sightlines  Causing opponents to get knocked down will enhance your damage based on a thrown or a ranged weapon. 
Hammer Fist  Your dash strikes will receive a force enhancement. 
Breakdancer  Player’s slide attacks will be able to increase the overall agility as well as attack speed of the player. 
Volatile  While being in fury mode, attacks will unleash explosions, but they will also cause Fury to get drained. 
Pyro  While in Fury Mode, players can ignite zombies, which also causes Fury to be drained. 
Caustic Blight  In a fury mode, attacks can unleash devastating damage to opponents but also decreases Fury. 
Juggernaut  The player’s overhead smash attacks will cause more Fury, and the overall damage and force increase. 
Deadeye  Attacking opponents using Curveballs will cause a recharge boost for the player. 
Voltaic Scream  Plyaer’s scream attacks cause opponents to be electrified. 
Tool Of The Trade  Murdering an opponent using a melee or a ranged weapon will enhance the overall damage. 
Carnage  While in Fury mode, attacks will gain extra damage output as a good force, but it will cause Fuyr to get drained too. 
Pummel  Casting quick attacks one after the other will increase the overall Boost, but the first attack will be weaker. 
Cull The Weak  The player’s overall damage gets a small enhancement anytime attacks are launched against opponents with lower HP. 
Hunting Season  Land successful weapon throw or ranged weapon attacks at opponents to increase your overall melee damage output. 

Numen Cards 

Numen Cards
Numen Cards (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, the final of the Dead Island 2 Skill Cards will include that of the Numen cards, and they will cater to skills centric towards zombie-based skills such as acid spitting. 

Numen Skills  Description 
Seismic Stomp  The player’s skull stomps will be able to unleash explosions that will decrease the opponent’s enemy stability and cause them to Bleed too. 
Anger Mismanagement  Players in Fury Mode will drain HP if the Fury meter gets drained. 
Born Survivor  While nearly dying, an explosion will be cast out, draining your overall Fury but letting you unleash attacks against opponents to regenerate HP. 

How Does The Dead Island 2 Skill Card System Work? 

One of the main things that players will realize is that, unlike the previous Dead Island games that players might have played, Dead Island 2 doesn’t follow the usual skill tree or skill leveling-up system. 

Character And Card System
Character And Card System (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Rather, a Dead Island 2 Skill Cards And Deck system is set in place. 
  • The main difference between these cards is that they are cards, meaning that they are free from the bounds of the normal skill tree that grants each character their certain set of skills. 
  • Another thing is that these skill cards are also universal, meaning that out of the six playable characters in Dead Island 2, a few of the cards can be equipped by any of the characters and used as they please while in battle. 
  • Another major advantage of these cards is that they can be swapped out anywhere and whenever even while jumping or being busy in exploration. 
  • Players can get their hands on these skill cards by fighting enemies, or there are even a few certain bosses that can drop them, or if players end up being lucky, then these skill cards can even be found on the ground at times. 


And there we have it! All that players need to know about Dead Island 2 Skill Cards, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! While you’re here, why don’t you read up on our Dead Island 2 Brock’s Safe Key guide if you want to know where it’s located! Our Dead Island 2 Fuse Location Definitive Guide guide will showcase the location as well as the purpose of the fuse!

Alongside that, our Dead Island 2 How Long To Beat guide so players can know beforehand how much time it will take to complete the game! Lastly, our Dead Island 2 Editions guide will showcase all the different editions such as the standard editions, deluxe, Hell-A and more!

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